Roberto Rincón, the enchufado of Tradequip and Ovarb Industrial fame, is spending tonight in a Houston-area federal jail cell awaiting arrainment on money laundering charges.

Though a Maracucho and, therefore, not strictly speaking a bolichico, Rincón was allegedly involved in a remarkably similar kind of chanchullo: using the emergency decree following the Electric Crisis some years ago to sell power generation equipment to Bariven, PDVSA’s procurement arm, with eye-popping surcharges.

Among other fun details, Rincón was the owner of the private plane that flew al Pollo Carvajal to Aruba in 2014. 

El Pitazo reports that Rincón was in the process of resettling in Spain, and that the U.S. investigation that just netted him had started all the way back in 2011. There’s tons more detail about him on César Batiz’s Twitter feed. (César, who has been on Rincón’s trail for years, is at serious risk of Dulce de Guayaba overdose tonight.)

Hey, look on the bright side: he won’t have to walk as far to the nearest bathroom as in his old house. 

Cotufas y más cotufas, mi gente…

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