"PSUV will challenge the election of 22 deputies," MUD says.

MUD members gave a press conference today to confirm a rumor that has been going around since last week. Apparently, the electoral chamber of Venezuela’s highest court (the TSJ), was pulled from their Christmas break to receive a request from PSUV members challenging the election of 22 opposition deputies elected for parliament on December 6th.

Chuo Torrealba called it a “suicide measure” from the government party.

If the TSJ annuls the election of these deputies, a new electoral process must be called to replace them. In order for this to happen, the TSJ must first admit the request and appoint a judge to handle it. Let’s see if they will rush it.

According to Torrealba the request was filed and numbered.

A MUD source told Crónica Uno that the argument of the challenge was the large amount of null votes in the districts where these deputies were elected.

This statement comes at a moment of high tension in Venezuela as the lame-duck AN is currently holding extraordinary sessions to ensure PSUV control over the judiciary for the following term.

It feels like there will be no space for aguinaldos and hallacas these coming days. At least not for CC’s underpaid intern.