As we digest the unwelcome return of the chavista strategy to partially overturn the December 6th election results by leveraging its control of the Supreme Tribunal,  let’s take a moment to recall the government’s record in that august body.

Since 2004, chavismo’s batting 1.000 at the TSJ. The government has lost not a single case out of 45,474. 

It bears repeating, because clarity on this point will be crucial to how things play out: Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal is a straight-up farce. 

It’s not that its “flawed”. It’s not that its impartiality is “suspected by critics.”

It’s that the government literally never loses there because its decisions are decided at the Vicepresident’s office, again – and I hate to overuse the word – literally.

You know that. I know that. Anybody who’s looked into this semi-seriously knows that. There are, after all, 45,474 reasons we can be sure.


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