While Maduro speaks, a strange situation is developing outside the National Assembly. 


  • Aristóbulo Istúriz – Anzoategui State Governor and old time Causa R organizer made Vice-President. Very bright guy. Total extremist, of course.

New Economic Cabinet:

  • New Economics Vicepresident (without portfolio) – Luis Salas (Total nutter. Read his proposals – if you have the stomach for it – here.)
  • Banking and Finance – Rodolfo Medina (former UCV econ professor, former head of research for the Banco de Venezuela, former National Budget Director – Utter unknown. An actual economist for once. Apparently understands econometrics, which should help.)
  • Tourism – Marleny Contreras (again)
  • Oil Ministry + PDVSA – Eulogio del Pino (keeps his old job)
  • Industry and Commerce – Miguel Pérez Abad (Longtime government yes-man)
  • Foreign Trade and International Investment – Jesús Faría (Outgoing A.N. member, lost to José Guerra. At least a proponent of exchange rate unification.)
  • Agricultural and Lands – Comander Castro Sotel
  • Fish and Fisheries – Admiral Ángel Belisario (Now we’re talking priorities!)
  • Urban Agriculture – Enma Ortega (Se nota que lo que faltaba era ministerios…)
  • Sovereignty and Food Safety – Rodolfo Marco Torres (He’s out of Finance! Hallelujah!)
  • Planning Minister and Vice-President: Ricardo Menéndez

New Social Cabinet:

  • VP for Social Area, and Minister for University Education, Science and Technology – Jorge Arreaza.
  • Health – Luisana Melo
  • Education – Rodulfo Pérez
  • Women – Gladys Requena (again)
  • Indigenous People – Clara Vidal (again)
  • Prisons Service – Iris Varela (again)
  • Culture – Freddy Ñáñez
  • Youth and Sport – Mervin Maldonado (will need to leave his AN seat)
  • Labour – Osvaldo Vera

Other posts

  • Foreign Affairs/VP for “Political Sovereignty” – Delcy Rodríguez (again)
  • Interior – Mayor General Gustavo Enrique González López (Again)
  • Defense – Padrino López (again!!! – #quebolasestavaina)
  • Telecoms – Desirée Santos Amaral
  • Communications and Information (a.k.a., Propaganda) – Luis José Marcano
  • Borders – Izquierdo Torres
  • Transport and Public Works (What we used to call Infrastructure, right?) – Luis Sauce
  • Housing – Miguel Quevedo
  • Electric System – Luis Alfredo Motta Dominguez
  • Ecosocialism and Water (You can’t make this stuff up!) – Ernesto Taiba
  • Caracas Parallel Government – Daniel Aponte

8:03 – What Venezuela needs now is more billboards advertising public works. Oh brother. Plus a piropo for Marcos Pérez Jiménez. Lo que faltaba. 

7:55 p.m. – Starts threatening Televen and – wait for it – Globovision. (?!?!?) Diosdado won’t like that.

7:18 p.m. – “Cilia and I have 50 laying hens at home. And a rooster.” !?!?!?!??!? In Miraflores? Now onto plan caraota and the pachamama…holy cow!

7:03 p.m. – Luis Salas made Economy Tsar. This is very bad – the death knell of any sliver of a chance of reform. Much more on him very soon.



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    • And, above all, economically bankrupt–but, hey, we have an admiral to help us catch fish, and a new ministry to help the urbanites with their organoponic jardineras and barrio gallineros verticales.

  1. heard from aporrea (posted in la patila): “the only message i want hear from him is his resignation”

    and therefore i add: maybe the guy has some issues in his ears!

  2. I’m reading the crock that Salas wrote and I’m waiting to read at least a single proposal that is not “let’s keep doing the same thing because things will [magically] change”. An analysis that would earn an A+ in creative writing and a WTF in economics.

  3. Rodolfo Medina was a contract employee in Finance, Marco Torres took him to Banco de Venezuela, then he went on to ONAPRE, knew him personally at one time, don’t expect much!

      • Dont know that he is firmly in command of the military , understand that he takes polls on where most military groups stand on certain issues and tries to follow the prevalent line as much as possible , the military themselves behind the fachade of absolute subordination to a central authority are broken up in many groups each with its own agenda , leaders , interests , views . Protection of the interests of their won group is the primary consideration …..we have to stop steriotyping the military as a single monolitically unified corp , they are as fragmented as the country and dont march to the same drum except when they parade in oublic , they make loyalty proclamations to the regime just to protect and advance their careers but they will just as soon follow offers them the best chance of promoting their own group interests and personal ambitions .!!

  4. Aristóbulo said many years ago that if the currency control changed, the government would fall.
    You can imagine.
    I see that even if Diosdado’s wife is still there, his brother isn’t.

  5. The one take-away from all of these comments is not so much that the new appointees are bad people from the dark side, but rather they are “nutters” and wannabes who are vastly overmatched and uninformed. Imagine someone trying to get a university post or government appointment in capitol markets who proclaims that “there is no such thing as inflation.” Again, personal attacks on these folks is useless. The question is: What, exactly, can the new assembly do to get rid of folks like Delcy Rodríguez, a laughingstock on the international stage. And to reverse Maduro’s new bank scam where he can spend all he wants with no accounting. Can any of this insanity be stopped, and how?


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