From Joke to Reality in Ten Days

On Dia de los Inocentes, Latin America’s version of April Fools, I joked PSUV would ask the Supreme Tribunal to declare everything the National Assembly does pre-emptively unconstitutional. 

That was ten days ago. It was a joke.

Nobody’s laughing now.

Alleging that the decision to swear-in the two Amazonas State and one indigenous MP being disputed means the Assembly is improperly constituted, PSUV is asking TSJ to declare anything such an assembly does invalid.

And when we say “asking” we really mean “telling” – the Tribunal itself is improperly constituted, recently repacked in a last minute maneuver of the lame-duck chavista Assembly, and entirely subservient to the executive branch. With zero decisions against the government in over 45,000 cases since 2004, the judicial rigamarole is straight-up farce.

More on this to come.

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