Ramos Allup: Questioned Amazonas State Deputies Will Ask to be “Disincorporated” from the National Assembly


Speaking on CNN en Español minutes ago, the National Assembly President has announced the three questioned Amazonas deputies will ask to be excluded from the National Assembly while they prepare their defense. 


Formally, the initiative here comes from the three questioned deputies themselves. The Assembly will discuss their request tomorrow.

Could this be the first, very tentative step towards some kind of cohabitation?


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  1. So, what “disincorporated” means? As in, the substitutes will take over, the whole thing is cancelled and they have to go to elections again, what?

  2. Also, apparently the whole thing will be discussed tomorrow. And I’m predicting what comes next: The Assembly is invalid anyways because they swored them in in defiance to the TSJ.

  3. I’m sure there were talks behind the scene. But again, setting a precedent to future violations by PSUV.

    Again, the opposition prefers playing delay tactics instead of dealing with the government’s cheating right away and facing them with a firm stance.

  4. the problem is that we draw a line and then the goverment unscrupulously cross it. There is simply no one with the ability to make them reason. No doubt they will take away more seats this way.

  5. It’s a matter of keeping the illusion of power by not testing it? The AN can make laws that the TSJ can nullify. Meanwhile, the economy is in meltdown. It has all the qualities of a comedic fares, except it’s for real.

  6. Is it worth loosing three oppo diputados from the AN in order to (morally) force Maduro to do the “Memoria y Cuenta” on Friday?

    Is there anything good that can come out of this?

  7. The constitution is dead, because there are vital duties that Maduro cannot do without AN approval, and the AN cannot give approval while in contempt! Theoretically, the AN, I suppose, could place the TSJ in contempt, an inform the TSJ that any and all decisions past or future are void.

  8. I’m not surprised – it was a strategic mistake to swear in those MPs in the first place. But this retreat feels reaaaaally bad.

  9. Wouldn’t the assembly vote on it be unconstitutional, given that TSJ already said anything the body votes on is unconstitutional, while the three are in? A Catch-22 situation.

  10. This must mean that MUD has good reason to believe that the TSJ will back off with this gesture, in other words, that the negiciations have already started.

    Or HRA is a pussy?

  11. Excluded/disincorporated could mean not counting the seats to retain the MUD’s 2/3 supermajority. Anyone have a view on this or am I reading it wrong?

    • The whole point of the TSJ and PSUV actions are to remove the Super Majority…They will interpret it to mean they lost the 2/3 majority or it would not have made sense to impugnate them and order their removal. Everyone needs to wake up. Since the elections were announced the only goal is to remove the 2/3 Super Majority. Removing that majority removes the immedidate threat and also mutes the AN ability to really change things. Sure they can still do things without the 2/3 majority, but the expectations and hopes have already been built around having won the Super Majority. It would be a symbolically stunning loss, even more than before they had won it. One by one they will bribe, impugnate, disqualify and even jail opposition deputies until that majority is gone.

  12. To me, GDS cut to the quick of it. If loosing the three oppo diputados from the AN still gives MUD a supermajority, then do it and move on. If not, Maduro and God Given got their way. And that blows. What is the Opposition’s power to do anything without a supermajority? How much is their power compromised?

    • Yes, no one has been Crystal Clear about exactly what happens now to the crucial, muddy,2/3rds Super Majority.They lost it, or they did not lose it? Mr. Nagel?

      Because if they still have the super-majority, the pestilent TSJ will undoubtedly try again.

    • UNIDAD argues that it is no longer 167…It is 163..after removal of the 3 diputados and the 1 PSUV diputado… And 2/3 of 163 is still a Super Majority..Of course the TSJ is waiting for their first chance to threaten and rule against this MUD position.

    • + 1..The govt will argue that and they will win. The AN has already backed down. The TSJ is sitting like a bunch of dogs foaming at the mouth waiting for the first law passed that requires the 2/3 majority to pounce. The next Constitutional Crisis will be upon us. They will probably threaten to dissolve the whole AN this time. Expect the AN to pass laws that do not require the 2/3 majority for a while. Averting the confrontation for now. But this also doesn’t really help the economy or do anything to change things. Removing Maduro through a referendum will become a mute point. The only reason behind this strategy I can think of is that the MUD is trying to buy some time to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the people and the International Community before they take on the “We still have 2/3 confrontation”. It may work, it may not….It is a huge gamble….And after all the “112” rhetoric,which is now “109” it already feels we have lost something here…

  13. […] 国会で野党が占めるのは112議席か109議席かでもめていましたが、結局、国会開始日には109議員が宣誓を行い、後日残り3議員が宣誓を行いました。これに対して政府が異議を申し立て、裁判所は国会自体が無効だと言い出します。ついに野党連合は譲歩することを決め、3議員は辞職することになりました。 […]

  14. This is a terrible mistake. In fact, this is giving up. I am almost calling it treason. We must understand that the threat is still real and nothing has been solved with this most unreasonable, cowardly decision; in fact, our position is now simply worse now, both factually and psychologically. It is of no use to try to cut a deal or to retreat as long as your opponent threats`s remain real and very strong The real solution is to disarm that threat or to make a stronger one yourself. I would be very ashamed to pass silly, trivial laws right now like Borges did, after a coup de etat. Of course, he will be allowed to pass inconsencuential populist laws that will not affect the outcome of the crisis we are living , but nothing else. The show must go on.


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