It’s been nine days since the opposition took control of the National Assembly.

Our sympathies lie with them. Having to deal with the clash of constitutional powers, rowdy chavistas creating havoc when they make their way into their place of work, and even threats that they will not have a budget to work with … must not be easy.

Yet still – what is the excuse for not taking care of the simple things?

I’m not talking about the game of musical pictures. I’m talking about basic things such as the National Assembly website.

Today I went on the site to check out the members of each of the Assembly’s Committees. Given how they have already announced the people chairing each Committee, I assumed the information on the rest of the committees was on the webpage.

Sadly, the webpage continues to be a reflection of chavista propaganda. It’s still deep red, and according to the website, the Committees are still chaired by PSUV hacks.

This might be a minor detail. Or not.

What worries me is that this could be a sign that our Assembly members do not realize how pressing it is to be on top of your game. Always. Regarding everything. Now.

Step it up, folks. La patria se los exige.

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  1. Plus the Opposition’s priorities seem strange, or rather screwed-up:

    All we saw today were Julio Borges’ countless twitts about the ‘mision vivienda’ property titles. While Leopoldo and 70 other prisoners are tortured every day. While dozens of people die every week for lack of Medicine and proper Hospital care.

    Why is this “mision vivienda” titles the Top priority now? Politics, as always.. Guisitos in the making. While Henry chats all night with Aristobulo, and who knows what else is cooking under the table.

    Mision vivienda property titles.. Politiqueria Populachera barata. Plus it’s a double edge sword, they are giving credit to the Chavista Regime, their opponents, for the friggin’ “viviendas”. Now how dumb is that..

    Meanwhile, Lilian runs a marathon, and her kids don’t get to see their dad. Meanwhile MCM, Ledezma and many other Key political figures are paralyzed. No food, no medicine, 1 murder every 20 minutes, the Economy in shambles and spiraling down further into oblivion.. Mision vivienda crap,, and you should see the other stupid items on the Muddy agenda today..

    • I don’t think this criticism makes sense since we know chavismo will try their hardest to dismiss any laws the assembly passes.

      As long as they’re still in control of the rest of the institutions it makes sense to attack them on as many fronts as possible and the Mision Vivienda property titles are low hanging fruit. It’s easy to do, has widespread popular support and serves to show those that still sympathise with the government that they really don’t give a fuck about the people who get these houses as long as they can continue to extort them for votes.

      Plus, we’re talking about over a hundred assembly members and all the muscle behind them, are you telling me that they can’t work on multiple laws at once?

      As for Tintori, she’s been through hell. If running a marathon now and then alleviates some stress who the fuck are we to critizice that? She’s been campaigning across the world for over a year now, the woman deserves a break.

    • Oh come on! There’s a post on CaracasChronicles about multitasking, the comissions have just been assembled and this hasn’t been for sure a “normal” inauguration week. However, the Human Rights debate was started yesterday, the Amnesty Law draft was submitted on Wednesday and Maduro is expected to present his economic plan today, which is necessary in order to start any discussions in that regard. About Misión Vivienda, have you seen the trouble chavismo got in with its supporters by automatically rejecting the law? What will people yell while protesting? “No, we don’t want property, we want to be “arrimados” forever”? In my opinion, that’s an early win. Meanwhile, the AN will meet ordinarily twice a week (doubling previous legislature), and there seems to be a good synchrony between main deputies and their alternates, distributing the workload and multiplying the capacity of action, specially out in the streets where more social and political work is needed in the months ahead.

    • Podrá tener 21 pero el chamo ha sido excelente en su trabajo. Basta ver la penetracion en la red que tuvo Diego Arria, especialmente en las primarias.

      La edad del chamo no significa nada si hace un buen trabajo. En redes sociales esta llevando a cabo un excelente trabajo con la nueva cuenta. Montar una pagina web no es como abrir un Twitter. Si no, recuerda cuantos dias estuvo offline Caracas Chronicles.

  2. Hermano, lo de la misión vivienda desarticula su movilización casi ipso facto. Lo cual será de vital importancia a la hora de cualquier tema electoral en el futuro.

    No es que sea más importante que los derechos humanos, pero es algo que se puede hacer en paralelo.

  3. Oliver Blanco (@OliverBlanco) is in charge. You can ask him directly.

    However: 1. Making a good website takes at least some days if you work 24/7; 2. They’re facing chavistas communication war (they kidnapped the old SecretariaAN account); 3. Probably not even Henry Ramos is sure of how are committees composed right know.

    I think mr. Blanco is doing a good work in keeping balanced communications on institutional accounts.

  4. While I agree with your desire to see this website updated so it can be used to help disseminate the MUD message, I would imagine that the Chavista Media Machine has probably moved the previous staff out of the AN offices, and has blocked all attempts by the MUD to gain control of this website. They don’t have the administrator passwords and without those, they can’t control or change anything in this domain. They will probably be forced to create their own domain.

    But, your point is valid. The old guys aren’t putting the priority to solving this that it deserves. Hopefully, one of the younger guys gets the message and starts working on solving this.

  5. If there were a series of legislative proposals with broad opposition support on the table ready to go to save the economy, open the books, and address wartime-level violence, then lack of attention to the website might be understandable. I have a similar worry though. Chavismo has some kind of mental radar blocking-effect built into it or something, where people seem easily to get diverted off course in favour of the momentarily satisfying but useless gesture. And what was HRA doing in some market buying tomatoes, or whatever? Can the new leader of the AN not order-in, while democracy is being restored?

  6. Contacto Administrativo:
    Azdruval Figueroa [email protected]
    Contacto Técnico:
    Carlos Palacio [email protected]

    without these guys to approve the domain transfer, changes to this domain ( DNS servers won’t be possible, and these mail addresses are controlled by which is in turned controlled by:

    Nombre de Dominio:

    Contacto Administrativo:
    Luis Herrera [email protected]
    Asamblea Nacional
    Edf. Jose Maria Vargas, Esq. de Pajaritos, piso 1.
    Caracas, D.C. VE
    (0212) 409.63.05

    Contacto Técnico:
    Carlos Palacios [email protected]
    Asamblea Nacional
    Edf. Jose Maria Vargas, Esq. de Pajaritos, piso 1.
    Caracas, D.C. VE
    (0212) 409.63.14

    even if is politically neutral, the right procedure implies having these email accounts receive authorization codes that need to be used to “unlock” the domain administration

    Otherwise, you require a written communication from the organization top honcho and some way to verify it’s not a fraudulent request

    If the previous A.N. staff kept the twittter account and didn’t provide the credentials before leaving, I am confident this is something else that is going to be a “pebble in the shoe” just to force the opposition into wasting resources in what should be plain and simple

    I recommend interviewing the current person in charge, to get first-hand information instead of feeling that my “informed guess” is good enough to make a judgment

  7. Coño pana, contratas unos hackers y ya. El derecho de controlar esa pagina lo tienen, para que se vayan espabilando esos chavistas.


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