It’s been nine days since the opposition took control of the National Assembly.

Our sympathies lie with them. Having to deal with the clash of constitutional powers, rowdy chavistas creating havoc when they make their way into their place of work, and even threats that they will not have a budget to work with … must not be easy.

Yet still – what is the excuse for not taking care of the simple things?

I’m not talking about the game of musical pictures. I’m talking about basic things such as the National Assembly website.

Today I went on the site to check out the members of each of the Assembly’s Committees. Given how they have already announced the people chairing each Committee, I assumed the information on the rest of the committees was on the webpage.

Sadly, the webpage continues to be a reflection of chavista propaganda. It’s still deep red, and according to the website, the Committees are still chaired by PSUV hacks.

This might be a minor detail. Or not.

What worries me is that this could be a sign that our Assembly members do not realize how pressing it is to be on top of your game. Always. Regarding everything. Now.

Step it up, folks. La patria se los exige.

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