Dirty Diana


Before Hugo Chávez came to power, Venezuela had its share of prestigious legislators.

People like Carmelo Lauría, Luis Enrique Oberto, Gustavo Tarre, Argelia Laya, Haydeé Castillo, and Oswaldo Álvarez Paz – to name a few – made careers for themselves out of their hard work in Parliament. Some of them even got to be Presidents of the Chamber of Deputies.

Our Congreso Nacional had its political celebrities, but not once did I ever hear of a “first lady of Parliament.” Never. Not even in the worst days of chavismo.

None of these legendary politicians ever tried to make their roles in Congress more than what they really were. Congress is not the Executive, and there are no first ladies.

That is why the revealing cover photo of Diana D’Agostino, the wife of Henry Ramos Allup currently gracing the front page of a glossy local rag, is so disturbing.

Put aside the fact that Diana looks regal in a house that no Venezuelan – least of all an until-recently-unemployed politician such as her husband – could plausibly afford, did Diana ever stop to think that we are wasting precious newsprint … on this? El Nacional is down to a page and a half, there is no toilet paper in the country, but the Editorial Board of OK! seems to be doing … better than OK!

What. Was. She. Thinking?

Mrs. D’Agostino was previously known simply as the sister to some of Venezuela’s most notorious enchufados. Now, she’s calling herself something that does not exist. You would think that a proper sense of decorum, a tiny hint of the ginormicous rabo-de-paja this lady brings with her would prompt her to, pstt, de pana, lay low.

But no. Laying low is simply not in the D’Agostino’s DNA – and if you don’t believe me, check this out.

This trophy-wive-ismo on steroids-and-botox is the wrong kind of message the opposition should be sending. The country is going down the tubes, but check out Diana’s teeth! Cancer patients cannot find medicines, but Diana can sure find a hefty supply of Igotint!

And let’s not even mention how the magazine informs us of all the “projects” Diana will lead from Parliament – as if she had been elected to lead anything. The road to hell … is probably paved with Diana’s projects.

Mrs. D’Agostino’s desperate PR ploy to clean her family’s name is disgusting. Her attempts to make herself the queen of an imaginary kingdom are sad.

Lady, ubíquese.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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    • Truth is, that with the rise of the revolution and the demise of Venezuelan tv production – the new celebrities are politicians and journalists (Globovision pre-2013). I’m not impressed at all and I think this will happen until we can move on with our lives from politics (probably some years after chavismo ends and only if we get stability as a country),

  1. Juan, although you have an important point I would like to address another thing in the article. But before that: when you say we are wasting paper on Diana you are forgetting this magazine owns the paper and would use it on another person. And let’s face, I prefer by faaar Diana in the cover than any of our modern celebrities such as Diosa Canales and so on. And for me, Diana – one way or another – represents a return to formality in Venezuelan politics (if we consider the poshlost of las chavistas). Anyway, what I wanted to say is that we are extremely influenced by chavismo’s wealth-shaming against people. She has nice teeth, dresses and a house… and? there shouldn’t be a problem with that!! We should stop this horrible belief that wealth means evil. My God, people is even insulting Sascha Fitness for putting apples in her recipes! I saw a comment on fb the other day where a woman was angry that she never sees people who own “camionetas” doing lines. If the people with nice cars can afford buying their food abroad or at higher prices, she should be mad with the government not with the people with nice cars because it’s not their fault. Ser rico no es malo y ser pobre no te quita la dignidad – that’s the answer for a better future.

    • “…people is even insulting Sascha Fitness for putting apples in her recipes!”

      Apples in a recipe for APPLE SLUSHIE?? BLASPHEMY. D:<

    • Tony, there’s nothing wrong in being rich, but in Venezuela, a country with one of the poorest and most suffered populations in the world, it is morally wrong to flaunt your wealth. I hope you don’t do that. I don’t. Now, from the political perspective, it is not just morally wrong, it is downright STUPID because it gives chavismo the perfect elements to show voters how wrong they were in voting “these rich oligarchs” that simply want to be back in power to continue enjoying their privileges. One thing is to show decency and formality, another is flaunting your wealth.

      • Yeah, just like pedro carroña aka “Luis Vuitton congressman”, or héctor rodríguez aka “adiddas + nike socialist” or “we won’t get those poor marginals out of poverty because they will end as escuacas LOL!” or “the people were guilty because they were all a bunch of illiterate idiots”

        Or we can show the pics of rosinés doing the infamous “rosinesing”?

        Flaunting wealth is absolutely ok to chabobos, as long as is “their burgoise sifrinos” the ones doing the flaunting.

        • Yes!!! As long as it’s their own “sifrinos.” They “can” show off; the opposition can’t. A black guy can call another black guy “nigga,” a white boy can’t. That’s just how it is. Anyway, one of the reasons chavismo has lost votes is because of the displays of wealth. Many voters couldn’t find an honest excuse for it, and they voted against it.

  2. Perhaps “Dirty Diana” is not the proper caption in this case, but maybe something like “Mistaken Diana”. Although “OK” is for featuring “celebrities”, it is a mistake for the AN leader’s’ wife to allow herself to be featured so prominently/”luxuriously” in surroundings so out of place with Venezuela’s vast 95% (75% by the recent overly-conservative UCAB Study) poor, and saying something like, “We will go where Venezuela needs us.” Venezuelan hubris at its best, while what Venezuela really needs is a Madre Teresa….

  3. I’m glad to see someone had the balls to address, albeit in a tangential manner, the Derwick saga. The reluctance of CC to dive deeper into that mess has been disconcerting.

    I believe Diana’s rabo de paja extends to her husband. If HRA were a politician in any first world country the amount of scrutiny and vetting, justified or not, would be so unconscionable he’d be rendered useless as a politician.

    Hopefully I’m wrong and HRA has not been involved in any shady businesses but, in my opinion, he’s too close to the shit storm to be unscathed. Great article, more of this please.

  4. Venezuelans love the attention like a moth to a flame even knowing that those act might burn them to a crisp, if they got the chance there is notting in this world that would stop them from flossing and showing off.

  5. It all comes down to her political aspirations. Did you forget that she ran as candidate in the primary election for El Hatillo?

    She is just doing what’s natural: using her position (fictional o not) and take advantage of it.

    Is it ridinculous? No doubt about it. Should she do it? Obviously not. Should someone put a stop to it? Of course. The questin is who?

    As for her family relationship, I recently heard about the Bulger brothers from Boston. One was a state senator, the other was a mafia boss. The politician was even President of the Senate. In the end, the politician lost, mostly because he could not testify about his relationship with his brother. But the guy was senator for 18 frigging years!


    You can talk trash about her relatives, because that’s part of the political game. But she has the right to have political aspirations and use the leverage she has to do that.

    As for me, I’d probably would not support her. But that would be because I have no information whatsoever about her political or professional capabilities/experience…

    En fin…

  6. Something funny happened to the comment I wrote…

    First, she has political aspirations. Did you forget that she ran in the primary election for Alcaldía de Baruta against Smolansky? She is just doing what any aspiring politician would do: use any leverage she has to promote herself.

    Is the whole “first lady” thing laughable, totally wrong and questionable. No doubt about it. But who’s gonna tell them to stop doing it? Borges? Chuo?

    Also, you can blame the lady for what her relatives do. Just take a look at this couple of bros in opposite sides of the law, one writing laws, the other one breaking it:


    I probably would not vote for her, but not for the reasons stated by Mr. Nagel. I am skeptical because I don’t know if she has any political or professional experience.

    En fin…

  7. Da vergüenza este exhibicionismo y ostentación de privilegio y dinero viendo los problemas que sufre la gente común y corriente. Acaso no la pudieron haber fotografiado en un contexto que mostrara su labor profesional o su dedicación a la mejora social? Es una pésima decisión política.

  8. Henry Ramos Allup should send Princess D’Agostino to his popular market to buy tilapia, ñame, celery and yuca, dressed in ragged jeans and a common t-shirt. Except the Derwick bolichicos would probably cut their generous Euro allowances for such a disgraceful public appearance.

  9. When HRA was elected as President of the AN, I said that D’Agostino would soon film a TV special showing the redecoration and remodel of the parliament building. It was joke! Now, would anyone be surprised? Her twin sister – married to Eladio Lares – had a TV show in RCTV showing Venezuelan mansions, redecorations, and other down-to-earth things. I tell you, the AN Redecoration Special is coming.

  10. I am loath to judge public figures by the bad taste and excesses sometimes exhibited by their relatives, even those they honestly love , I am reminded of poor president Lincoln , an stoic figure if there ever was one , whose wife Mary was sometimes accused of being inclined to extravagant and spendrift purchases , moreover who sometimes is said to have hounded him with hysterical reproaches poor President Lincoln didnt deserve….and yet he never gave any sign that he cherished her any less.

    Where one must draw the line is where a public figure knowingly allows its relatives to use their connection with him or her to engage or profit from corrupt crimes , for example the drugdealing which Cilias adopted nephews have been indicted of commiting by US authorities.!! That I feel is another kettle of fish !!

    Somethings have been said about one of the brothers of HRA wife and his friendly relationship to the Derwick cousins , but nothing which to my knowldege links him directly to their crimes , perhaps I am insufficiently informed , but even them one cant be guilty for what ones in laws do in their own private lives!!

  11. This article is so disrecpectul, antiadeco with absent of objetivity. Public figures are subject to be critized, but We have to remember something: Everyone selects its friendships and allies but can’t select Family.

    Diana has gone to the poorest places of El Hatillo, for example, Tusmare when She was CEO of Fundhainfa, making social work with her team. If She is rich, there wouldn’t be anything wrong about it.

  12. This is wrong, and absurd, and stupid on so many levels. Who pay for this? – Juan Cristóbal. Caracas Chronicles shouldn’t let people with this terrible level of writing post in their page. What’s wrong with you CC? you were cool.

    • “Dirty Diana” simply comes from the Michael Jackson song. It was an intent at a creative title for the article also implying that the D’Agostino family name is “dirty.” It seems not everyone got it.

  13. I sum it up for those who didn’t get it.

    1- There is no position of “first ladies”. Actually (this is my take), this is the typical FEUDAL position Venezuela has suffered for so long. It is plain wrong. The husband or wife of an elected deputy should stay away from trying to be another “ruler”

    2- This woman is the sister of a corrupt guy and still we need to know how come she has the money she has…one thing is being wealthy and another being wealthy because of something that doesn’t have to do with honest work

  14. Kepler : She and her siblings were born dirt rich to an extremely wealthy father who made his fortune many decades ago in the construction busines . Her brother from early on made his life in the same social circles as the Derwick cousins , the cousins themselves came from very wealthy families with impecable backgrounds . Actually from what one might consider model families . One thing for sure they didnt need money from any shady business ……some of their relatives are both shamed and disgusted by what they are accused of and wont even speak to them !!

    He I understand comes from a more middle class background, the son of a well regarded physician from Valencia ……(your hometown??)

    • No vale si te vas a quejar, por lo menos averigua algo. No uses ïgotint, por los clavos de cristo, creo que esa frase solo se usa para los hombres que se pintan elpelo, que creo ninguna mujer ha usado (tambien pudieses quejarte de la tintori y como mantiene su catirismo a la fuerza perfecto, ni una raiz pues ,y no me vayas a salir porque ella es de pelo castaÑo oscuro) . Y bueno realmente no sabes si usa botox o no, (Sin mencionar que lo de la belleza bueno de todas las clases, cuando habia protesis etc, se hacian, se ponian etc) Y bueno si los duenos de la revista OK , que en mi vida la había oido, es de farandula o lo que sea, ellos no deciden que imprimen? o quieres ser estilo chavista y decirles que escribir?En otros países entrevistan a esposas de políticos…Digame España…!!! Y por cierto Los Allup eran libaneses, el tío o el abuelo de Allup tenia una colchoneria, y tenían dinero, la mamá de Henry era bastante sifrina, y el papá , Dr ramos no era pobre de solemnidad . Es más las esposa de Alfredo Allup juanita murió en el accidente de Avión llegande de NY en la silla de caracas en 1956, ahorita no te pudo decir que autos manejaban porque ya no me acuerdo o que me contaron mis familiares que los conocieron, pero era de los autos que no cualquier clase media podía comprar…

  15. Wow.. this is incredibly alienating and emetic.

    This, plus the shameless Globovision propaganda recorded by both opposition and PSUV politicians (have you seen it?) makes me feel like, despite what happens on our political circus, this country is being run by no one else than the Bolichico Lobby.


  16. This is just a shitty article. Between this article and the article of Chúo’s Same Sex Marriage Kinsley Gaffe.

    The quality these last couple of days has been pretty bad.

    Lastly, I will refer to Law 6 of the 48 laws of power:

    Law 6: Court Attention at all Cost

    There is a greater play in the works and not as simple as appearing like a trophy wife on a magazine.

  17. Venezolanos chismeando en inglés no son una sifrinería desubicada, no. Eso solo lo es Diana en la revista OK. Cachicamo diciéndole a morrocoy conchúo.

    ¡Ah no! Olvidaba que quizá a New York Times le interese mucho publicar algo sobre Diana D’Agostino, porque hay mucha gente en el mundo interesada en la esposa del presidente del parlamento venezolano aunque no hablen ni papa de español. Para ello, NYT podrá recurrir a este valioso artículo que nos dice que la sucia Diana SOLO era conocida por ser hermana de un enchufado. Y si quiere saber más de ese enchufado que ensucia tanto a Diana, pues lo remitimos a leer más chismes.. en español.

    Falta poco para ver en CaracasChronicles sesudos artículos en inglés disertando sobre los rollos de política estudiantil de la UCV. Patético.

    • Tus argumentos fafaciosos no quitan el hecho que:

      1. En efecto, Diana D’Agostino es parte de una familia que realizó una cuantiosa y cuestionable fortuna durante el gobierno de Chavez.

      2. Ella, como “Primera Dama del Parlamento” no es nadie. Ni siquiera en el chavismo se llegó a ese absurdo culto a la personalidad. Y dudo que al NYT o a otro medio foráneo le interese hacer un perfil de esta tipita.

      (PS: Bueno, yo si creo que la política de la UCV merece un espacio en este blog, sobre todo por el absurdo microcosmos que representa..).

    • Nazly, veo que desconoces el objetivo de Caracas Chronicles. La razón por la que esta página es en inglés es para que el mundo internacional pudiera tener una ventana para mirar adentro de Venezuela y conocer el punto de vista de los venezolanos pero en un idioma que pueden entender. Otra cosa, hablar inglés no es una “sifrinería”; es una habilidad útil como saber manejar o saber usar una computadora. Años atrás, te hubiesen llamado sifrina por lo que hoy te parece normal. De todos modos, de lo que este artículo hablá no es que la Sra de Allup no puede estar orgullosa de su casa y sus dientes, sino que no debe cometer el mismo error de los políticos de “la cuarta”… RESTREGÁRSELO A UN PUEBLO QUE SUFRE. En Venezuela, lamentablemente, no está bien lucir lo que uno tiene porque hay mucha gente que no tiene ni para comer ¿Ahora entiendes?

  18. Venezolanos, dejen el amarillismo y la mariquera de andar respondiendo en ingles. Enfoquense en lo que de verdad esta sucediendo en el país. Por publicaciones asi, es que seguiremos en este caos.

    Saludos cordiales.

    • Real news is posted here almost daily, what is your gripe exactly? It’s laughable to hear the “por X es que estamos asi” shtick after all these years. Perhaps you should email your local deputy and harangue him or her over how policy has failed to take shape after almost a month.

  19. De bolas, pero si le muestran a el publico internacional publicaciones como estas estamos echando para atras todo el esfuerzo que hemos ido construyendo desde la llegada de Chavez.

    Coloquen noticias relevantes, no publicaciones vacias y absurdas. Por este tipo de vainas es que los Chavistas nos agarran arrechera.

  20. Coño que Ingles tan malo, como se ve que la mayoria que hacen los comentarios son como a lo chicano, mero caliches al machucado gringo, no me jodan…..!!!!

  21. qué pajudez de “artículo”… es una “revista de celebridades”!! qué clase de anormal se pone a hojear una revista como esta para criticar a la esposa de HRA? deberían sacar una edición de Lilian en los trajes de baño del programucho ese de Televen de donde salió, a ver si por lo menos les gustan más jóvenes…
    si hay denuncias de corrupción hágalas, SEA SERIO! pero esta paja para intentar “denunciar”? y el periodismo que se vaya al demonio, hagamos cotilleo del bueno? esto debe ser lo más estúpido que he visto

  22. Pretty good article Juan. This kind of “wealth and taste display” only shows the abysmal gap between the social classes that certainly do not help to consolidate the message. People like her made Chavez a possibility because it reminded a lot of people how bad they got it. Social class warfare has been one of the main messages of chavism and this just helps them a lot more than getting Mrs Diana displaying her new “influence”.

    Even if the display of wealth and wellbeing is somehow honest and something they may want to show to the public as a way to demonstrate that financial success is possible. It is terribly ill timed and border line with “show off” that it is not necessary right now with our people suffering the way they are.

    I tend to think that the wealthiest Venezuelan can not necessarily pass a red face test of how they got their fortune. Some of them may genuinely demonstrate that they got it due to certain legitimate business (i.e.: Polar, Electricidad de Caracas before the hostile take over, TV, Ovejita, etc..). But there are a lot of people that can’t pass the “source of income test” and much less a deep audit on how they got into the 1%.

    I am not saying that HRA is corrupt or that he got his money on some gray source (now let’s remember he was part of CAP and Lusinchi inner circle and the rest is just hearsay). But our cultural perception of wealthy politicians has never been positive…and Venezuelans memory is short and biased with pragmatism. This time we are championing HRA just because he has a chance to control whatever is left of the Chavista congress. But he is part of that corrupt Venezuela and political apparatchik that brought Chavismo the first time out of their own uncontrollable greed. There is no way he was left out of the bounty or no way he was not aware of what was happening. There is always this cultural thing with the political class that we have not been able to shake off. I will be impressed if the Congress approves a law that handles a true audit on wealth, income and “testaferros” to politicians.

    Becoming part of the government has always been the dream and the goal of people seeking social mobility to highest strata. Lots have achieved with more or less a degree of success. AND THAT is what this OK! article is feeding because it shows how good you can get it when you are in power regardless where you money is coming form.

    The haters need to understand that this is about the new Venezuela. That change is not about going back to the 4th in a nostalgia fashion for the Adeco royalty. My advise for them is: whenever you are feeling the need to judge between right and wrong, just remember what brought Chavez to power.

    Once more, thanks for writing without bias, you made my day.

    • “I will be impressed if the Congress approves a law that handles a true audit on wealth, income and “testaferros” to politicians. ”

      Law against corruption and organized crime.

      Also, I’m pretty sure the constitution has some articles against corruption.

      So it’s not a matter of making new laws more than it would be just implementing the current ones.

  23. By the way, and I don’t think this was addressed in the article, but, did D’Agostino called herself “First Lady”, or was it a label stamped on her by the magazine’s writers?

    This would be very important, as it would give a basis or completely topple the argument that she’s just “flaunting her wealth and taking titles that don’t correspond”

    After all, this wouldn’t be the first, nor the last time that some writer tacks some “additional information” about someone, even with ulterior intentions.

  24. Haven’t read this post. But, who is really suRprised of something like this after the “look at the Ramos Allup’s sons, hello father-in-law” articles in the venezuelan media?

    Of course Diana D’Agostino is a very stupid person with no political mind, showing herself as a very proud housewife with no economical problems in a country where 80% of the people barely eat, is a proof of total lack of common sense and political strategy.

    But, sorry, i have to remember the pathetic answer of her husband, Mr. Assembly President, who said when asked about he being at Quinta Crespo market “I don’t have to cut my tastes and luxurious foods, i don’t need to” besides 50% of the people goes to bed with only two meals/day.

    Sad but predictable.

    And, yes, that stupid Ramos Allup fan week went with photos of his sons, his nice house in a neighborhood where never occurs blackouts, and his stupid blondy wife sister of one of the biggest regime enchufados.


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