Liveblog: Aristóbulo at the National Assembly

The vice president went to the National Assembly to request the renewal of Maduro's National Economic Emergency Decree. Our Liveblog coverage is now concluded.



Our Liveblog has now concluded.

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  1. I would ask the following to Ari: If DolarToday is responsible for 70% of inflation, the government is responsible for 30%, right? Thirty percent of 2015 official inflation is 54%. Is a 54% inflation acceptable for the government?

  2. What if the govt allowed a system for the free unencumbered sale – purchase of dollars from private sources , what would the price of the dollar in such a market be ?? would it be lower than the dollar to day quotation …??, is there a valid economic reason why such kind of market not be allowed to exist….??

    • There’s no economic reason it wouldn’t exist, because there’s no economic reason behind the dollar monopoly the government holds in Venezuela, it’s always been a political policy, a political weapon to strip opposition from any income to finance any activism against chavizmo, and a means to extert control over the population through the destruction of the country’s economy.

      When is the people going to understand that chavismo destroyed Venezuela ON PURPOSE?


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