There’s a whole lot more iceberg where that came from

Miguel Rodríguez Torres has started saying in public things that good, loyal chavista faction heads like this are never ever supposed to say in public.


For months, it’s stood to reason that bits of the chavista coalition must be trying to figure out how to rid themselves of Nicolás Maduro elegantly: that is, without generating the kind of open rift that could imperil the entire project.

Because the Prime Directive within chavismo is that one does not carry out this kind of discussion in public, this conversation’s come nowhere near the public sphere, but it didn’t take a MENSA-level genius to figure out they must be happening.

Now, we see Miguel Rodríguez Torres – former Interior Minister and ongoing PSUV heavy hitter – putting his head above the parapet in ways that would’ve been unthinkable a couple of months ago.

Clear enough for you? No?

How about this?

A buen entendedor…

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  1. He’s taking bold actions in tbe midst of being left out of the cupula. His only answer, logically, is to plead for more action from the base of PSUV followers. For a guy with nothing left to lose, this seems like his only option: stay relevant at whatever cost.

  2. When will the contradiction rise up regarding Chavismo and the fuck up situation of Venezuela. Dude its better to say “I am a patriot” there nothing wrong with that. The Chavismo told us many times that oposition where not patriots and that they were the TRUE patriots. Still its a huge step forward where Maduro is.

  3. Should anybody take seriously the words of some coward murderer like this thug? We can’t forget that the repression that resulted in the slaughter of 2014’s guarimbas was masterminded by this guy.

  4. I don’t think Rodriguez Torres is a good or loyal chavista faction head. I don’t think he has any influence, and in his twitter feed he’s been very ambiguous about his support for the government for several months now. He’s been throwing darts for more than a year:

    And if we believe what his father (a Mayor in Apure, outside of PSUV and with links to MUD parties) said a few months ago, MRT has presidential aspirations, and not necessarily as part of PSUV.

    • I would be shocked if I found a single oppo person thinking MRT is a viable third-way candidate. He was the guy who kept arresting student protesters with trumped up charges and planting evidence and making silly slides with pictures/arrows/fake emails… I seriously hope this guy doesn’t have support from people on either side of the aisle.

  5. Who dares to challenge the recipient of the Orden Nacional Jose Marti? I mean, really. Another brilliant move on the economy and Nicolas Maduro will have achieved secular sainthood.

    But I really do think that Maduro, while universally disliked, is too important to the essentially personalist understanding of power within chavismo to be removed by an internal power struggle. This disaster of a regime is showing remarkable staying power by sticking to that line of authority back to El Eterno. More likely Maduro will at some point be declared some version of the chavista godhead, stored in some backwater palace like Kurtz to ruminate on the higher order of things, and by that means, be both officially venerated as the anointed and still living successor, and be completely removed from any political authority. If that is not already his de facto job description.

  6. Finally a candidate that can embody our chavism and our perezjimenis: vague leftism with enough margen de maniobra mixed with some malandro killing, and he’s un militar arrecho! Make him president ASAP and get ready for some open-door-sleeping!


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