There's a whole lot more iceberg where that came from

Miguel Rodríguez Torres has started blurting out the kinds of things that good, loyal chavista faction heads like this are never ever supposed to say in public.

For months, it’s stood to reason that bits of the chavista coalition must be trying to figure out how to rid themselves of Nicolás Maduro elegantly: that is, without generating the kind of open rift that could imperil the entire project.

Because the Prime Directive within chavismo is that one does not carry out this kind of discussion in public, this conversation’s come nowhere near the public sphere, but it didn’t take a MENSA-level genius to figure out they must be happening.

Now, we see Miguel Rodríguez Torres – former Interior Minister and ongoing PSUV heavy hitter – putting his head above the parapet in ways that would’ve been unthinkable a couple of months ago.

Clear enough for you? No?

How about this?

A buen entendedor…