Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The Signatures to request the launch of a recall procedure are in CNE's hands. It's a funny sort of democracy where you have to stalk around a warehouse in the dead of night to exercise a basic constitutional right, wouldn't you say?

What a place for Constitutional high drama, huh?

Early this morning, MUD delivered 80 boxes with 200,000 forms and 1.85 million pre-organized, sorted, serialized and scanned signatures to the CNE, where they were officially received. That’s nearly 10 times the number needed to launch the recall procedure.


In a remarkable bit of creative problem solving, MUD saved itself the certain-shitshow involved with trying to deliver the signatures to CNE’s main downtown headquarters in Plaza Caracas, by delivering them instead to their logistical hub in Fila de Mariche, well away from the cameras and chavista extremist groups who would surely have met them with violence.

The handover launches a five day period for CNE to advance to the next step, according to CNE’s own regulations. 

It’s a funny kind of democracy when you need to stalk around at night to exercise the rights listed in the constitution, huh?