Take a minute to read this while I bend down to pick up my cédula…

Red Cross Curaçao is prepared for possible Venezuelan refugees. In the case the situation in Venezuela becomes worse, Curaçao could be confronted with people trying to flee from the South American neighbor. Red Cross is talking to the government about this situation.

This is according to the President of Red Cross Curaçao, Angelo Ramirez. “Lately there has been a lot of attention on this topic in the local media. Especially on the political asylum, refugees, migrants and such. Even behind the scenes we have been working on this. This is not specifically our responsibility, but working as the Red Cross, we will assist and even try to proactively raise funds.”

According to Ramirez there are many people here following the political events in Venezuela. “If things continue this way we can expect that maybe people will try to flee their country and they will come our way. Of course we don’t have the capacity to help them all.”

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