Since when is "marching" a right in Venezuela? [UPDATED]

Live updates on the march to the National Electoral Council.

Live updates on the march to the National Electoral Council.

As you can see, the opposition’s march to the CNE is being welcomed with open arms.

"Las Nalgas de Rómulo" bridge in Caracas
“Las Nalgas de Rómulo” bridge in Caracas

Eventually, the march decided to go around the national guard barricade, over the Güaire sewage river and through a dirt path, and ultimately made it to another military blockade, where some tear gas was fired.




And ... we're off.
And … we’re off.

Henrique Capriles was pepper-sprayed in the face by National Guard agents, who did not allow the march to go through.


Other marches in Venezuela that ended up in cases of repression include: Barinas, where there are reports of some injured activists, Bolívar and Aragua.

There were several marches in different cities around the country that effectively reached their respective CNE offices, even if some were closed: In Apure, Táchira, Trujillo, Yaracuy, Sucre, Falcón, Mérida, Cojedes, Anzoategui, per our reports.

Final note: a single, lonesome UCV student made it all the way to the CNE headquarters in Caracas and held up a sign asking for the Recall Referendum. A military goon took his sign, and he was arrested.

MUD has announced a new march will take place this Saturday.