You’re a Caracas Chronicles reader; you don’t need reminding that Venezuela is going through historic times. A seventeen year political conflict is coming to a head this year, with consequences that will reverberate down through the decades.

We know people who follow Venezuela closely love Caracas Chronicles for its free-flowing, raucous, irreverent take on the news. But we also know that people with a professional stake in Venezuela need more than that: they need analysis that’s structured, research-based and forward-looking. They need help figuring out where the crisis is heading. And we’re sure that no one is in a better position to provide that kind of analysis than Caracas Chronicles.

That’s why, over the last few months, we’ve put together a really impressive, stand-alone Caracas-based team of researchers and analysts to create the Caracas Chronicles Political Risk Report.

Our Political Risk team is separate from our blog team, because what it does is different from what the blog does. For the Political Risk Report, we sit down together and work through the strategic implications of the news, what it actually means moving forward. Then we set it down on paper, through a grueling editing process where I swear we end up fighting over every last clause and every last comma.

We’ve been doing practice runs on the report over the last few weeks, and I’m not going to lie to you: I friggin’ love it.

Writing the Political Risk Report is a chance to sit down, look past the attention-grabbing bullshit, and really focus on the news that matter and on why they matter. The exercise has been enormously helpful to me, personally, and I think you’ll get a lot from reading it too.

The weekly report starts at $50 per month and we offer different plans. If your job requires that you know as much about Venezuela’s political situation as it’s possible to know, well, that’s a bargain.

So sign up here  and see if you agree.

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      • Francisco, porfa, it says nowhere how to unsubscribe once you used up the first month’s trial. I thought the solution was to unsubscribe from the reports’ emailing list, but apparently not because I’ve already been charged the first $50, which I really didn’t intend to pay when I did this. Can you guys please clarify? There is really no use in advertising that there is the option of unsubscribing after the first free month when the instructions on how to do it are nowhere to be found. Thanks.

  1. I was thinking of signing up. Then I realized that the connection to CC is absolutely non-secure. The padlock is deceiving. Not sure how you are processing or storing credit card information, but under these circumstances I do not feel comfortable providing this information. This has nothing to do with Venezuela or Chavez or you guys (Whom I absolutely support), It’s about my privacy and basic banking security that seems all to easy to compromise.

    Please fix!

      • Yeah, I see how it can be confusing. We embedded an encrypted payments form into a regular web page. So while the webpage itself doesn’t use HTTPS, the information you put on the form is encrypted. We’ll try to make this clearer.

        • Serving the form without using HTTPS is as insecure as not encrypting the form
          submission at all.

          HTTPS not only provides privacy but also integrity guarantees. If I’m viewing
          your signup page and it wasn’t served using HTTPS, it’s possible I’m not
          actually viewing your signup page, but instead an attacker’s modified page that
          looks like yours but securely sends all my information to them instead of you.

          This attack can happen very easily, for example if I’m accessing your site via
          an untrusted wi-fi access point.

          Further reading:

          I work with web security, and am happy to help you get set up if you want. Just
          contact me by email.

          Also note that setting up HTTPS site-wide instead of just this form is an
          all-around good idea for many reasons and is highly recommended.

        • It’s not recommended to mix http/https, it would be better to link directly to the URL that iframe is pointing to.

          BTW if you wish to add HTTPS to this site you can get a free certificate here most hosting providers already have hooks to request one easily nowadays.

    • To be clear – your data is encrypted and secure:

      We handle payments through a Wufoo form. Their security protocols are solid.
      Forms will be served across a protected, 128-bit SSL connection that encrypts the data before it is sent to our servers. SSL ensures that any wrong-doer who may be listening in to your network traffic is not able to actually read the data being submitted to the form.

  2. Professional punditry is a difficult business , but particularly in Venezuela because our situation is so shifting, cloudy , confusing and uncertain, so subject to the impact of irrational factors, that any opinion can be plausibly argued and later be discovered to be a dud. Ultimately business or professionally interested people pay for the prestige and past record of the pundit giving the opinion………, moreover they will want to know about past opinions and how such analysis fared in the light of latter events , maybe this is were the launching of this new line of activity bearing the Caracas Chronicle name must start , with the names , credentials and past performance of people involved in writing it …..!!

    I do wish Francisco and the rest of his collaborators the best of luck in this new venture!!

    • Thank you for that, BB. This should not be a needed reminder, save in a world of stardust and unicorns. Of COURSE, names, credentials, and a track record are important.

    • We’re very happy to disclose further details about our team to our clients. But in the current political climate we won’t be making them public.

      • We’re very happy to disclose further details about our team to our clients.
        A Chavista could purchase your newsletter and hand over details about your team to the government.

  3. I know that it is supposed to be a political report, but a little economy would not hurt… For example, I dont know if you have checked that the “parallel” (unofficial dollar) has been going down since March this year, from 1211 Bs/$ beginning March to 1039 Bs/$ today, almost 12%, check in Dolar Today web site, but inflation is higher every day …

    • That’s a combination of the strengthening of the COP vs. the dollar (8-9% since Feb.-March and which is part of how DT does its thang) and what I like to think of as the SIMADI Substitution Effect for those folks that have a pressing need for legal dollar exchanges and can afford something of a haircut.

  4. Haven’t signed up yet due to early hour and credit card info not at hand….but was curious if your report will help those of us experiencing Veneconomy withdrawal symptoms?

  5. I’m going to make the uncomfortable question because someone has to do it:

    What if I live in a country with a currency exchange control and can’t afford to spend the $50? It’s a little odd to write a political study on Venezuela that regular Venezuelans can’t read.

    I’m raining on the parade, I know, but I felt this had to be said.

    • I have an idea: inside Venezuela, you could sell the new Report at a reduced rate. But of course people would have to stand in line to access it, ( lines could be managed by inking numbers on wrists) and provide a fingerprint at point of sale. You might require a birth certificate, also.

      Local readers will have to promise not to send the Report across the border to Colombia, though. No one likes bachaqueros.

    • It’s hard to face it but somebody could argue that venezuelan people earning VEF with no easy access to payment methods denominated in USD are probably not the target of this product (or anything sold on the internet…) anyway.

  6. A Thick tank, porque no sean maestros de la sociología ancestral dificile;

    que pueden saber de economía cuando atreyu esta en el barro!

    Mercators sera mas fácil! And thats a pricey point! where no ones one to do business but vultures! Mi amor, veneconomia no dejo de ser por pendejo! Bueno ve esos comentarios as Angel Investors and some!

  7. Political Risk at these times might be an interesting issue, people always ask me, as an economist, apart from the natural question, for instance, the following: What is going to be with SIMADY “rate” and the free dollar price? Do the converge ? or Why the free dollar is not moving up, as “expected” ? or the other one inflation, lot of people ask me Why you name hyperinflation something like 725% yty (April to April) , if there are not too many zeros ? For this one, I just answer, well the government has the monopoly of printing money, as such it has the monopoly of “zeros”, as well as the “monopoly to publish the data. at the end, they will put zeros when they need. Few days ago, government increased chicken price from 190 tp 1900 Bs, and “Harina PAN” from 19 to 185 Bs!!, that prices flight by 10 to 12 times in one go!!, so, zeros are starting to arrive, many expected that these prices will bring the magic of more chicken and “harina PAN” and as such prices would come down accordingly with prices logic. But hyperinflation was with us -as I proved that year – and Moody’s did one year later- on my analysis published elsewhere and on my website- on the threshold in September 2013, but effects are already running of parallel dollar price and the rate of scarcity running fro 24% to 36% in just a few weeks. So forecast economic things in a roller coaster train without energy but flying at its inertia speed, is not too difficult, besides, the economic was straight to a collapse which was easy to predict, as we did towards the end 0f 2012 when the PDVSA cash flow -oil rent- was already negative. How are all those real economics stuff impacted the social and political risks should be challenging since that question of where is the deep, or the bottom, people things that we are in some journey traveling to nowhere, however, we have to touch the button. And that is the question, what and where is the bottom, the deep? I will let my followers that you are the ones for political risk evaluation.


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