Introducing the Caracas Chronicles Political Risk Report

Once a week, we cut through the news noise to bring you a report that's puro lomito: not the news, but what the news means for Venezuela's political crisis.

You’re a Caracas Chronicles reader; you don’t need reminding that Venezuela is going through historic times. A seventeen year political conflict is coming to a head this year, with consequences that will reverberate down through the decades.

We know people who follow Venezuela closely love Caracas Chronicles for its free-flowing, raucous, irreverent take on the news. But we also know that people with a professional stake in Venezuela need more than that: they need analysis that’s structured, research-based and forward-looking. They need help figuring out where the crisis is heading. And we’re sure that no one is in a better position to provide that kind of analysis than Caracas Chronicles.

That’s why, over the last few months, we’ve put together a really impressive, stand-alone Caracas-based team of researchers and analysts to create the Caracas Chronicles Political Risk Report.

Our Political Risk team is separate from our blog team, because what it does is different from what the blog does. For the Political Risk Report, we sit down together and work through the strategic implications of the news, what it actually means moving forward. Then we set it down on paper, through a grueling editing process where I swear we end up fighting over every last clause and every last comma.

We’ve been doing practice runs on the report over the last few weeks, and I’m not going to lie to you: I friggin’ love it.

Writing the Political Risk Report is a chance to sit down, look past the attention-grabbing bullshit, and really focus on the news that matter and on why they matter. The exercise has been enormously helpful to me, personally, and I think you’ll get a lot from reading it too.

The weekly report starts at $50 per month and we offer different plans. If your job requires that you know as much about Venezuela’s political situation as it’s possible to know, well, that’s a bargain.

So sign up here  and see if you agree.