"So it's around noon on the 17th of May as I write this from my office at UCV, where I teach. I must congratulate Minister Jorge Arreaza and his people at whatever-the-hell-the-ministry-is-called-nowadays for their streak. They've missed the mid month payday for the 5th month in a row, so we're on strike on the 17th for the 4th month in a row. Yes, you read right, the Ministry for Popular Power for University Education, Science and Technology (I had to check), or MPPEUCT for short , hasn't sent the wage funds on time a single time this year for any autonomous public university. Insult to injury, since the salary is crappy anyway. AND don't get me started on the "Cestatristes". The fact on that is they're still sending 1.5 Tributary units per day when Maduro himself pushed that up to 3.5, meaning the integral wage for us full-time instructors (Lowest rank of faculty) has dropped below the minimum wage line until they, uh, adjust. So I graduated near the top of my class and won a teaching position, was forced to teach multiple classes in my training period because of understaffing, was told to run a lab where next to nothing works and I now earn less than minimum wage in theory but I never get paid in time. My department has 10 Full-time faculty: 5 of them can retire as soon as they wish, 2 are getting there and the other 3 are me and my two office mates who are in the exact same position. None of us are looking to stay long term. The future is bright." -Tomás