Frank’s top 10 (+1) essential Twitter accounts to get your fix of Patria


Can you imagine Venezuela without Twitter? I can’t. It’s become an fundamental part of public life and what remains of our political process. It’s where protests are announced, where politicians lay out their views, where pundits comment, where consensus is formed. It’s a place where politics happens. Journalists report the news on twitter and often, what so-and-so tweeted is itself the news. A flickering light in media blackout abyss. 

In case you feel your timeline is missing something, or that it only gives you white noise from all the Diego Arrias and Lucio Quincios, I give you my essential Twitter recommendations to follow the Venezuelan Zingason.

(Editor’s Note: Go ahead and follow Frank Muci (@frankmuci) on Twitter. Por caridad)

1. Eugenio G. Martínez

@puzkas: This is THE GUY to follow to learn about elections in Venezuela–before, during and after they happen. Want to know if the RR is possible this year? Want to know what’s up with the Amazonas deputies in the AN? Want to know what the CNE is plotting with elecciones regionales? Scroll down on Eugenio Martinez’s twitter and find out.

2. Hannah Dreier

@hannahdreier: Hannah is the Associated Press’ Caracas correspondent and boy does she know how to tweet! She tweets great vignettes every day, links/retweets quality articles and gives you the local flavor–with the added street cred of being employed by a major world news outlet. We can just come out and say it: CC and Frank Muci have a crush on Hannah Dreier <3.

3. Ecoanalítica

@ecoanalitica: This top economic consulting firm keeps you informed with insightful data about Venezuela’s bizarre economy. When the government rolls out policy or shakes up the cabinet, they’re sure to tell you what it means. Use their hashtag #graficodelasemana to their most interesting (depressing) charts, like the one above.

4. Rocío San Miguel

@rociosanmiguel: Rocío is quite the badass. The best source to get information from the tight/entangled knit that is the military world. Plus, she is an asskicking human rights advocate. A must, if you want to keep up with our Orwellian telenovela 

5. José Ignacio Hernández

@ignandez: Want a breakdown of the TSJ’s lewd rulings? Want to know how the TSJ stopped being a supreme court? Want to know just why the TSJ is going straight to hell? Professor Hernandez tells you–in 1080p HD–daily. He puts out incredibly detailed explainers of every TSJ aberration on Prodavinci, basically in real time.

6. Luis Carlos Díaz

@LuisCarlos: The definitive millennial journo/pundit. In addition to being snarky and hilarious, he’ll regularly pepper your feed with insights and commentary, like the one above. He’s one of the few commonsensers out there in Twitterland, and the guy who snatched (nuestra) Naky‘s heart.

7. Omar Zambrano

@econ_vzla: Omar is another commonsenser, the type of guy who in the midst of chaos takes his time to think before he writes. Good economic insight and some out of the box thinking. And, by the way, the father of the Caracas Chronicles Legislative Election Forecasting App that NAILED the forecast for the # of MUD deputies.

8. Efecto Cocuyo

@EfectoCocuyo: Efecto Cocuyo watches and live-tweets every single cadena and government press conference–even the ones that give normal people migraines. Want to save yourself the pain? Just turn off the screen and open Efecto Cocuyo’s twitter for Maduro/Diosdado/whoever’s greatest hits in direct quotes. It’s gold.

9. Henry Ramos Allup

@hramosallup: Despite his age–or perhaps because of it–Ramos Allup tweets like a boss. He doesn’t do hopeless slogans or stale propaganda. He puts out razor sharp commentary and re-tweets news and other public figures, often from outside his party. You can really hear his epic throaty voice through his tweets.

10. Isis Ochoa

@ISISPSUV: Ok, this is childish but… did you notice her Twitter handle is ISIS PSUV? Just had to take that off my chest. Well, Isis, as you can see is a hardcore PSUV militant and Frente Francisco de Miranda hardliner, and her timeline is a bit of a gateway to a parallel Universe. But it’s totally worth it, she gives great insight as to what’s going on over there, at the other side of the fence.

11. Ñapa: El Correo del Guaire

@correoguaireAlthough these guys may appear taken from chigüireland, they are sort of the Venezuelan answer to Tolkien’s elvish dialect. Some serious linguistics go into each of Correo del Guaire’s tweets. Understanding them, means you’ve mastered Malandro Speak.


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  1. Puzkas es un tipo mas bien tóxico. Es el gran contribuyente al fetichismo electoral que tiene a la oposición donde está. Sus análisis “tecnicos” le dan un aire de legitimidad a la farsa.

    Rocío San Miguel solo cuenta historias de pasillo que generalmente resultan ser falsas o ambiguas. Yo mismo puedo abrirme un tuiter e inventar cosas.

    Ramos Allup lleva meses “cantandosela clarita al gobierno”. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Y respecto a Patricio Uracoa, me caia bien cuando era eso. Despues de decidir sacrificar a su familia por un futuro cambur en la administración publica, perdió el respeto de varios.

    Ya que están en esa onda de seguir opinadores, incluyan a Lucio Quincio.

    En español, mas adecuado para una crítica ácida.

      • Three plus weeks ago, Quico wrote a flippant comment: “To tar Bernie supporters with the ills of the Chavez era is to show the kind of slackjawed rightwing simplemindedness that brought us…well, that brought us candidate Trump.”

        Quico gave neither documentation nor reasoned thinking to support this comment. Apparently all the right people know this, so there is no need to prove it. Quico has given no empirical evidence why this statement is correct. That to me sounds like dogma, using Quico’s own definition of dogma: “A belief is dogma when it’s accepted without question on the basis of authority, rather than empirical evidence.”

        Within several hours I had made a well-documented reply to Quico’s comment to show that Bernie Sanders himself, through his half-century-long support of Latin American despots and their policies, had shown why it was not so “simpleminded” to associate Bernie Sanders with Chavismo. Yesterday I made my third attempt to get Quico to reply. He still refuses.

        Perhaps as John Updike wrote about the final game of Red Sox great Ted Williams, “Gods do not answer letters.” But that cannot be, as Quico is making a comment here. Or is it that Gods refuse to answer well-reasoned, informed takedowns of their dogma?

        Quico, you made the comment which I have italicized here. Own up to it.

        • If the following illustration assists, a former prime minister of canada was famously chums with fidel castro, but that did not make him any more a communist than bernie saunders chavista.

          • Bernie Sander’s support of Latin American despots has also included vehement support of the policies of said despots. Consider his cheerleading for the Sandinistas AND the their policies when he was Mayor of Burlington. After all it is of utmost importance that the City of Burlington exercise its foreign policy responsibilities. 🙂

            Bernie Sanders didn’t consider food lines a consequence of inept government polices which result in food shortages. On the contrary, Bernie Sanders considered food lines a good thing. Just like a Chavista apparatchick would.

            I sugges that you read my comments..

          • A lot of North Americans supported the struggle against the Somoza regime. Particularly those with left or liberal views, and those who attended church (certain Protestant churches, and I believe the Catholic Church and perhaps other faith groups were heavily involved in the human rights and refugee aspects of this and similar conflicts). As such, a person might be exposed to a certain perspective, which did not necessarily reflect an embrace of communism or authoritarianism, but which was sympathetic to the Sandinistas. Bernie Sanders does not strike me as a person who has evolved politically over time, nor does he strike me as a person with an appreciation for the nuances of third world politics, but he strikes me as a man with honestly held views, many of which strike me as wrong or simplistic, and a democrat at heart. He’s not a ‘chavista’. He comes out of a completely different mind set and experience. For starters, he’s authentic.

        • As such, a person might be exposed to a certain perspective, which did not necessarily reflect an embrace of communism or authoritarianism, but which was sympathetic to the Sandinistas

          I don’t see the point of bringing in the Sandalistas, most of whom in 1975 could not have located Nicaragua on a map. We are talking about Bernie Sanders, who by virtue of his half century of support for Castro, is of another ilk.

          Regarding the Sandalistas, many of whom made Solidarity tours to Nicaragua, the less said the better. They were well-intentioned ignoramuses who let the Sandinistas pull the wool over their eyes. While they considered themselves to be so well-informed about Latin America after their guided Solidarity tours with translators, they didn’t know from nothing. Como bien sabes.

          Bernie Sanders was not a newly-converted Sandalista.

          Bernie Sanders … strikes me as… a democrat at heart.
          Perhaps in the US, but Latin America is another issue. If Bernie Sanders is a “democrat at heart” for Latin America, then why has he been such a fanboy for Latin American despots? When the Sandinistas shut down La Prensa, Bernie Sanders agreed with the shut-down. Bernie Sander’s basic position on Cuba appears to have been “as Fidel is doing such great things in health and education,there is no need for elections in Cuba.” I fail to see where Bernie Sanders has expressed support for elections, democracy, or human rights in Cuba. Bernie Sanders merely says that Castro’s Cuba is “not perfect.”

          Yeah, it’s totalitarian, but the health care is so great. [1950s: Cuba’s Life Expectancy 8 years greater than Latin America’s Life Expectancy. 2016: Cuba’s Life Expectancy 4.5 years greater than Latin America’s Life Expectancy. But I don’t hear Sanders saying how Batista was so great for Cuba.] [BTW, Pinochet’s record on reducing Infant Mortality was superior to Castro’s. Who held elections, Fidel or Pinochet?]

          If you have read my comment on his article in the Vermont Freeman on Cuba, you would have realized that Bernie Sanders had no problem with parroting falsehoods about those alleged great things Castro had done in health and education. [Bernie also shows himself to be intellectually lazy in his Vermont Freeman article on Cuba, as the University of Vermont Library in Burlington carried the Statistical Abstract for Latin America. Had Bernie Sanders checked the S.A.L.A., which would have involved a short trek to the UV library, he could have readily seen that the Monthly Review article on Cuba had some deceiving statements and statistics.]

          He’s not a ‘chavista’
          But what Bernie Sanders said about food lines back in the 1980s could have come out of the mouth of a Chavista apparatchik. Both Bernie Sanders and Maduro have called Dilma’s impeachment a “coup.” Which you would have known had you read my comments. While Bernie Sanders may not be a Chavista, it is interesting how Bernie Sanders agrees with the above Chavista positions. Just sayin’. Also note that those positions are a tad more controversial than just saying “I support this health care program.”

          I would agree with you that Bernie Sanders is not one who has evolved politically over time. Would not such lack of evolvement suggest as he has been a fanboy for Fidel and for the Sandinistas, that in his heart of hearts he is also a fanboy for Chavismo? Granted, Bernie has kept his mouth shut on Venezuela- a wise position. But the two examples in the above paragraph show that his position on some controversial issues aligns with Chavismo. How many people think food lines are a good thing and not a consequence of inept government policies, besides Chavista honchos? Just sayin’.

          I would agree with you that Bernie Sanders doesn’t have an “appreciation for the nuances of third world politics.” But that never stopped him from vehement and voluminous support for Fidel and the Sandinistas, done with the intention of giving us poor ignoramuses “a more intelligent perspective.” To quote Bernie. After all, we all gain “a more intelligent perspective” when Bernie parrots falsehoods cribbed from Monthly Review, without Bernie acknowledging they are falsehoods.

          For starters, he’s authentic.
          Then why has Bernie Sanders been very quiet in the last year about Latin America? It appears that Bernie Sanders realized that his previous voluminous and vehement support for Latin American despots would not aid his campaign, so the less said the better. It’s bad to have 23 brands of deodorants, but good to have three homes. As long as Bernie Sanders owns three homes. Authentic? Decime otro de vaqueros.

          • In his heart of hearts Bernie Sanders may be a communist agent and a mercenary, as you suggest, and I may be wrong, but we will never know because he is just not popular enough.

    • ¿Más o menos cómo es Puzkas un tipo “tóxico”? Sus análisis (al menos de las reglas de procesos electorales, no soy muy fan de sus análisis de encuestas) son generalmente acertados, y a veces necesarios para entender el desastre que maneja el CNE.

      • El Puzkas le hace creer a la gente que existen basamentos técnicos/estadísticos para todo y que el tema electoral es lo suficientemente determinista como para ser acotado por un “experto”.

        Puzkas le da credibilidad al CNE, hace que la gente siga votando y siga asistiendo al show.

        • No hay al menos una sugerencia que puedas dar de a quien se puede seguir (obviamente excluyendo a Luicio Quincio)? Es lo mínimo que se puede hacer luego de semejante comentario.

  2. Faltan las de Naky Soto, F. Monaldi, Henkel García… y tantos otros que aportan muy buena información. Aparte de esto, consulto cada día la cuenta de un desconocido como Argenis Guerrero, alias @Sr_Scissorhands (desconocido al menos para mí. Si alguien sabe algo de él, soy todo oídos). Está en algún punto intermedio entre el analista sesudo, el twittero sentencioso y/o gracioso y el que sigue con atención los precios del arroz pero sin centrarse realmente en ninguna de las tres cosas ni ser por tanto ninguno de ellos de modo que es como tener a todos esos tipos de twitteros juntos en una misma cuenta.

    • Asi es. En un principio tenia una lista de mas de 40 cuentas pero era demasiado. Recortando a 10, se quedaron muchas afuera. Quizas podemos hacer otro post con los demas. Pero 100% de acuerdo con Naky, Monaldi, Henkel, etc.

      • En su lista de diez podrían haber entrado los que he comentado. Henry Ramos Allup es un político en activo y tiene sobre todo interés para los periodistas o los political wonks como llama hoy el New York Times a H. Clinton, no para un lector general. Yo nunca me informo sobre cómo le va al banco de Santander o a Coca Cola mirando su twitter, lo hago leyendo a los periodistas económicos en los que confío que sí que leen sus comunicados oficiales.

        El correo del guaire es humor venezolano o quizás simplemente humor que le hace gracia a usted pero no una buena recomendación para un blog escrito en inglés.

        Hanna Dreier cuenta excelentes historias sobre Venezuela pero es una corresponsal extranjera. Entiendo que los periodistas venezolanos deberían tener preferencia.

        En cuanto a Omar Zambrano, antiguo Patricio Uracoa, dejé de seguirle cuando cambió su nombre. Hoy le he leído y parece que sigue en el mismo tono pero me sigue pareciendo que no merece mi confianza un twittero que hace ese tipo de cosas sin explicar el motivo.

        Si tenemos en cuenta que la preferida del señor Toro (¿su jefe? ¿su amigo?…) es nada más y nada menos que la baranda del CNE tomarse en serio la elaboración de una lista de twitteros venezolanos es una pérdida de tiempo perféctamente inútil pero bueno… tenía que hacerlo. Esa plataforma es realmente útil para informarse y lo que está ocurriendo en su país no me parece en absoluto algo para tomárselo a coña.

        • Omar quiere un cambur. Es de los boboptimistas que cree que habrá cambio (Tipo Garcia Pranks, ahem, Banks) y vino corriendo a ver como alinearse y enchufarse en esa “transición”

          Puede haber plata chavista de por medio. Nadie se vuelve loco de la noche a la mañana por puro amor al arte.

  3. “Hanna Dreier cuenta excelentes historias sobre Venezuela pero es una corresponsal extranjera. Entiendo que los periodistas venezolanos deberían tener preferencia.”

    Y porque? Que paso con la libre competencia? Yo prefiero leer a Hanna antes que muchos periodistas locales. Y preferencia en que? Estamos en el internet, aqui publica quien quiera donde quiera, cuando quiera, o no? Ese es unos de los problemas con Venezuela, esas apestosas “preferencias” que le dan a ciertos enchufados.

  4. I don’t know it for a fact that, ceteris paribus, our commenters incur in a disproportionately higher use of hemorrhoid cream, I just know it’s true.

  5. Referente a Henry Ramos Allup, el tipo es un vacilon! Y le esta dando parejo a los Chavistoides y a Masburro.. Obiviamente es mucho mas educado e inteligente que esos malandros. Seria un buen presidente, comparado con lo que ha tenido Venezuela en las ultimas decadas.

  6. De verdad estoy anonadado por lo mucho que quieren a Ramos Allup algunas de las personas del foro. Uno de los responsables del paro y del no show de las elecciones parlamentarias de 2010. “Sería un buen presidente,” de bolas… cambiemos todo para que todo siga igual.

  7. Since I read English Hannah Dreier seems like the most useful person on the list. Good news. “Police seize 850 kilos of lentils.” Food news is universal.

  8. @juliococo has an interesting point of view which should not be ignored
    @danielduquenal has good analysis in english
    @salvadorflejan Venezuelan humor from the 1980´s

    • I followed @juliococo for a while, but I disliked his inflated sense of importance so much that I couldn’t take it for long. Plus, he tweets all the time; the hundreds of tweets a day got on my nerves too.


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