For Whom the Bailoterapia Tolls

Ironically, the defining tweet of the "Toma de Caracas" came not from the big opposition demonstration but from the squalid little chavista counterdemo.


The significance of the tiny video in this tweet may not be entirely obvious to you unless you’re a hardcore Venezuelan politics junky of a certain age. But if you are, your jaw hit the floor (along with mine) watching it. Because “Bailoterapia” —a latin-inflected dance aerobics routine— has long been a metonymic icon for the opposition leadership’s political cluelessness.

It all goes back to the two month December 2002-January 2003 era General Strike. Caracas had big, daily opposition demonstrations virtually every day back then, but as protests dragged on and it became increasingly clear they were failing, the erstwhile Coordinadora Democrática started to panic. Unsure how to keep its supporters turning up to rallies whose purpose was increasingly opaque, they started holding Bailoterapias at each event.

The sight of everybody’s aunt doing Dance Aerobics at what was supposed to be a transcendent political protest crystallized this diffuse feeling that the opposition’s leadership had no any what it was doing. That it was unmoored and unserious. That the people following them didn’t really understand what it was they were doing there. Bailoterapia is an icon of the failure of the early anti-Chávez movement.

Which is why seeing a Bailoterapia, 14 years later, at a chavista counterdemo is….is…

Wow…just wow.

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    • Not really. Los verdaderos enchufados ni se molestan en ir a esas vainas. Todavía hay mucha gente que cree en el chavismo, aun con hambre y colas. De ahi el 20% – 25% de votos chavistas en todas las encuestas y elecciones. A esa gente, nada ni nadie les va a sacar de la cabeza que Chavez era grandioso.

  1. Understand that by spacing crowds a certain way its easier to photoshop the empty spaces between them and create falsified images that make it appear as if the whole space is full of people . apparently entertainment platforms were strategically distributed along the lenght of Av, Bolivar to allow for crowds to form before them and thus make the positioning of the different isolated crowds perfect to produce the needed photoshop effect .

    This means that the regime predicted that they would not be able to attract enough people to fill the ave Bolivar and thus provided for such conditions as would make it possible to digitally fill the Avenida with a make believe crowd .

    Diosdado later tried passing thru twitter a fake photo of a Chavez meeting from several year ago as a photo of thursdays meeting , the ruse was discovered and he had to recognize that he had made a ‘mistake’ and put up a new (better photoshopped photo) in a futile attempt to scape the embarrasment.!!

    The regime has not qualms about using smoke and mirror methods to falsify appearances in an effort to hide the now patent truth that they have lost most of their former bountiful popular support.and are reduced to the condition of ‘escualidos’…..!..


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