What the Glorious Army of El Libertador is up to these days

Henceforth, these 18 officers will be in charge of these 18 products. Do not adjust your sets, this is not a parody. (OK...the video is.)

Gaceta Oficial N° 40,977, dated August 30th, 2016, sets out the names of the 18 military officers who have been charged with ensuring the supply of 18 specific basic supplies.

They are:

  1. Brigadier General Jorge Pérez Mancilla, director of Air and Land Safety at the Air Force Inspectorate, chief of cooking oil.
  2. Division General José Inés González Pérez, Director of Budget Planning at the Defense Minister, chief of rice.
  3. Rear-admiral Ángel Rueda Pinto, director of Organization and Development for Seguros Horizonte, chief of poultry
  4. Brigadier General Ludwing Palima Cisneros, director of Criminal and Financial Investigation for the National Guard, chief of sugar.
  5. Division General Luis Alejandro Jiménez Villaruel, permanent secretary for Recruitment and Readiness for the Wholistic Defense of the nation, chief of beef.
  6. Rear-admiral Juan Jiménez Peña, second commander and chief of the High Command of the Navy Corps of Engineers, chief of coffee.
  7. Brigadier General Reynzer Rojas Omaña, chief of the Special Administrative Police Service and of Criminal Investigations for National Customs and Revenue Safeguards, chief of beans.
  8. Brigadier General Fernando Prieto Ventura, Director of Social Welfare for the Office of Human Management at the Defense Minister, chief of laundry soap, body soap, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant.
  9. Division General Juan Rivas Rojas, joint director for Support to National Development at the Strategic Operational Command of the Armed Forces, chief of pharmaceuticals.
  10. Rear-admiral Freddy Lozada Peraza, chief of supply for the Navy, chief of corn flour.
  11. Brigadier General José Gregorio Pérez Malavé, director for the Special Security Regime of the army, chief of dairy products.
  12. Division General José Antonio Rosales Duque, director of the office of Human Management at the Defense Ministry, chief of yellow corn.
  13. Rear-admiral Adolfo Contreras Soto, director of Logistics for the Second Command and High Command of the Navy, chief of margarine.
  14. Brigadier General Manuel Vera Boada, director of the Air Force Command post, chief of toilet paper, sanitary pads and disposable diapers.
  15. Division General Francisco Yánez Rodríguez, president of the Air Force Permanent Board for Evaluation, chief of wheat.
  16. Rear-admiral Luisa María Lozada Fergusson, director of personnel at the Capital Strategic and Wholistic Defense Region, chief of fish.
  17. Brigadier General Rubén Barreto Barrios, vice-Inspector General of the Army, chief of pork products.
  18. Brigadier General José Jesús Hernández Perales, director for Safeguarding National Mines for the National Guard, Chief of Soybean and Cake.