As we all pretty much expected and feared, CNE announced deeply unfavorable conditions to collect the 20% of manifestaciones de voluntad needed to activate a recall referendum, pretty much killing any possibilities of celebrating it in 2016, or, really, ever.

The reaction around the MUDosphere was basically…

Just after the announcements, Twitter became the place for many to express their discontent  because, as our very own Naky tweeted:

“Though the decision is not surprising, it doesn’t makes it less outrageous and violating the Constitution should have consequences.”

And we -as most- were eager to hear MUD’s opinion. Profesor Briceño captured the zeitgeist, saying:


“Pardon my French, but after the kick to the groin the CNE just gave MUD we hope they won’t come out with a bunch of bullshit rhetoric.”

A couple of hours later, Jesús “Chuo” Torrealba -— speaking on MUD’s behalf — said “seguimos en sesión permanente. En las próximas nos pronunciaremos… ” -we remain in permanent session and in the coming [hours] we will make a statement.

He also asked the members of Unidad, the executive secretaries of the parties, campaign managers and leaders to keep a “prudent silence” in the coming hours.

Henrique Capriles followed the orders and tweeted:

“With full information and the unity the country demands we will respond! We are at the service of Venezuelans!”

The next morning Capriles also tweeted:

“To all those asking, now what will we do? TODAY at 7 p.m. through all our social media we’ll speak #PreguntaCapriles”


“They are 20%! We are 80%! I am sure that MUD will rise to the historic moment we’re facing.”

We wonder: will he wait for a proper announcement from MUD or will he be making the announcements himself? Not sure at this point.

Others presented the announcement of the CNE as a victory of sorts. Juan Miguel Matheus, deputy of the National Assembly and National Secretary of Doctrine of PJ, tweeted:

“Despite all the adversities put in place by the government we managed a date for the 20% #RecallIn2016”.

And thought Julio Borges didn’t tweet himself, he did RT Edison Ferrer:

“#RecallIn2016. We’ve defeated them plaing with unfair rules. They can set up all the illegal obstacles they can think of, we have what it takes to defeat them!”

In a more formal way, Voluntad Popular issued a press release saying:

“Faced with the unconstitutional and unfair conditions accorded by the CNE board, today more than ever it becomes imperative to activate all of Venezuela on the streets, just as we did on September 1st, to pressure for the expression of the people’s votes in a recall to come this 2016.”

Maria Corina Machado, whose infamous “expropiar es robar” has been upstaged by her more recent “conmigo no cuenten”, tweeted


“The conditions CNE is seeking to impose cannot be accepted. The recall must be held in 2016.”

She also proposed a rather… uhm… well…curious parliamentary strategy -to say the least:

“It’s clear that the conditions CNE imposed are designed to deny a Recall in 2016. If that happens, the National Assembly must unseat Maduro due to his nationality.”

Henry Ramos didn’t tweet about the announcements and neither did Delsa Solorzano. Let’s assume they’re following Chuo’s call for silence.

Though there are no final agreements yet, during his radio show La Fuerza es la Unión, Chuo said “what comes next is a massive, constitutional, peaceful and forceful protest in defense of the rights of the people and the Constitution”.

Just like we been doing for the last 6 months, we’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. I imagine that, as we speak, a massive debate is taking place between the more “radical” and “moderate” camps within the MUD. I am going to withhold judgement until they make their announcement. They are all under massive pressure right now. The decisions they make today may be historic and may not be revocable. Let’s give them the breathing room to get it right.

    • I think more drastic messures needs to be on play for now on, the revocatory is set for failure and the PSUV basicly told them we here to stay , fuck the revocatory and your damn democratic ways, in other words the wounded beast is ready to fight to the death.

      IMO they either find ways to fight back or change the tides or they history.

      • I agree. But, everyone seems to want to bash the MUD. I am saying that they may well realize what you are saying. Let’s see what they come up with before we criticize them. Remember that they are have a balancing act to perform. If they announce something too timid, they will lose the support of many in the Opposition. On the other hand, if they announce something extreme, the regime may move immediately to detain them or they may be forced to go underground.

        • There is plenty of MUD bashers that are part of the PSUV communication guerrilla, remember the hashtag after the take of Caracas #MalditaMUD, thats part of PSUV of trying to shift the blame of all this mess to the MUD and to break piece by piece the oppo, some fall for it others dont.

          I am not asking them to blindly call for war but the marchs till 2pm, the 8pm cacerolazos and the 10 minutes strikes are not gonna cut it anymore, Venezuelans are desperate and the Chavistas constantly attack that mentally and physically everyday, why i am starting to feel is that people are getting tired of actions that doesnt bring results, people wants something more than moral victories and are desperate to finally being able to 1 up the chavistas.

  2. Maduro fears the 20% vote because he knows more than 7 million will vote against him. This will make the last vote for revocation moot.

    He is cornered and see no way out excepting cheating. I expect many top chavista’s will face more than jail time.

  3. Why the MUD acting like they got a flash-knockdown?, like they didnt saw this coming?, the whole wait for our response is like they where caught off guard, did they really thought the CNE witches and PSUV thugs were accepting the revocatory without fighting back?.


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