A Presidential Déjà Vu

When a President-chosen-by-lineage tells his VP the same thing his predecessor told him, you really start to wonder.

Earlier today, in his VTV show Contacto con Maduro, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro made a statement that will have rung some bells…

“I put in aristóbulo’s hands, as el comandante put in mine, the stewardship of the patria

While Maduro lacks the showmanship and charisma of his predecessor, and this scene lacked the exposure of a cadena nacional and the raw emotionality of a President’s dying words, it’s nonetheless relevant.

This is Maduro signalling that, against rumours, there’s no new VP appointment in the cards. What’s more, he did it in the same style —and indeed, heavy-handedly referencing— the moment Chávez passed the baton to him. To wit:

Now, what does this mean? Is he sending a message to Diosdado to get off campaign mode? Is he signalling plans to resign?

Who knows, maybe the guy has colon cancer.

Carlos M. Egaña

Carlos is a Law and Liberal Arts student at Universidad Metropolitana, and a teacher of Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking at Instituto Cumbres de Caracas. MetroMUNer (@MetroMUN) and VOXista (@voxistas). But really, he's just an overcompensating, failed singer-songwriter.