Henry Ramos Allup’s closure of today’s AN session




And here’s today’s resolution: Acuerdo de Restitución del Orden Constitucional y la Democracia


Acuerdo 23.10.16 FINAL-1.pdf by La Patilla on Scribd

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  1. So does anyone know if this will be published in a manner available to all Venezuelanos? Will it go in the Gazzette? Thanks

  2. Henry gets so much flack from so many quarters. It’s just so easy to attack him. (Fun, too!)

    But watch that speech again. Watch it with an open mind. Be fair.

    There’s a statesman living in there. There really is. Time we left behind the mezquindad and saw that.

    • Henry is a riot. And much better educated/informed than many politicians. Considering Trump, and Hilary, I’d have him as US president, and Venezuelan President at the same time (oil trade)

  3. You know, the document would be much, much better if it didnt have that part about “Maduro is Colombian!!!!!111!!!”

    Guess part of getting a consensus of the opposition is to include every branch, including the lunatics

    • What they said was that MADURO’S MOTHER is Colombian.
      According to the Colombian Constitution this makes Maduro a dual national.

      The Venezuelan constitution says that the President must by Venezuelan by birth AND not hold any other citizenship.

      That is the claim, and further the opposition claims to have the proof which will likely be presented tomorrow during the next AN session.

    • And of course is such an important, relevant, profound question when Maduro and company have already done the whole rest of coup d’ etat specified in the text that we now lose time in this. I’m sure all the other documented crimes against the nation are going to be undone just by this earthshattering revelation, with the PSUV retracting all the damage they have done when faced with it.

      • Your comment is important in the sense that in South America to obey the Constitution is seen as sheer lunacy indeed, that’s our main difference from the developed world. What is written in the laws doesn’t matter here.

        There’s just no rule of law nor a strong judicial system making sure the laws/Constitution are respected. That’s why the Maduros, Cabellos and Chavez are possible, while in other more developed countries they wouldn’t be able to do 1% of what they did in Venezuela.

        “Birther”, “insane KKK member”, “radical right-wing zealot”, etc.

        That’s how we call the ‘lunatics’ that remind us that, hey, the Constitution actually says that…

        You might not seem at first, but all Maduro’s crimes that you consider more relevant come from that breeding-ground in which the laws are just an irrelevant detail in the landscape. It’s all part of the same body.

      • What I see is wasting a lot of time in an stupid petty question that will go nowhere, when the big important things are clearly spelled in the rest of the document.

        Using the courts and the CNE to enact a coup d’etat is clearly there, is open to anybody that can open a newspaper and read and it is a crime of the whole Chavista establisment, not only Maduro. Instead, less do some #TropicalMierda birtherism and waste time with it.

        There is enough in the rest to have a clear declaration against not Maduro, the whole PSUV and friends, for more than “unconstituionality” – for treason. And again, not open to discussion, interpretation, who has what document and where it came from – just in your face, check the news and see them doing a coup.

        • It’s not a stupid question.

          In fact, it might very well be the catalyst to unmake a truckload of the stupid policies Maduro has forced down the people’s throats in these 3 years. Instead of voting in referenda stuff like the existence of the whole swindle that is the clapartheid, it can be snuffed out with a single stroke because it was a null policy to begin with because Maduro couldn’t be president.

          The expropiations can be reversed this way without more legal hassle, and the political prisoners can be released and all charges dropped and buried since they were pushed by a void and null base.

          Those are just a FEW of the many things that MUST me dismantled if we ever hope to have a glimmer of normalcy in Venezuela before we all die from old age or from a bullet to the face.

  4. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put a concise summary of the information related to the 1%-collection-of-votes in sort of a executive summary page with a few links where to find some further information inside cc? As this might get the focal point of the weeks to come. For interested (gringo-) noobs, who arrive at this site.
    There are excelent, fact-based articles along the timeline without any speculation or interpretation.
    I know there is more. An article of a guy who was sort of blackmailed to revoke his revocatory signature.
    This may be usefull too in this context ->


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