Livestream of today’s National Assembly session

Have you bought your cotufas y refresco yet?



The moment when chavista mob breaks into the parliament.


Dip. Julio Borges: Introducción al Debate sobre Ruptura de Hilo Constitucional

Dip. Luis Florido: Mecanismos Internacionales y Denuncia ante Corte Internacional de La Haya

Dip. Juan Guaidó: Omisión Legislativa en Nombramiento de Rectores del CNE

Dip. Carlos Eduardo Berrizbeitia: Nombramiento de Magistrados TSJ

Dip. Dennis Fernandez y Dip. Luis Emilio Rondón: Doble Nacionalidad de Nicolás Maduro y Juicio Político

Dip. Tomás Guanipa: Mensaje a Fuerzas Armadas

Dip. Freddy Guevara y Enrique Marquez: Mensaje al Pueblo Venezolano

Dip. Henry Ramos: Cierre del Debate



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  1. All of this in pointless, the average Venezuelan dont even give a crap about this session, Chavistas got the guns and Venezuelans are not risking their life for their freedom, that ship sailed a long time ago.

    Every Venezuelan with even a little talent or desire to live a normal life leave that place and wait till the social purge in hunger, crime and decease cleance Venezuela of all the scums,criminals and chavista shit while the chavistas suck this country so dry that even ruling it gone be as shitty as living in it.

    For now this country will remain being a big pile of shit close to the ocean, nothing more nothing less.

    • You idiot!

      How many times will this condescending line be said “Every Venezuelan with even a little talent or desire to live a normal life leave that place”.

      You don’t even see the irony of what you say as you comment on a blog post from Emiliana Duarte.

      Not forgetting all of the other brave bloggers who are fighting for their country from within their country.

      • Then go ahead and die in vain with the scum, this narco-dictatorship only goes down when Venezuela turns into an unvaluable piece of dirt, the MUD wont do nothing and the people is used to live like crap, the chavistas will make sure that you can still make some coins on guisos y tigres, even the best fighters know when is time to retreat, Venezuela a lost cause just hope the purge and massive death that is about to hit the country finally gives the lesson Venezuelans need to learn and stop looking for populist father figures that going to nurture them with lies and telling them what to do, hell you can still hear the fatherless speech we need a papa estado or a strong father figure in most Venezuelans, i still remember when they tried to portrait Padrino Lopez as a savior of 6D even when there is a clear picture of him on his way to do some felatio to the caribbean count Dracula Fidel

  2. ¿A alguien le extraña en serio que el imbécil de Héctor “odio a os pobres” Rodríguez esté haciendo un berrinche?

    “350 ZZzzzZZZZ” Bueno, si tanto le tienen arrechera a que se saque a Maburro y a sus matones lo antes posible, entonces ¿Cuál es el peo de esperar hasta el fulano 2019? Seguramente las 30-50 mil personas que morirán para ese entonces no importarán, es decir, ya van 300.000 de todas formas, y, ¿En serio piensan que con estos precedentes realmente va a haber una elección medianamente justa en ese momento con estos malnacidos ahí, o que habrá EN ABSOLUTO una elección? Ese tarado podrá decir simplemente que “Hay problemas de los cuales ocuparse primero antes de estar complaciendo caprichitos de los sifrinos de hacer eleccioncitas”

    • At the end the measures coming to vote were read, I don’t remember all of them, but this gives a brief summary of most, as I recall them. I think they included appointments of three new CNE directors, and appointments to the TSJ, and release of political prisoners. Sounded like what people were calling for back in January of this year, and looks like the AN rolling over the executive and (paraphrasing) “Taking the powers of the AN and exercising them.”
      The measures were approved. Good thing those guys don’t make their living as a national anthem choir – although they’d probably get paid more that way. I think they changed keys in the middle of it.

  3. The final resolution of the AN plus HRA’s closing speech–magnificent! The ball is now firmly in the FANB’s court, but, meanwhile, don’t be surprised tonight at Oppo leaders (attempted?) arrests, and red-shirt violence in Caracas streets tomorrow….

    • i honestly believe that all that is left to do is to prepare for an outright civil war. or at the very least, armed rebellion by the non chavistas alliance vs Maduro and team.

      but the people will not fight if the military rushes in to take sides, as i suspect.

      The TSJ will swear out warrants foe the forces to act on and either imprison or execute the MUD.

      A peaceful war could be launched by the hacking community and outside media. But the MUD and AN are toothless in so many ways.

    • I fear that you are right. there is not enough muscle in the MUD to even mount a respectable counter demonstration and stop the Chavistas. that was embarassing for MUD.


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