A standard Monopoly set comes with 20,580 Monopoly dollars.

The cheapest monopoly set for sale on Amazon retails for $12.99.

One U.S. dollar therefore = 1,584.29 Monopoly dollars.

Conclusion: the bolivar is now worth less than Monopoly money. 


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  1. The tragic thing is that it isn’t worth more or less than a monopoly dollar. The tragic thing is that monopoly dollars are stable and carry little inflation.

    I wish we had savings in monopoly dollars.

  2. The cruel irony is that Monopoly money and dollars have the same availability and capital controls relative to the bolivar fuerte…try getting Amazon to deliver to Venezuela.

    That, and the Monopoly money would appreciate between shipment and arrival.

    But of course, Weisbrot would still likely say that inflation has stabilized and should decline and clearly, the currency will simply lag behind or something something something.

    • I wish someone could trap Weisbrot in a TV interview with all of the garbage arguments and predictions he’s made (inflation is now under control, social spending is sustainable, oil production is fine, etc)

    • You’re right. But if you look on Amazon, Monopoly money on its own costs $14.99 so Quico’s point still stands — though as you say, he is wrong in his reasoning.

  3. It was long ago when it was said that a sheet of toilet paper was worth more than a 2 VEF bill, so yes, the comparison is insulting to Monopoly bills.

  4. It costs 200 bolivares for a small photocopy eg a photocopy of your cedula. And the older joke is that its cheaper to drill a hole in a 1 bolivar coin then it is to buy a washer.


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