MUD’s UNTenable Partner

UNT's William Barrientos — MIA earlier today

Adolfo Superlano, Ricardo Fernández and William Barrientos decided to take the day off right when Parliament was scheduled to discuss the appointment of Germán Jiménez, a rare non-PSUV controlled figure, new CNE board member.

Practically, it won’t make such a difference. TSJ had already decided about that on Tuesday and ratified Miraflores gophers Tania D’Amelio and Socorro Hernández in a hurried 20-minute session yesterday, apparently in response to the Assembly’s political trial on Nicolás Maduro.

It’s past time we regard this party as accomplices of chavismo and its crimes.
UNT has been wreaking havoc within the coalition throughout the year, reducing their political maneuvering to a series of base and disgusting schemes in order to secure the full release of its leader Manuel Rosales. Their previous moves were despicable, but this isn’t just a breach on MUD’s discourse line: these lawmakers are blatantly failing to fulfill the duties they were elected for.
It’s past time we regard this party as accomplices of chavismo and its crimes. If the other MUD parties remain silent and passively accept this kind of behaviour, then we’re left with no credible leadership to confront this catastrophic regime.
MUD, expell UNT now. It’s no longer a matter of image. They will continue to fail their constituents, and wrecking whatever respect the coalition still commands.
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  1. I am an American and I feel your frustration.
    The people of Venezuela need an opposition that will set their own personal agendas aside and work to restore Democracy.
    These assholes should hang their heads in shame.
    If there ever is another election in Venezuela anyone that did not work for democracy should never be elected!

  2. I agree that these guys are ridiculous and a horrible disappointment. However, if you expel them, you’re left with a significant amount of deputies left in the AN, as well as many mayors as well.

  3. This is the MUD acknowledging they are not willing to kick UNT out of the coalition because they think UNT is the only party that can deliver Zulia state to them, electorally.

    They cannot ignore Zulia, it would be like not counting on California or Florida in a US election.

    Una Nueva Traicion should be their new name. Assholes………


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