Today, people around Venezuela erupted in anger when they realized the 100 bolivar bills left in their pockets were worthless. Protests and episodes of looting have erupted around the country in response.

You won’t hear about any of this on Venezuelan TV. But it’s two-thousand and sixteen. Twitter exists. Try as you might, you cannot suppress news of nationwide protests anymore.

The worst of the protests seem to be in Bolívar State — in the Guayana region of the south-east. But even tiny little towns like Santa Elena de Arenales in Mérida have seen trouble.

Predictable enough, when the state puts its hand directly in people’s pockets.

Bolívar State

El Callao

This mining town deep in Bolívar state yielded the craziest scene of the day, as Chinese shop owners throw handfuls of Bs.50 notes out to the mob to try to avert being looted:

No es para menos. At least 17 shops were looted in El Callao, in Bolívar state.

San Félix



Monagas State


Trouble in Diosdadópolis.


Mérida State



Not the kind of place where you expect trouble: protests in Santa Elena de Arenales, in Mérida State.

Rural gochos are fed up. This in a town called Caja Seca:

Trujillo State


Zulia State


Venezuela’s second city is not exempt.


Barinas State

Santa Bárbara

Again, this is not the kind of place you imagine when you imagine a protest in Venezuela: Santa Bárbara de Barinas. Deep, rural, Chávez country.

Yes, that’s barineses decorating “Christmas trees” with worthless bolivar notes. From CaracasChron gallows humor to the news in less than one week



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