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Construction worker Juan Carlos Flores just cashed his weekly salary in the Valles del Tuy. However, he had a gut feeling that he might be held-up in the Charallave-Ocumare bus on his way home. So, he stopped first at a local bakery and bought a loaf of pan andino. Why? To stash the money deep inside of it. He thought he was playing safe. “Y hasta llegué a pensar que me la estaba comiendo” (I even started to think I was getting away with it), he said confidently to himself.

Hand over that bread, buddy. I’m real hungry.

But his gut was sadly right: Three armed thugs held up the bus shortly after. As he held onto the bread loaf, one of the robbers approached him. Since he didn’t have any cellphone or other valuables, the robber told him: “Pásame ese pan, pana mío, que lo que tengo es hambre”. (Hand over that bread, buddy. I’m real hungry). He just gave up his loaf, along with his entire pay. reported the story, which encapsulates everything about this benighted start of the year in Venezuela. As Flores told El Pitazo’s Rosanna Battistelli about that particular moment,

“En ese momento, muchas cosas te vienen a la mente, pero cuando piensas en lo valioso que es la vida, no te queda más remedio que ceder”.

At a time like that, lots of stuff races through your mind, but when you think how precious life is, you have no choice but to give in.

That’s the terrible state of things. There’s nothing else I can add to this. I have no words.

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  1. Another victory of the “caracazo’s furious people champions against the evil fag snob middle class slave who thinks himself above the worker class”

    That will be the inmediate thought that will cross a chavista’s noggin upon reading this, specially those little palangristas that come to troll in this page.

  2. Con noticias tan increíbles como esta es difícil “desengancharse” informativamente de su país. Por si alguien no los ha leído les dejo con una historia leída en twitter que también es muy ilustrativa sobre lo que está ocurriendo.

    ‏”Acabo de presenciar situación de consumo famélico,señor se sentó pidió almuerzo y luego dijo pónganme a hacer algo o llamen a la policia
    Entre varios hicimos vaca y le pagamos el menú al Sr pero el encargado nos dice q implementarán pago adelantado pues es muy frecuente
    El encargado me dice q es dificil discernir quien lo va a hacer pues mayoría son adultos mayores y bien vestidos se sientan y luego no pagan
    Hace días comentaba que falta poco para que pobladas de personas comiencen a entrar a restaurantes a llevarse comida,el hambre avanza”


  3. Will the Chavista murderers ever go to jail for these crimes? Most of them will not. They’ll be enjoying their stolen millions in the Caribbean, while Venezuelans die for some bread. Humanitarian crisis have been worse in the planet this century, so grab a chair, and wait for foreign help from Europe or the USA..

    Nuestro pais esta jodio, y pa’ largo.

    • I think that any foreign help would be dismissed by the government. Something about “getting into our business” or a “challenge to our sovereignty”. Delcy once said that Venezuela could feed multiple countries in South America.

      In other words. Don’t count on foreign intervention. Much less from the Imperio.

  4. Unfortunately this no news, it happend to me more than once (without the bread part, back then you will put the money in your socks or briefs) in buses from Las Adjuntas to Los Teques.

  5. What will it take for someone to take the initiative and fight back?
    As long as the “men” of Venezuela cower in fear the conditions will keep deteriorating.
    Arm yourselves. Fight back.
    A hero only dies once but a coward will die 1000 deaths.

  6. Flores is right. He’s smart. Hand it over. No questions, no arguments. And like him (and like me, and like many, many others reading Caracas Chronicles), live to tell the tale.

  7. Seems like a short sighted move to hide your money inside food. With half the country starving, it would seem obvious that they would target food just as much as money or cell phones.


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