How do you celebrate the 59th anniversary of the fall of a dictatorship, while in dictatorship? If you’re MUD, you take a page out of the ole’ opposition-on-autopilot playbook: you half-heartedly call on your disenfranchised electorate to march to CNE offices in Plaza Venezuela and deliver a written petition demanding elections. That will definitely show them we mean business!!

I didn’t attend today’s march because my cat had a vet appointment. But I could’ve easily chosen from any number of other activities that would’ve been a more productive use of my time: arranging the condiments in my fridge by size, binge-watching Saved By the Bell —The New Class reruns, snorting lines of Toddy to see what happens…anything, really.

MUD was nice enough to explicitly lay out its demands in this document, which was reportedly handed to CNE Rector Luis Emilio Rondón at some point during the march. MUD exhorts CNE to…obey the constitution and hold elections. Oh, and also: it exhorts us, the People to fight for our rights to be respected.

Here’s the text in case my paraphrasing wasn’t explicit enough.

Acuerdo Derecho Al Sufragio (Definitivo) by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and make a GoogleCal reminder to fight for my rights to be respected at some point this week.

Happy 23 de Enero!


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  1. Well, yes, Maduro til 2019 (and beyond?).Of course, most major Caracas access roads were blocked by GNB, 5/6 important Caracas subway stations were closed, a Govt. paid competing march occurred, “Patria” cards were issued to the faithful in Western Caracas city sectors, march media coverage was virtually nil, even by faithful Twitterers, but, most importantly, momentum of even the die-hard Eastern Caracas followers has been lost, especially amidst rumors of a new “Dialogo”. What remains, for now, as LL slowly dries up in prison for a really long haul, are tenuous hopes of help from Trumpism, an even more-untenable economic situation, and/or some patriotic military uprising….

  2. Quite amazing how some people decide that the right way to fight for this country is… doing nothing.

    Not attending protests, think MUD is guilty for everything and complaining comfortably at home in a blog or Twitter. For everyone that is waiting for the MUD to call for a protest that ends in a civil war, please stop waiting, they have been very clear they don’t want that path. There are many leaders that would love to have enough support to go that way tho, go and follow them, listen to them and do what they propose to do to free this country and then come here to this blog and tell us which actions is your organisation taking in order to all evaluate if joining or not. But please stop just complaining whilst doing nothing.

    I’m not happy with these protests to handle a document only either, but not attending sends the wrong message. Every protests as well as elections are the only ways to express disapproval to the government. Not attending just makes the Gov stronger.

    • Be advised you’re talking to the last person you could possibly accuse of “doing nothing” for the past ten years.

      Until MUD has the humility to put aside their hubris and consciously admit they were wrong and ask for help and be accountable and honest, I am sorry to say that they have lost me as a willing accomplice to their incompetence.

      Besides, it’s not like MUD made any substantive efforts to rally for today’s march.

    • What youre saying is the venezuelan equivalent of blaming a Democrat for not voting hillary or a republican not voting trump, also, hardcore supporters being disenfranchised is their fault, most of them have been in the fight for over 10 years

  3. I didn’t even know that a marcha was happening until my aunt, from Costa Rica, asked me “como va la cosa?”

    You know, with that hopeful tone some people outside of Venezuela use when they think this is finally the time for change. And yet again, I killed her hopes with a “No joda tía, la misma mierda de siempre”.

  4. MUD is asking for democracy but they do not have democracy (elections) within it!

    MUD is startled about enchufados when they are eager to win some gobernaciones and alcaldias!

    An inept is there for the fifth year and only needs the MUD to stay put which is basically as good as an oil bonanza in terms of estabilizing a donkey in the presidency!

  5. Maybe, just maybe, if the MUD didnt do the stupid “lets get people mobiliz.. no, wait, calling it all off, we are in dialog” thing last year. They had the initiative, the momentum and the will of the people to go protest and they squandered it; no surprise the second time they cry wolf people stay home.

  6. When Hitler defeated France and cccupied its territory , Most frenchmen were fiercely opposed to the nazis and angry and humiliated by the occupation , and yet when the time came to act and engage in active resistance most of them stayed home , movie narratives have romanticized the maquis and armed resistance but the truth of the matter is that the resistance movement involved only a tiny fraction of the french , a vast mayority of them either willingly or reluctantly played the part of passive collaborators. people are lazy, and fearful and accommodating, mediochre and comfort loving…heroism is much celebrated but very few can aspire to its demands ……. When De Gaulle left France to continue the war against the Nazis from abroad he believed the greatest of the countrys statesmen , military heads, leaders , intellectuals would come with him …however when he turned arround to see who was leaving the country …he was all alone .

    We overestimate the heroicity of people , talk is cheap but when people have to expose their skin to the dangers of armed aggresion they falter …..which come to think of it is very natural ……!!

    When MPJ ran the country , most people might have been unhappy with the regime at some level but at another they where quite comfortable and even content living in it …….specially as he could convince them that at a material level life was good and promising …….!! if you dindt mess with politics no one would bother you……weve forgotten this …..!! and in the end it wanst popular movilization but internal army divisions which brought the regime down !!

    Getting people to respond actively and participate in a concerted effort to engage in all kind of action to get rid of a tyrannical regime isnt that easy despite what one may think , mistakes will be made (Bolivar and other leaders of the patriotic casue incurred in a great many before getting a better hold on things an bringing on the toppling of the spanish regime ) , Washinton had a hard time keeping his army together , because all the time as their period of service expired they went home……the thing is not fall into the trap of cannibalizing those who we blame for past failures or missed opportunities , war making against a despotic and unscrupulous enemy is a learning experience ….we must be prepared for demanding better of them while giving them some slack …….. !!

  7. Or another anonymous death …Somebody once said that 300 Spartans held up the army of Darius in the Thermopilae pass, imagine a few armed crooks with ak47’s near Miraflores, i…


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