There’s no escape for Nicolas Maduro’s endless cadenas, not even in the middle of rush hour:

In an unprecedented event, Caracas subway (Metro) commuters were forced, whether they were in the wagons, stations or the platforms, to hear a speech by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. At 5 p.m. Maduro held an official act to deliver financial aid grants of the “Soy Joven” government program. The (February 9th) event was broadcasted for the first time ever through the subway’s public announcement system…

According to the ANSA note, one Twitter user compared this to North Korea. And why not? We hear Maduro really, really loves the DPRK.

I mean, Corazón de Yaracuy


We’re learning well. 

Check out this mural recently installed on Chacao Metro station.

Chavez’s eyes, they’re watching you…

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