There’s no escape for Nicolas Maduro’s endless cadenas, not even in the middle of rush hour:

In an unprecedented event, Caracas subway (Metro) commuters were forced, whether they were in the wagons, stations or the platforms, to hear a speech by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. At 5 p.m. Maduro held an official act to deliver financial aid grants of the “Soy Joven” government program. The (February 9th) event was broadcasted for the first time ever through the subway’s public announcement system…

According to the ANSA note, one Twitter user compared this to North Korea. And why not? We hear Maduro really, really loves the DPRK.

I mean, Corazón de Yaracuy


We’re learning well. 

Check out this mural recently installed on Chacao Metro station.

Chavez’s eyes, they’re watching you…

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  1. Nausea-inducing.

    I pity the folks who have to endure that stuff in the metro, chavistas are definitely aiming to force people to stop using it altogether.

  2. This saturation bombardment of public spaces with official propaganda is not meant to persuade anyone to approve of its message , most people by now have made up their mind about the obnoxiousness of the regime thru the discomforts and miseries that it has brought to the mass of Venezuelans …most will simply be annoyed or turn a blind eye/ear to all these rustic advertisements …what it does achieve is to convince people that the govt is powerful enough to occupy all spaces , to feel its presence felt everywhere ……as a means of reinforcing the subliminal feeling that all resistance is futile , that they control all social spaces, that they are invincible !! LL has said it loud and clear , the oppos greatest enemy at this moment is the isntilled sense of hopelessness at the chances of brnging the govt down thru civic resistance ……!!

    We are now engaged in a form of psychological warfare , that means that one of the things the oppo must do is to make its presence felt one way or another everywhere , in ways that are tangible and visible and uplifting ….!!

    • The psychological warfare aspects are something that the Opposition has been blind and deaf to. I doubt that they even have an adviser on this, or if they do, they are ignoring his/her advise. It would be so easy to combat the regime with ridicule. Something as simple as the “Kilroy was here” graffito (or something similar but Venezuelan) could be used to great effect blunt the impact of the regime’s propaganda.


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