US Treasury Department sanctioned Venezuelan VP under drug kingpin act


Just this afternoon the US Treasury Department added Venezuelan Vicepresident, Tareck El Aissami, to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Special Designated National (SDN) list under the Foreign Narcotics Designation Act (Kingpin Act!). In other words, the White House just tagged Tareck as a major drug dealer.

All of the Venezuelan Veep’s assets in the US have been frozen, along with Samark Lópezs. López is believed to be El Aissami’s main testaferro (front man) — and the presumed buyer of Grupo Últimas Noticias, among others.

What assets may El Aissami have in the US? Who knows…

But here’s a little list to have fun speculating with.

[Uncle Sam wants you to know that this doesn’t mean that Venezuelans will be banned from entering the country.]

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  1. [Uncle Sam wants you to know that this doesn’t mean that Venezuelans will be banned fro the entering the country.]

    Oh well that’s reassuring! nevermind that 90% of visa applications are being rejected at the US Embassy in Caracas, and was happening under the Obama administration, a de facto travel ban for Venezuelans.

    Thanks Obama!

    • A de facto travel ban would mean 100% of [tourism visa] applications were rejected. Why did 10% pass through? Could it be that the overall economic situation of applicants wasn’t good enough? With no CAVIDI, what middle class family of 4 members can afford a week long travel that costs VEF +20.000.000? The requirements for a tourist visa haven’t changed, the qualification of the applicants have.

      • I beg to differ, I personally witnessed people that met all the criteria and were often rejected on the spot during the interview. The personnel at the embassy hardly see the papers and whatnot, they were looking for any small excuse to reject visa applicants. Once might infer that there was intent to discriminate against Venezuelans, which again, it all happened during the Obama administration, and to some degree with Hillary/Kerry tenure at SecStat.

  2. This has been leaking for months and the accused knew it was coming. Samark Lopez began preparing online reputation managment six months ago and went active in December. He was ready with a press release today. Samark had a Bentley in Miami and the multiple apartments in Brickell are worth $3M to $4M each… three units in the Four Seasons alone. Really really dumb dumb dumb to launder assets in the U.S. and to flaunt wealth like the Colombians of the Cocaine Cowboys era (70’s to mid-80’s Miami).

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