Yesterday, some shady sites started spreading reports that the leaders of Un Nuevo Tiempo had rejected the U.S. Treasury Dept. sanctions against vice-president Tareck El Aissami for drug trafficking.

The good news is that these reports are fake news (VERY DISHONEST!): the party never issued such a statement, which is a relief to be honest, because the claims, false as they were, totally fit UNT’s character, considering their recent blunders. That’s what happens when organizations lose credibility.

It took the party a few hours to issue an official response on the matter, condemning the “dirty war” against the Democratic Unity. And this is how it starts:

In view of the constant false accusations, prepared by media labs dedicated to slandering our political organization through the fabrication of statements allegedly issued by our leadership, the National Executive Board of Un Nuevo Tiempo categorically rejects the shameful actions of those who evidently seek to tarnish our reputation and divide the Democratic Unity.

La Dirección Ejecutiva Federal del partido Un Nuevo Tiempo, en vista de las constantes afirmaciones y acusaciones falsas, provenientes de laboratorios mediáticos dedicados a calumniar a nuestra organización política mediante la invención de declaraciones de nuestros dirigentes, rechaza contundentemente las acciones que busquen empañar y dividir de manera vergonzosa y evidente a la Unidad Democrática.

Sound familiar?

Chavismo has always blamed “media labs” and external threats for their mess, and now Un Nuevo Tiempo’s down to imitating their narrative in formal communiqués.

Then this:

As always, Un Nuevo Tiempo will continue to follow the Unity’s lead and keep travelling to every corner of the nation to lend our efforts for the recovery of our country.

Un Nuevo Tiempo, como siempre, seguirá actuando bajo la línea de la Unidad y seguirá recorriendo cada rincón del territorio nacional para trabajar hombro a hombro por el rescate de nuestro país.

This is simply a lie. While all parties share the responsibility for MUD’s current state, UNT has done nothing but undermine the coalition for months. The situation has become so untenable that MUD-Zulia recently split over political and operational differences, alienating AD and UNT in the region. 

Seriously, guys, dejen la mala junta. Maybe you wouldn’t have to explain yourselves and deny false allegations if you were a bit more transparent. Maybe, if you really did oppose chavismo, if you didn’t sound so much like them, your credibility wouldn’t be the wreck it is right now.

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  1. Decirle “Dejen la mala junta” a UNT es como decirle que se deshagan de Rosales, quien es la personificación de ese partido.

    Lo lamento por la militancia de UNT, que tiene bastante gente que vale la pena, pero es que Rosales y parte de la dirigencia de ese partido están metidos hasta el cogote en la inmundicia chavista, si hasta unos de sus integrantes que están en el Imperio andan metidos en un tremendo peo legal porque se pusieron a hacerle guerra sucia a unos periodistas allá diciendo que se habían robado unas medicinas que iban a ser mandadas a Venezuela.

  2. Javier, isn’t it questionable that UNT, being largely a very regional party, can even meet the virtually impossible new CNE registration requirements to continue to exist as a “legal” Govt.-recognized political party?

  3. How not to see this an operation of black propaganda? That is, the fabrication of a media events designed to victimized yourself. They have been doing this for a while; right at the moment when the party was getting more heat in social media, there is this “death threat” against Delsa Zolorsano, call me insensitive, but this was so random. it didn’t add up with what the role of this party has been in the last three months.

    Regarding the most resent event, I noticed the news and went to one of the sources that originated this I follow the link, and I end up moving in circles; three websites rotating responsibility for the source.

    From their official statement about the ordeal the closing phrase caught my attention “apoyamos todas las decisiones derivadas del ceno de la Unidad” In this context to me sounds like, they avoid direct responsibility. For nothing because what is the decision “derivada del ceno de la Unidad”? they demand the Fiscalia to investigate. LA FISCALIA! It is all a such a Bluff

  4. Also, it’s good to point that in the video presented in the article it’s stated that they will ask for the evidence on the accusation to carry on the investigations here in Venezuela.


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