Let’s send this poor GNB on Easter Week Vacation


It’s Semana Santa. Nicolás declared the whole week a holiday for all public employees. So why does this poor National Guard have to spend the week in Caracas, repressing protests? Doesn’t he also have the right to pescado frito and all the bounties of our lovely Caribbean coast? What ever happened to ?


Help me right this wrong:

Download this PNG of our strapping cadet and fill in the background so we can make his dreams come true.

Tweet it using HT #BetulioElCadete.

Here’s some inspiration to get you going:

Thank you for your kindness.

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  1. Novel backdrops are a fun thought experiment. But it may be that the soldier just finds himself doing a job (the guards at Dachau did the same), and he’s liking the fact that the pueblo is finally starting to assert itself non-stop, so maybe someday in the future his daft jefes will fade away and his dad can get his high blood pressure meds and he and his wife can have a future. But 18 years is a long time so what dreams can a person had who knows better only on the word of old farts and clips from the internet?

    Like the soldier, like the pic of the man plunging (vertically) off the Trade Center Tower during 7/11, the scene is strikingly surreal.

  2. To Emiliana and CC in general. Is it possible that you write an article about how we in the US and Canada can help? If it’s possible to help.
    There are many of us with Venezolano backgrounds, and I know that at least a few of us have the resources, read money…
    The answer might be to donate more to CC, and as I write this, I’m thinking that’s the way to go…
    But…can you influence CC to address this topic?

    • Thanks for your message. We have a post coming out soon on how Venezuelans abroad can help the cause. Support via donations is profoundly appreciated.

      • Emiliana
        I an American. Not of Venezuelan descent. I have been trying to help people in your country for quite some time. I am sure that there are many more people like me that desire to help and just need to know how to do it.
        The freight forwarders in Miami referred me to Total Cargo Express in Miami ( Doral ) Florida. other companies have stopped shipping household goods to Venezuela due to the “losses” when shipments go through Venezuela Customs.
        The people that I deal with are Robert who is the owner and Maria who is the office manager. I believe that are of Venezuelan descent.
        They ship everything at their cost. They also have free lockers that allow people to have items delivered to them and held until a shipment is complete, which they will then ship.
        This is a link to their site.
        These people are truly committed to helping the people of Venezuela. I arrived in Florida yesterday and I will be bring a shipment to them Monday. The ship takes 4 days to get to Caracas. Delays in Customs delayed our most recent shipment by 3 rather the usual 2 weeks. Right now it is getting close to one month from shipping to delivery. Before this I always planned 3 weeks in total.
        I have a friend in Caracas that I met online and I ship to her home. The freight company delivers the shipments to her door.
        I have also been able to get diabetes, blood pressure medicine and antibiotics. My dentist and my family doctor have written prescriptions, friends have refilled prescriptions that they didn’t need and I have even acquired medicines from families that have had someone pass away. With a little ingenuity people will be able to access many needed items.
        As for money. I make deposits into a Bank of America account. I then e-mail my friend a picture of the deposit slip. She takes it to the account holder and once he confirms that the deposit has been made, he gives her the cash in US Dollars.
        So far this very small humanitarian effort has worked. The government’s refusal to allow aid in the country has made this the only way to help people and stay under the radar.
        Donating to large aid groups may work in the future, but right now it needs to be sent to an individual.
        The hardest part of this whole thing isn’t on my end. My friend has the heart wrenching task of deciding who she can help and how much help she can give people.
        Our shipments have become more frequent, but I realize that the need is so much greater.
        I hope this is of some help to you.
        I wish all of you a Happy Easter, prayers for your health, safety and victory in your struggle.

  3. Ok…I just donated $10 per month. A pittance, really. My Spanish sucks…I need someone to translate this: DONATE to CC! Two lattes per month, dudes. For your mothers and fathers and grandparents, For nuestra patria, for God’s sakes. Donate. I dare you.

    And tell me when you do.

  4. I’m being a little crass, I know. But, really, to those of us who have it made in the US and Canada, and who don’t have to consider arroz con mango for lunch, and who read CC ten times a day, donate, donate more. Forgive my infomercial?


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