Tarek William Saab’s Son Calls Out His Father


“Papá en este momento tienes el poder de poner fin a la injusticia que ha hundido al país. Te pido como hijo, y en nombre de Venezuela, a la cual tú sirves, que reflexiones y hagas lo que tienes que hacer. Te entiendo, sé que no es fácil, pero es lo correcto.”

Dad, right now you have the power to put an end to the injustice that has drowned this country. I ask as your son, and in the name of Venezuela, the country that you serve, that you think and do what you have to fo. I understand you, I know it’s not easy, but it is the right thing to do.

Yibram Saab Fornino, C.I. 21,706,886

Tarek William Saab, Venezuela’s Human Rights Ombudsman, stands in a strange position with regard to the crisis. His vote could unlock the solution to the current crisis. Together with the Prosecutor General, Luisa Ortega Díaz, the Ombudsman could overturn the illegal appointment of the 13 judges crammed into the Supreme Tribunal at the end of 2015. The Supreme Tribunal, you’ll recall, is at the center of the current crisis: its decisions usurping the National Assembly’s prerogatives were the event that set off this month’s protests.

Tarek has the power to change all that.

His son, Yibram, just reminded him. In public. On YouTube. And beseeched him to change course and save the patria.

My respects to this kid. That’s cojones right there.

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      • Marc, let me introduce you to something you evidently are incapable of recognizing or understanding: this kid has courage and moral clarity. Fucking go get a life, would you?

        • Why the hostility there? After 19 years of this regime ruining our lives I think we’ve earned the right of being a little skeptic of anything we damn wish to be, don’t you think?

          • Darkness cannot be defeated with darkness, only with light. Hate cannot be defeated with hate, only with love. Lets not fill our hearts and minds with doubts, criticism and anger. Instead lets fill it with hope, trust and love. We are rowing in the same direction and we need to stay focus on our goal and the paste we keep to accomplish it. Not on how others are rowing. We have to DO and SAY things that truly add to our cause and our dreamed outcome. We need to start trusting each other instead of judging each other. We need to create more hope and love and share them, being the example we truly want to see in our country. I trust the words of that kid. I believe he truly meant them. I am not sure of his true intentions, but I think his act adds a strong value to our cause. Maybe other people in a similar position as him will see that kid addressing to his dad, imploring him to do the right thing and think “I should have the same courage. If a 20 year old did, then I will too”. Its a matter of choice people. I choose to believe him. I choose to focus on the good and positive things that truly defines us as human beings: Emotions, Values, Beliefs, Love. Because when they are deeply attached into our core and become our essence and our very soul… They will bring out the best of us… even in the most conflictive moments of our lives. But anyway, this is my choice…

          • Marc gratuitously maligned this kid’s actions and motives. Cynic is too generous a term, although I would say, the cynics in Miraflores would appreciate Marc’s attitude and style. Marc’s comment is just wankery from a person with a shriveled heart and a small mind.

        • Yes, but where has this kid’s moral clarity and courage been for the last 5-8 years? It’s not like crime, starvation and rampant corruption came up only in 2016, and it’s not as if his dad wasn’t holding important positions before.
          Just bear in mind, it takes nothing to switch sides when it’s no longer certain that your team will keep taking the lead.
          By all means take these gestures of defiance for the cause, but when the regime falls and the dust settles, remember that people like this stayed quiet until it wasn’t convenient to do so.

      • Not exactly, he might be acting out of a selfish interest to save his father’s ass from an incoming regime change, but in the end that benefits the country in the long run.

        • Or (cynic alert) the father asked him to do this? Gives him an alibi, in case he does a last minute switch? No one knows how this ends so its time for everyone in the regime to hedge out their bets.

  1. the breaking of the damn may start as a single drip and lead to a trickle but eventually become a torrent. I hope that these individuals represent the beginning of the damn’s failure. This is not to defend Ortega Diaz and her past actions, as recently as this or last week I heard no comment condemning the Rawandanesque announcements of the oppo leaderships addresses by regime officials.

    Emi—glad to see you writing here again, I have not seen anything since the 19th(?) and the photo of you being confronted by the two state security agents.

    Canucklehead—I can not get a reply option to your comments in the No VTV for Luisa thread so if you do not mind I will respond tomorrow at the bottom of the page.

  2. Keep shaking the trees and the monkeys will eventually fall, firstly the little, weaker ones, then the bigger ones.

    Whenever I access youtube and there is some live stream showing Venezuelans fighting for their freedom, I have such a warm feeling in my heart. That’s mankind in their best! The strenght of those folks marching day after day, even with the police murdering some of them almost daily, is admirable. Venezuela is a interesting country in the sense that we can see the worst humanity has to offer through the hellish figures of the pro-government leaders, and at the same time there are oppositionist leaders who act like saints. If you think I’m exaggerating, tell me where else do you have leaders with the qualities of Tintori, MCM, LL, people who would sacrifice ALL for the greater good of others.

    I also had the pleasure of hearing the mother of LL in the BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ show for the first time, and that lady is just fantastic! Again, isn’t it crazy that the same country that can produce that lady can also produce Tarek William Saab? I find it fascinating!

    BTW, this Hard Talk show on Venezuela is kind of boring in the beginning, with the usual interview of criminals in slums, the cliché of the presenter exchanging his hard currency for Bolivars — which he pronounces it as in the French word “Boulevard” — in the black market and getting surprised with the amount of money returned, etc, but from the middle to the end it gets electrifying, really, really worth watching).

    • Stephen Sackur is the BBC reporter that reported from Venezuela.
      I would love to see Maduro sit down and have an interview with him. Sackur would destroy him.
      The BBC aired his report on their World news which is carried in most English speaking countries. The report was repeated multiple times.
      I wrote the BBC and commended them on their reporting.
      News is becoming more frequent and more people are gaining an awareness of the plight of the Venezuelan people. I still find it frustrating that the information age we are living in has so many people with so little knowledge about the world around them and current events.
      I think a cause needs a hashtag to get any attention. Maybe VLM (Venezuelan Lives matter) would garner some attention from the idiots that walk around wearing their Che T shirts.

    • Daniela has a very nice penthouse in Sao Paulo Brasil but she’d rather be by her father’s side. Father and daughter are very close. Daughter is a willing prop for father and the revolution.

  3. How old is he? From the C.I number I’m going to wager and say round 23-24. Let’s pardon him the teenage years, so he’s had like 6 years of adulthood and never thought anything was wrong til now? Um right.

    I mean, if he’s sincere good for him and welcome to the good fight with the rest of us but he doesn’t deserve anything more than a pat on the back. His voice and opiions don’t hold more value than mine or any of us, I don’t like the way people lose their minds at the slight kinda positive thing. Also, while twitter was drunk with joy over this letter, people in Lara are being slaughered and the murdered kid from today has stopped being mentioned, sooo.

    Pardon me for being the ultimate cynic but the regime ruthlesly murdering people and ruining our lives for 19 years puts me in this kind of mood.

    • Well you have clearly never forced to go against your own family, you would know how difficult it could be.

      Even if Tarek is without doubt a human turd there is no reason for us te believe he was anything but a loving father to this kid. Living in such milieus frequently shields you from what happens in the real world, so he may be 23 years old but being an overprotected kid can seriously mess up your perception of the world. He most certainly doesn’t deserve admiration from the people suffering because of his father but I find this nonetheless worthy of respect.

    • i studied with yibram through primary school, their parents divorced a long time ago and their relationship with their father have since been tense. you say its been 19 years of regime and why did he choose to speak now? the guy is 21, did you expect a kid of 10, 12, 15 or even 18 to speak out like that? and you have to recognize the heaviness of his words, everthing he says was going to be carefully read looking for anything to make criticism out of or even worse make him subject for severe threats.

  4. A very nice gesture on the part of the son. However, His premise is that his father is working for the Nation and this is sadly untrue. His father is a shameless mercenary, probably a thief (there are reports of a $3.2 million mansion owned by him in the Dominican republic) . He does not deserve his son.

  5. The other day I was doing a bit of Twitter search and jumping from one person to another and I found one very depressing conversation about kids reporting how their chavista fathers told them they should die in the marches, or would get no help if arrested for being “traitors”…

    • More reasons for the children to call in the lunacy of their parents and to turn against the regime.

      Definitely one of the worst enemies of chavismo is its own stupidity.

  6. Poor kid, he’s gonna get his ass kicked. My father is like Tarek (a pyscho), you have no idea. There is no solution and publicly shaming him just triggered his wrath and rage. Kid may have to go into hiding.

  7. Quien esté cerca de este joven, desde hace años, podrá valorar la sinceridad de estas palabras y el verdadero origen de las mismas. No soy yo, aunque de partida las doy por sinceras.
    Ponderar entre el país y la familia, el padre, no es una decisión trivial. La juventud y el idealismo tienen peso.
    Otra posibilidad es que el mismo padre esté detrás de esta declaración.
    No den nada por sentado.

    • Pedro, with all due respect, I disagree Tarek is behind this. I think you don’t know the character disorder (narcissism – psychopathy) and it’s role in shaping the thinking and actions of your adversaries. I’m very open minded but what you suggest is not in the cards.

  8. A mi no me sorprende. Tarek Sera Chavista, pero es papa. Si gana el Chavismo, no pasa nada porque Yabrim es su hijo y queda protegido. Si pierde el Chavismo, Yibram queda arriba como héroe de la oposición por darle la espalda a su papa “por el futuro de su país y generación”. Se podría quedar en el país después de una salida del chavismo. En realidad es tremenda estrategia como papa para proteger y asegurarle un futuro a su hijo, sin importar cual sea la conclusión de todo este lio.

    • O tal vez el hijo simplemente está preocupado por el papá y quiere cubrirlo contra alguna posible acusación de crímenes de lesa humanidad en el futuro.

      Sólo los chavistas más estúpidos y disociados son los que creen que el chavismo seguirá incólume e imbatible por 50 años más.

  9. Pedro, the kid has empathy, the father does not. Big difference. The father is a predator, the kid is a victim. The kid is now shit listed forever. Good for him, maybe he can now get on with his life without his father ruining it but he’s gonna have to put a lot of distance in between

    • The general prosecutor “seems” to be stepping back, maybe trying to save her skin, after many years of complacency.
      Why not the human rights ombudsman, after many years of complacency?
      Don’t forget about Ismael Garcia, for example. ¿Innocent? Not a bit.
      Chavistas cannot leave the boat “as usual”, is like leaving the mob: you can do it but “con los pies pa’lante”.

  10. “Tarek has the power to change all that.”

    I don’t buy any of this crap. Pure hypocrisy.

    Not from the son, less from his criminal father.

    If this kiddo was really honest, and with a clear mind, he would have said: “Dad, you are a piece of shit, a criminal, and should go to jail, for all your crimes and ineptitude, and complicity with the despicable regime.

    I think that he is dishonest, ignorant, stupid, and then some….

    Clearly, he’s already looking for fame and glory, and $$$$$$. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    And BTW Tarek does NOT have the power to do shit in Vzla, in case you have not noticed. There are multiple thugs and thieves in power, from the corrupt military to corporate interests. He will go down soon, hopefully, and his dumb son should try to look for fame and fortune elsewhere, say Africa.

    • Regimes like this crumble from within as they can’t destroy the cause of external pressures.

      Let’s say that Tarek chooses not to do anything and stick with the regime, then the violations will continue and the people will become even more enraged against them.

      Or if he tries to play the “middle-term apolitical person” he might find that’s almost impossible, as both sides would charge over him, the worst choice.

      If things get worse, he might choose to get out of the sinking ship, which wouldn’t free him from being charged with crimes against humanity in the future, money’s not easy to enjoy when such a threat looms in the horizon.

      Or he can turn against the regime and become another dissident as the marea socialista losers who are against the regime now because they were left out of the different guisos they enjoyed before.

      • Lots of guilty chavistas are looking for a way out, now that the ship is sinking. Unfortunately, most will get away with Millions. Easy to travel or hide with stolen Millions. The list is long..

  11. Who cares? A lot of people out focus. The kid did the right thing. Let’s say it is a plot made up by Tarek Saab. Who cares?

    Remember this govt is a puppet of Castro so the goal is to shut off this govt.

    Who cares the reason they are doing it now?

    The accumulated rage (understandable after 18 years) is not the answer. The people need to welcome the rest of the people from the other side to erase this govt. The fear is the weapon of the castros (paratroopers some of them from farc brought from Colombia and inserted as collectivos killing the people from years, yes, years, the impunity of the chavista system was created so the colectivos could murder, kidnap or rob the people creating fear and actually kidnaping the whole country)

    So if this kid Saab or Luisa Ortega Diaz or Marea Socialista or Giordani are crossing sides is not any good not to welcome them.

    As such, if what this kid did was a plot from his father, well, welcome both and btw mr Saab hear your own son claims and step up against this govt of thugs and you will become a hero.

    • The “kid” is another crook. Comprende? He praises his infamous, criminal father. While he plays it politically correct elsewhere. If Tarek was my father I would call him by his name: A thief, a crook, a Narco piece of crap. Period.

      • Maybe he already had the spine to tell his dad how he’s royally fucked dragged into the mud the ombudsman position.

        But come on, no one’s gonna post a video to thrown a tantrum calling his own parents a bunch of crap and that stuff, that would only help the other chavistas to discredit his statement (as Nico Jr has already tried) claiming that he’s manipulated and such stuff.

        What matters now is that the rats are jumping the ship, that the regime isn’t the monolithic vibranium bulwark that it appeared to be some time ago.

        I’m not saying that Saab should get a dismissal of his crimes, we should put more presure in the cracks so the chavismo finally crumbles and scatters in a million unimportant pieces that will never attain any measure of power ever again.

  12. Another thing to consider, Saab separated from his wife and son years ago, precisely because the mother is a hardcore oppo and couldn’t stand Saab’s chavista cinycism, so the kid wasn’t exactly raised by Saab himself after that.

  13. Pensar que las declaraciones del chico (que a mí me parecieron honestas y que de ningún modo critico, por lo demás),tuvieron o van a tener algún impacto más allá de las redes sociales, es una tontería. Todo lo contrario, no son más que una distracción.

    La oposición invierte demasiado tiempo en contarse historias a sí misma, en vez de entender que lo que tiene que hacer es hablarle directamente al poder, recuperar su derecho como interlocutor válido. Eso es lo que está en juego.
    No se trata de hablarnos a nosotros mismos, sino de convertirnos en interlocutores válidos para el gobierno, cosa que no somos.

    Incluso si lo del chico saliera de la esfera del melodrama y entrara en la esfera de la tragedia (por ejemplo, si muriera en una marcha) , eso de ninguna manera sería un hecho político relevante por sí mismo, sólo sería una noticia más dentro de un mar de noticias. No podemos permitirnos ser atrapados por la lógica de los periodistas, por la obsesión por lo noticioso. La verdad es que incluso si su papá se decidiera a actuar en contra del TSJ, la tendríamos difícil. La dictadura no va a caer sino por un hecho de fuerza, que nos permita cambiar el equilibrio el poder (pero el poder real!)a nuestro favor. Entonces los hechos relevantes son únicamente aquellos que de hecho impliquen un cambio en el equilibrio del poder. Todo lo demás es ruido, mentiras, como todas esas lindas y conmovedoras historias que nos contamos a nosotros mismos para distraernos y que la dictadura no reprime porque sabe que en el fondo le sirven para controlarnos.
    Tenemos que dejar la ética supersticiosa que nos ha guiado hasta ahora, y tenemos que empezar a entender que esto es un problema de fuerza. Es decir, tenemos que empezar a entender la política. Hay quienes tienen voz y hay quienes no tienen voz, y nosotros, los opositores, independientemente de nuestro apellido, pertenecemos, ahora mismo, al segundo grupo, aunque seamos mayoría. Entonces la pregunta debe ser, qué acciones concretas pueden ser útiles para hacernos recuperar nuestra voz.


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