Nicolás Maduro is often slammed for timidity, but his move today is certainly not that. Facing an escalating protest situation and mass disorder on the streets set against an economic meltdown that’s morphed into a hunger crisis, he’s decided to shake up the board, calling a National Constituent Assembly (ANC, by its Spanish acronym.)

What Maduro is proposing, in other words, is to just come out and end even the illusion of electoral democracy. It’s that brazen. 

Under the bizarre jurisprudence of the early Chávez years, it became established that an ANC is “supraconstitutional.” Imagined as a direct emanation of popular sovereignty, its decisions cannot be reviewed and outrank those of all existing (or “constituted”) powers.

A Constituyente can do anything it damn well wants, in other words. It can up and fire the president one day, or dissolve the National Assembly, or decide that the Official Language is now Swedish and underwear are to be worn on the outside, if it’s so minded.

Now, the perspicacious among you will be wondering: and how will the members of this terrifyingly-all-powerful body be chosen? And this is where things get interesting. Maduro was vague during his speech, but the thrust of his vision is unmistakable. He told us he’s envisioning:

A constituyente that belongs to the citizens, not to the political parties. A constituyente of the workers, of the communes, of the misión-beneficiaries, of the peasants! I call on the commune members, on the shantytown, on the pueblo, on the misión-beneficiaries, on the countryside, to civilian-military union!

There’s an awful lot of newspeak to unpack there, but coupled with other bits of the speech where he pledged that half the ANC members will be chosen “at the municipal level” and the other half will represent specific groups of people (workers, students, indigenous, etc.) it’s easy to see the play here: there won’t be anything like a normal election leading up to this Assembly.

Instead, the election will hugely over-represent areas where the government retains some support: rural areas, and then government-controlled institutions like communes, misiones, etc.

Of course, that’s the kind of election (well, “election”) you’d go for if you were trying to bend a 20% approval rating into an election day majority.

My guess is that what we’re looking at is something much more like Lenin’s All-Russian Congress of Soviets: an assembly made up of members selected largely by members of lower level assemblies all of which were slavishly subservient to the government. What Maduro is proposing, in other words, is to just come out and end even the illusion of electoral democracy. It’s that brazen.

A new constitution written by an ANC chosen in this way can only be a Soviet/Cuban-style Marxist document enshrining “Proletarian Democracy” — a.k.a., Communist dictatorship.

Can this work? Can a government that can’t keep people fed, a government loathed by a wide majority of the people, get away with a powergrab this naked?

I seriously doubt it. Instead, Maduro’s just breathed new life into the protest movement, which must now really grasp that this is our last chance. Amid a climate of ongoing, tough street mobilization, Maduro’s just given us many, many more reasons to mobilize.

This proposal is terrible politics and, if you ask me in the heat of the moment, I think it’s a blunder. 

Just picture the scene when the Consejos Comunales get called to vote to elect their ANC members: imagine the scale of protest when that happens. Or imagine the storm Maduro will reap when he actually publishes the bases comiciales, the elections rules for this craziness. Imagine the international reaction, the military reaction, even the reaction from mid-career PSUV politicians who were hoping to stand for election themselves one day in their states or municipalities.

Maduro’s move creates a series of set-piece events each of which will be a crisis point liable to snowball into still more protests, at the same time it galvanizes opposition against him both inside and outside Venezuela.

This proposal is terrible politics and, if you ask me in the heat of the moment, I think it’s a blunder. And I mean blunder in the sense a chess players understand that term: a mistake that turns a tough-but-winnable game into one you’re sure to lose.

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  1. We see now the last move in the long con.

    Maduro would never propose a representative, one person, one vote constituent assembly. He can’t comply with legal norms such as electoral boundaries, and the rules of the Con assembly will be invented to favour Maduro and his party above all else.

    All those rules about verified signatures in every Province and whatnot that the Opposition had to comply with for the referendum will be forgotten now.

    It will be a Con Assembly to replace the Real Assembly.

  2. So predictable, Dilma tried the same thing in Brazil after the 2013 mass protests, but she could never implement it due to popular pressure. Those guys follow the same communist playbook, with plans A, B, C, D and E had been all previously set at the Foro de Sao Paulo meetings.

    BTW, what happened to Capriles? Apparently, he stopped pretending that there is any remnant of rule of law left in Venezuela and is playing to win for the first time! Was it the ‘inelegible’ factor? Because if it were, we have yet another Maduro blunder! Inelegible Capriles is the best Capriles!

    • I think so, yeah. Not only he was dismissied politically, he’s in serious risk of going to jail. What’s his only option? Lacriársela en la calle. He HAS to radicalize.

    • Dude, this is such an outrageous lie that makes me disbelieve everything else that you wrote. Dilma proposed a popular referendum to gather popular support to a much-needed political reform that changes rules that the Congress will never allow – such as forbid corporate financing of canpaigns. Nothing to do with a Constitutinal Assembly. Zero, null, nothing.

  3. Ummm…..if there ever was a time to storm the street its now…..i get the feeling that people are ready for it……i wonder how long the police and fanb will hold up their rifles….Chavez always feared the people turning on him….Maduro just follows his orders… idiot.

  4. “a mistake that turns a tough-but-winnable game into one you’re sure to lose.” That is exactly the point, they know time is not on their side, if they stick to the present path they will eventually fall so they have to escalate, change course and trust that the military and paramilitary forces will remain united and loyal to them. Amanecerá y veremos…

    • Only where the chavista bureaucrat-soldiers allow them to do anything, otherwise they’ll be pretty much screwed.

  5. Two can play that game.
    It is long past time that the AN re-instate the three Amazona representatives and vote the National Constituent Assembly option null. Then vote to throw Maduro out based on his human rights violations, constitutional violations, theft of public funds, and finally the murder of thousands of Venezuelans from crime, hunger, and police, GN enforcement. Then re-do the TSJ with legitimate judges. Then place the military under AN control. Then stop all funding of the president. Then order a public investigation of Chavista corruption.

    Let Maduro know he does not make the laws.

  6. It is not that it is good or bad politics. It is simply “politics” in its truest sense. So.. are we ready to do this kind of politics too or will we just keep jugando carrito ? When I hear Ramos Allup, his wife, or Henry Falcon, I doubt we are ready for this true political challenge we have ahead. They are only burocreauts, they don- t know anything about politics. IN fact, the reason we have struggled so much against chavismo is because we don- t know anything about politics, We thought politics was only about institutions and votes, and so, when our institutions and our electoral system failed, became corrupt, we had already forgotten what politics really was and thus were incapable of even thinking about it The same thing is happening everywhere, not just in Venezuela. We know a lot about history, about law, about institutions, about economy, but we know nothing about politics.That is why no one really knows what is happening or how to deal with it, because since the system collapsed all those intelectuals that were taught everything about history, law, institutions and economy, but were not taught politics in its truest sence, had nothing to say, they became irrelevant, no better than unemployed bureaucrauts completely out of their element.The institutions collapsed, and they had nothing to say because they were only the technocrats that keep the system going, and they didn- t a have a clue about political philosophy. But if they actually knew about politics in its truest sense, they would not be irrelevant, they would be capable of understanding what is happening and lead us ouf the dark, they would not try to play silly games and lose. Overspecialization kills the species, said Buckminster Fuller, and I believe it can also kill democracy.
    Anway,. The only evant question is whethler we will have the strength, the courage and the audacity to stop Maduro. I have faith in the people, but I don- t trust the politicians nor the intelectual elite.

  7. This move is way more radical than the sentences that triggered the current wave of protests, and it discards the theory that those sentences and that vtv tweet the other day were mistakes of underpaid interns, they have been planing to do this for years and decided that it is now or never, it’s really imposible to predict if the military will react, but they are the only ones that can force a backtrack, civilian protest can only press for a military reaction but little more. At this point even if Maikel Moreno says this goes too far they would still decree the ANC by force

    • “…civilian protest can only press for a military reaction but little more.”

      Until the point it stops being pacific protest and becomes desperation-fueled terrorism.

      Because lots of people know where the high-profile chavistas live and work.

        • I’m not saying it’s genius, I’m just pointing what will happen if chavismo continues to stubbornly clench on power.

          The difference between the middle east and Venezuela is that there’s no “third factor” that will come and seize the conflict, there’s no daesh here as it is in Siria and Irak.

          And the farc has ALWAYS been a bunch of drug dealers in the same vein of Pablo Escobar, who simply went and said they were doing it for social justice, they came from an era were hunger in Colombia was non-existent, started to kill a bunch of people to get power, went through a peace treaty very similar to the one Santos handed them, and got pissed because there was people who wasn’t willing to let them go unpunished for their crimes, they also realized that kidnapping and drug dealing were much more profitable than actual jobs so they returned to that while claiming they were doing it for the poor.

  8. Maduro has just announced the regimes decision to kick the playing table not just semi covertly but in a very public fashion , really the end of politics and the beginning of an already announced war …….he will now rule by brute force because he cannot rule with the consent of the governed , he doesnt care about legitimacy , only about retaining power anyway he can …….!!

    The historic paralell with Lenins coup is false , the soviets pre existed Lenin and a central govt , they were there holding the guns and movilizing people before Lenin ever took over Russia , these are not real soviets but govt funded grouplings lacking any power in themselves , the servile clients of a govt that supports them financially and organizationally , if the military decided to act they would not represent any substantial obstacle to their move , they would be swept away ……!!

    The soviet revolution failed the day that Lenin decided that the regime would not be founded on the power of the soviets but on the power of a central party bureacracy which would in effect repress the power of the soviets , that it would not work from the bottom up but from the top downwards…… !! Still their taste for historically ennacting telenovelas is strong so they will try and present the comunas as an expression of the old soviets ….what a total farce……!!

  9. None of you saw this coming because it didn’t come from Maduro. This is far to sinister for a bus driver to think up.

    This is most likely a military proposal Nicky could not refuse.

    There will be no elections. There will be no popular vote taken. We will only witness the creation of another North Korea in South America.

    God bless those Marxists

  10. Seriously. I see lots of tecnocrats here mumbling about Maduro. Make no mistake: there is a large loyal follower Chavista crowd out there. Lying dormant in some areas but still loyal. If you were from the other side of the coin a lot of these comment you would retract. The opposition has been the worst enemy of Vemezuela. Not of Chavez not of Maduro. The opposition has literally divided a nation families and the common sense of status quo. Their intentions are obvious and have made and used every single dolar to pay for sociL media campaings . Influences of ngos. Other right wing countries jealous of the new deals with China and Russia and Irak. This why capriles was so angry when he lost. Being a Chavista or leftist centered in Venezuela is priceless for everything else there is mastercard.

    • And I see a moronic enchufado mumbling about trying to keep the couple of privileges that let him to opress the poor.

      Being a chavista is being a treacherous vendepatria against Venezuela.

    • Aurtero. Trying to fool us with bad English and a fake name. You silly shill. Don’t worry, I’m sure you will find work as a translator after the regime falls.

  11. To all of you here that are in favor of the non violent protests, you are wrong!!!! This dictatorship is just settling in and they are here to stay for a long long time. You guys think there is hunger now, think again, you ain’t seen nothing yet. People loosing weight, nothing compared to the dead people you’ll see on the streets in years to come, skin over bones. Violent oppression, it has just started. But he, keep up the non violent protests, see what that will bring you. And Francisco, thanks for that link you gave me to the article about the non violent protests being more successful than the violent once, good read. Unfortunately these former dictatorships weren’t chavistas and it speaks of 3,5% of the population protesting, that would mean 1.050.000 Venezuelans in the streets all day every day. Did you see those numbers, no me neither. But keep up the non violent bs protests and let’s see how long the people can sustain this dictatorship. Non violent protests, you couldn’t do los rojo rojitos a bigger favor, they’ll take that shit with a smile, Big smile.

  12. A ningún gobierno se le ocurre decir “retrocedamos cien años en física, química…” pero Maduro lo ha hecho en política. Ver para creer. En realidad podríamos decir que Venezuela retrocedió 200 años si tomamos como referencia la separación de poderes de la revolución francesa. Algo así acabará muy mal.

  13. I have questions. Does your existing constitution allow this type of people’s congress and if so does not the constitution provide procedures for its creation? Thanks

      • I was stunned to read an english translation of your constitution to confirm your answers. Absolutely remarkable…

    • Article 347

      “The original constituent power rests with the people of Venezuela. This power may be exercised by calling a National Constituent Assembly for the purpose of transforming the State, creating a new juridical order and drawing up a new Constitution.”

      Article 348: “The initiative for calling a National Constituent Assembly may emanate from the President of the Republic sitting with the Cabinet of Ministers; from the National Assembly, by a two- thirds vote of its members; from the Municipal Councils in open ses- sion, by a two-thirds vote of their members; and from 15% of the vot ers registered with the Civil and Electoral Registry.”

  14. Erase this after reading:

    My family members were engaged in the rebellion against Batista in several roles. I was a child but I used to listen to discussions and was in Santa Clara during the battle. Years later i had a chance to read about popular rebellions ranging from the Warsaw Guetto uprising to the Hungarian revolution of 1956, Timiosara, etc.

    It seems to me at this point it’s important for Borges not to call for a military rebellion, because Maduro has the SEBIN and G2 ready to suppress it. Maduro is seeking such a rebellion to cement his rule.

    The tactical solution is to continue street protests, but protesters HAVE TO GET THROUGH THE TEAR GAS AND THE RUBBER BULLETS. And if necessary they have to march on even if the paramilitary colectivos start shooting. The regime is hanging from a thread, if they loose the ability to control the crowds with gas, rubber pellets and a bullet here and there, they’ll run.

    The usual response we see in events like this, if the crowd does run through the police line, is for some (but not prevalent) use of real bullets. This leads to some police officers turning sides, they take care of the problem, and the crowd marches on. There’s a significant number of people willing to come down and join the protest if they see the march is led by 500 men who are willing to die.

    The question in my mind is whether there are enough Venezuelans willing to risk their lives and get gassed and shot without firing back, which is the key requirement needed for success. What you need is a march to the sea to make salt.

  15. If the regime retained the kind of large popular support that they boast hey have there would be no need for it to change the constitution using govt funded comunas , we would just convene general elections and be done with it ……!! this whole farce has its cause in the failure of the govt (despite its coercive powers over govt employees and the recipients of govt asssistance and its control of the electoral body) to expect a favourable electoral result …!! It reeks of failure …….and desperation.

    Whatever the oppos flaws (which govt paid trolls lose no time in exagerating , even in these pages) there is a solid block of anti regime opinion that quite simply wants it out ….some because despite their lingering sentimental attachment to Chavez memory no longer identify it with the regime Maduro represents , but many others because they see the oppo leadership as capable of bringing on a change that can subtantially improve things from where they are at right now….!!

    By going full throtle for a regime founded on the use of force and a theatrical display of cheap tricks the govt is showing that it cannot compete with the opposition in freely held elections , and that all that can keep it in power is instituting a system where there are no elections and all political opposition is forcibly repressed and silenced……..that they can sit ontop an angry disssatisfied people indefinetely and never have to risk again the cataclysmic loss of their power ……..!! history tells us that its very difficult to do that , that sooner than later they will be thrown down , unless they do something really dramatic and effective to lastingly raise the standards of living fo the great mayority ……but thats something they arent really interested in attempting …all their efforts are set at using its brute force to keep themselves in absolute power …..!! Meantime the country already broke is going straight to the abyss of economic and social catastrophe …!!

    • Bill
      I agree. The MUD finally becoming a single united front has been the change that the Government did not want. The divide and conquer tactics of dialogue that is meaningless, fools nobody. The pressure is showing its effectiveness in Maduro’s increasingly desperate acts.
      Maduro blames everyone and everything from the US to the Vatican. His censorship can not stop social media. There is no entity foolish enough to loan the government money.
      What will he do when the military has no food?
      Maduro has become a cornered rat. Personally I look forward to the day that he and the rest of his regime are made to answer for their crimes. On the other hand, I wonder if an offer of asylum from one of his last remaining friends could end this nightmare before more people are forced to suffer and die. Maduro is in a position where he will lose everything once he is out of power. This gives him no reason to participate in elections or any other peaceful transfer of power.

    • But the real question is how to stop them. Because if we lose momentum, people will just surrender and it will take who knows how many years to build a rebellion. Now that we all can see what is at stake, we should invest everything we have.
      I am not saying we should use arms, but we should understand that we are at war and we need military guidance and intelligence resources. We have to build our own intelligence and we have to organize and comunicate with ourselves differently. Our protests would be more efficient if it were conducted with this in mind. And there is another thing, we have to take every opportunity we have. If we have a shot, we have to take it. There is no more room for that “no hay golpe bueno” crap. So understand that I am not a paid troll but a radical oppo guy who, like many others, has been right about many things before but were not listened. So I am angry. Maybe if we were heard instead of being accused of whatever, we could make a difference. For instance, a guy like Julio Coco can be very helpful. We need leaders that have his energy and instinct. Lilian Tintori is not the smartest person around but she evidently fills the rol of leader better than Borges. Because if we are going to the trenches, that is the people you need, not fat old burocrauts. People that can make tough decisions en caliente. Also, we have to understand that we cannot relie so much on social media and internet. Tenemos que conseguir formas de.comunicarnos en las marchas y protestas sin internet. Es fundamental para conducirlas. Etcétera etcètera.

  16. The more Maduro tries to manipulate the vote for a constituent assembly, the more the crowd in the street will be able to claim it is the real constituente.

  17. A new Constitution WITHOUT a Constitutional Assembly, that is the proposal of Maduro, is not only a flagrant violation of the current Constitution, but is also not going to get recognized by any international actor. Without a Legislative Branch to sign the ok, the Venezuelan budget is worthless outside, since only the most rotten foreign institutions will want to touch it, and nowere near enough to pay debts. So, since the Judicial Branch coup didn’t worked, and the repression isn’t working, now there is a bigger repression, the political repression.

    “Venezuelans don’t want to fight and die for the country”. I’m aware that the mass censorship doesn’t let people see the full picture, but NOW there are Venezuelans risking their necks every day to get a better country. A goverment that felt safe and supported wouldn’t be doing this. The fact that things have gotten to this point means that the pressure IS working. So, I 100% agree with Quico here, this was a grave mistake. For Maduro.

  18. It’s also relevant to point that the original, illegal constituyente of 1999 was also another colossal swindle, beginning from the fact that the 61 constitution strictly forbid such things (It was due to stuff like this that Ze-fué-ya was ousted in Honduras), and ending with the electoral fraud that gave chavismo 163 of 167 constituyentes with barely more than 50% of the vote.

      • Did you read what I wrote, dude? That constituyente was illegal as sin in 1999, it was completely outside what could be done from the 61 constitution, it simply COULDN’T be done in any legal way; and what free elections? Elections that were rigged to give chavismo 98% of the seats with 51% of the votes?

        Come on, chavismo has been at fraud since its beginnings, they won only one election, the rest were fraud after fraud, man.

        • yeah but at least the 1999 constitution itself provided for free universal presidential election every 6 years, the constituyent method was ilegal but the result was reasonable enough that they had to repeatedly violate it to install a dictatorship, also they put its sanction to a national referendum. we can be sure they won’t be so “generous” with wathever paper they’ll call as new constitution now

          • Again, “free elections” is something chavismo has never done, nor even respect the results when they lost their own rigged elections.

            The constiuyente was illegal, and thus couldn’t be made, period, it was as illegal in the 61 constitution as murder and tax evasion, and seeing the results nowadays we can be 100% sure that the result was completely unreasonable.

            Did you think the 99 constitution stopped shiabbe from making a dictatorship? Think again, you should read it and amuse yourself finding how many ways chavismo can simply screw over the country and still be legal about it, as all the chavista laws are, which hold exactly zero percent of kindness for the people in the same vein the homeland plan does.

  19. It’s been a month of huge protest which have been answered with brutal repression by the GNB and police. This clearly shows that they stand with Maduro.

    The non-police military (they guys that shoot to kill) seem to still be in their barracks going hungry. In truth, their violence has not been required because GNB and police have been effective. On the other hand, them sitting around and watching their people be abused by Chavismo shows that they cast their lot with the dictatorship.

    Over 18 years, Chavismo has successfully molded the military to a Chavista force. As proper Chavistas they must venerate Chavez and his constitution, I wonder if they will see Maduro’s move as a break with the legacy they mean to protect, i.e. authoritarianism – light with window dressing elections. Short of this, its over and Venezuela becomes a tropical dictatorship molded after Cuba.

  20. Robespierre quedo pendejo, and we know how he ended up (or, head down). This is the third tactical error by the Regime in less than 3 months–the TSJ annuling the AN, the announced withdrawal from the OAS, and, now the “Popular Will” Constituyente. Maduro has kicked out three legs from beneath his command table, leaving only the wobbly military supporting leg. Of course, one has to give him credit–if you’re going to be a world-scorned Pariah Regime, you may as well go whole hog, instead of just being half-assed. What he doesn’t realize is that he has just green-lighted the red-lighters….

  21. The amount of wishful thinking on this forum is astonishing. You guys really think numbnuts is making these decisions as he goes along, you don’t think G2 has a plan ready for all kinds of different scenarios. Really. … You guys are underestimating your enemy and not a little bit. But you guys are not alone, most (if not all) of the opposition is and that’s why these cunts will win this battle and probably the whole war.

    • Duncan I do hope that you are wrong.
      Within the military there must be some honorable soldiers that recognize the truth about this regime and realize that the people that are Venezuela are not the enemy of Venezuela.

    • The only plan the gusano-2 thugs have is hoping that killing enough people will send the others fleeing, just as shiabbe did in april 11 of 2002.

  22. I agree with the call for a new Constitution with the same rules of 1999. First, a national referendum (same than the one in april 1999) with same two questions: do you agree to have a new Constitution? Second: Do you agree with the methodology proposed (by cne/psuv/govt/cuba)?

    Chavez promoted it in february and in two months the referendum was held despite the old Constitution didn’t have this mechanism.

    So let’s force a referendum. The two thirds of the National Assembly has the power to do it, actually this should be done a year ago but some bought deputies were elected under MUD to work for PSUV, particularly some from rosales party.

    Piquen adelante! Hagan copy paste de la propuesta de Chavez de 1999. Mismas bases comiciales, misma metodología. Eso lo hace quien tiene 70% de apoyo. Sesión en la asamblea nacional convocan a un referendum en treinta días o cincuenta y le quitan al gobierno la iniciativa.

    • El mismo desprecio por la norma legal que dió pie a la existencia de la constituyente fraudulenta del 99 es la piedra fundacional del chavismo, la constituyente del 99 nunca debió ser porque la ridiculez de que la “soberanía supraconstitucional reside en el pueblo” no es más que la paja loca que el podrido usó como excusa para su loquera megalómana.

      Un ápice más de respeto por cualquier normativa habría resultado en que Chávez fuese depuesto y encarcelado al día siguiente de proponer usar la constitución de papel tualé, claro, no pasó porque como sabemos la inmundicia cubano-castrista ya tenía infestado medio aparato gubernamental como lo había planeado el gusano miserable de cuba.

      ¿Las mismas bases comiciales de 1999? Vaya, parece que se te olvida que gracias al bigotón pedófilo se consumó el primer fraude electoral del chavismo, donde ellos sacaron 163 de 167 constituyentes con algo más del 50% de los votos, es absurdo suponer que el títere va a hacer algo diferente.

  23. I hope I’m wrong as well John but the fact is that these guys have pocketed at least 350 billion, that cash goes a long way buying their loyalties. Furthermore Havana is counting on Maduro, they’ve trained him since he was in his late teens. The Castros have been eyeballing Venezuelans wealth way before they stepped on granma, it has been in their plans from the get go. If Maduro goes on the 1st of the month, Castro is leaving Cuba on the 3th, and that ain’t happening if he can help it. That plus all the narco military and corrupt chavistas I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. They are way to rich, powerful and ruthless to step aside without a fight. They are willing to sacrifice lots and lots of innocent lives and the opposition is not.

    • I don’t think Castro/ilk will leave, but, they are extremely afraid of a new “Special Period” when Venezuelan aid is completely eliminated (gasoline is already at $4+/gal. with current Ven. Govt. cutbacks)–so, they are willing to fight (Venezuelan) lives to the death to keep their Venezuelan largesse….

      • There are alreasy 30 murders courtesy from chavismo so far in this last season of protests, do you really think the cubans aren’t already fighting for their puppet regime already?

  24. I thought CCers might be interested in this excerpt from an academic book about the first year of Lenin’s rule in Russia.

    “Indeed, the Central Committee does not seem to have considered any matters relating to the Constituent Assembly until 29 November, that is, a day after its scheduled opening. At that meeting, Uritskii appealed to his col- leagues for guidance on how the Constituent Assembly should be handled. Nikolai Bukharin responded with the rhetorical question, should the Assembly even be convened? His answer was yes, as “constitutional illusions were still very much alive among the masses.” He proposed convening the assembly, driving out the Kadets, and organizing left deputies into a “revolutionary convention.”

    Rabinowich, The Bolsheviks in Power, 2007, p. 72

    Of course, instead Lenin decided to shut down the Constituent Assembly on the first day of its first session. Military power overruled the “constitutional illusions of the masses”.

  25. […] So, is the opposition counting on her symbolic actions leading to a loss of support of the military by Maduro? Do we know who is behind Ortega? Will her eventual almost-certain ousting by the use of pseudolaw have any consequences or will she descend into the oblivion, like many other disgraced chavista honchos? Do we really believe that the army or the  international community that just gave us the middle finger will have any reaction to the ouster of an obscure figure when they have done nothing after almost 80 people have been killed and Maduro’s announced plan to turn us into North Korea? […]


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