Luisa Ortega Diaz Press Conference Liveblog


In a finely calibrated, hotly anticipated speech, Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega Diaz deepens her bid to stake out a space equidistant from the government and the opposition, trying to rebrand herself as the honest dealer/impartial public servant Venezuela needs to overcome the crisis.

The outcome of this isn’t some salomonic equal apportionment of blame. The result is a speech that, at some point, will make some opposition-minded folk squirm somewhat, while absolutely incinerating a slew of government propaganda lies. Why? Because the government lies much, much more aggressively than anyone in the opposition does, so the opposition experiences truth telling as a gentle tug on the ear while the governnment experiences it as a bear mauling.

Still, those of us expecting actual indictments against regime officials guilty of human rights violations will need to wait a while longer. We’re not there yet.

You can read our liveblog of the event here:

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  1. The power outage affected swaths of Caracas. Do you think they would turn of the power for at least tens of thousands of people as an excuse to sabotage her press conference?

    • If you had to rank all the evil stuff they have done, that wouldnt be in the top thousand.

      Of course, on the other hand, they have let all the infrastructure rot, so who knows

      • They intentionally dredged the Caroní’s riverbed to keep with the illegal mining during 2016, that’s why the Guri never reached its levels and the reason behind the 4 months with the 4-hour daily blackouts.

  2. My bet is on “I dont like it, but I’m not going to do anything about it”, but cant deny that I kinda have a small , tiny bit of hope that it may be a bit more.

    • We’re talking about the same person that said that “it’s better to have the criminals working in the security forces as we can keep an eye on them that way.”

      Not counting the fact that she’s responsible for like 90% of the illegal prison political prisoners are suffering in this regime.

  3. From what I saw, her criticism of the military tribunals were the strongest part. I’d sure like to read the chapter of that book, though. She brought it with her to the podium, and specifically referred to chapter and page number. She’s telling someone something, but she doesn’t want THAT to be the story.

    • So here’s what she’s drawing attention to, with that book:

      Juicios Extraordinarios

      “Este concepto refiere a cierta clase de juicios militares de carácter
      penal, que por la urgencia o sencillez del con icto litigioso, o por la gravedad o agrancia del hecho criminal, señala la ley una tramitación brevísima, sumarísima. En el aludido proceso judicial, las distintas causas ordinarias del mismo se acumulan en un solo proceso y, generalmente, en una sola unidad de tiempo. En conse- cuencia se investiga, se recaban y aprecian las pruebas, se juzga, se condena (por lo general no hay absolución) y se ejecuta la sentencia en cuestión de horas.
      Una de las características esenciales de este procedimiento extraordinario, es que se suele desarrollar como forma aparente de juicio, durante los consejos de guerra, en situaciones de con icto armado, cerca del frente y bajo inminente amenaza del enemigo. Obviamente, evade al debido proceso, en cuanto a los lapsos proce- sales y, sin duda alguna, afecta directamente el derecho a la defensa.”

      • Yes, in short she is saying, that is what we supposedly critisiced and now, you are doing it again…
        She is clearly not in the MUD-opposition, but a “chavista leal” I would say. She was very, very nervous, you could figure why…

  4. Why does it say I am posting comments too quickly when I haven’t posted a comment here in weeks? This has happened a few times now, of course you lose what you wrote, too frustrating. Oh well I’ll just shut up then.

    • Two suggestions:
      1)Back up every comment before you post.
      2) When you get the “comments posted too quickly” response, try clicking on it. If memory serves me correctly, one time when I clicked on “comments posted too quickly,” I was able to repost the comment. But again, this is what I recall, and my memory may be faulty here.

  5. If Chavismo were like this talk, I guess negotiations wouldn’t be totally futile.
    This talk clearly isn’t chavista.

    In Germany no politicians or public servant would ever brag about the energy he puts in his task during a crisis. She does it at some point. This is very common in Chile, too (“sacrificio”, “servicio público” in one sentence). People here just take it for granted and if someone in these roles dared to mention it, people would worry about his mental health.

  6. Been burned so many times that I find it exremely difficult to trust any chavista, so whatever she says I take with a grain of salt.

    Chavistas don’t like the opposition and most likely wouldn’t vote for anyone coming from the Mud. They would rather abstain from voting.
    Chavistas don’t like Maduro or most anyone presently in the government. They wouldn’t give them their vote either.
    Maduro may sooner than later step out.
    Chavistas, ninins and some opposition are finding liking her speeches.

    LOD knows all of this and if we are having a presidential elecction in the near future, I bet she will try for the big prize and we may end up being in the Chavez era once again …. lather, rinse, repeat.

    Really hope that I’m really, really wrong

  7. There’s some very interesting dissecting to be done here, particularly because, for the ever distrustful hardcore opositor, she is steadfastly declaring her separation from the current regime. This isn’t good cop bad cop territory anymore. Far from making her part of LA oposición, but certainly making her a major player of one (probably the most important one too).

    As someone mentioned above, I also enjoy these live blogs a lot. I hope to see more of them happening (because of CC’s work and because of even more dissident oficialistas).

  8. En el fondo, ella hizo algo extremadamente importante, que fue ir contra la propaganda oficial.La propaganda oficial dice que Pernalete fue asesinado por encapuchados, ella dijo muy claramente que había sido asesinado por la Guardia Nacional. Eso, viniendo de ella, la fiscal general, es un auténtico desafío. Lo que sostiene a Maduro, más que las armas, es la propaganda.

  9. She climbed up the fence but didn’t jump to the other side.

    It is said that to stand in between two kicking mules is a good way to get kicked by both of them.

    • Somebody who claims that “We know 20% of crimes are comitted by security forces, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” and “Yeah, we know there lots of criminals within the security forces, but it’s beter to leave them there, as we know where they are, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”, not counting the “there are no political prisoners in Venezuela, you’re just misinformed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

      There are truckloads of people that would be considered for that post before her, she can fling poop to the regime as much as she wants, that will simply avoid the fact that her assets and cash in USA won’t be seized by the government as it happened with the other enchufados, she knows she’ll be much better simply leaving Venezuela for good after the regime’s ousted and that’s what she’s looking for.

  10. We’ve learned to distrust.
    We know she’s not trustworthy.
    We doubt whether she’s sincere.
    In any case, she’s getting close to telling the truth (it’s not the same thing).
    One dissident gets more attention than hundreds of protesters.
    Each dissidence is a crack in their fort.
    But any dissident can become a Trojan horse.

    That’s why we’ve learned to distrust. Repeat as necessary.

  11. I noticed the same thing and it’s a deflection of responsibility and a deal killer for professionals.

    Only weak employees/people confuse “efforts” with “results.” Sad that someone who is presumed to be in a position of authority (for a damned *country*) doesn’t understand the difference.

  12. You’d think watching this that Luisa Ortega Diaz had just recently landed in Venezuela from another planet and was not….Fiscal General.

    • I want to be hopeful. I know, is too little, and incredible late, and it is not like I’m going to start being a fan, but anything that shows a crack on the regime is good.


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