Luisa Ortega Diaz Press Conference Liveblog

Watch here as Luisa Ortega, the Prosecutor General, launches into her highly anticipated press conference.

In a finely calibrated, hotly anticipated speech, Prosecutor General Luisa Ortega Diaz deepens her bid to stake out a space equidistant from the government and the opposition, trying to rebrand herself as the honest dealer/impartial public servant Venezuela needs to overcome the crisis.

The outcome of this isn’t some salomonic equal apportionment of blame. The result is a speech that, at some point, will make some opposition-minded folk squirm somewhat, while absolutely incinerating a slew of government propaganda lies. Why? Because the government lies much, much more aggressively than anyone in the opposition does, so the opposition experiences truth telling as a gentle tug on the ear while the governnment experiences it as a bear mauling.

Still, those of us expecting actual indictments against regime officials guilty of human rights violations will need to wait a while longer. We’re not there yet.

You can read our liveblog of the event here: