National Assembly Speaker Julio Borges, on behalf of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), called for civil disobedience against the government – enshrined in article 350 of the Constitution – for violating the Constitution. From now on, the government’s authority and decisions are not to be acknowledged or obeyed by anyone.

The MUD also invoked article 333, which enables citizens to disregard the call for a Constituent Assembly and to restore constitutional order, so that new public powers can be appointed and free elections can be held.

Borges asked Venezuelans to organize in committees for the recovery of democracy and create permanent assemblies to declare that we won’t allow the use of schools and community centers as polling stations. He promised to reveal the results of a great National Accord for governability and our country’s recovery, made out by politicians along with various sectors of society.

Against the Prosecutor General

Tthe TSJ’s Full Chamber decided on Thursday that there are merits to prosecute PG Luisa Ortega Díaz, for disrespecting the tribunal’s decisions. During an extraordinary session called by its president Maikel Moreno, the justices also decided to call for a public hearing; to summon Luisa Ortega Dìaz, lawmaker Pedro Carreño (the plaintiff) and the Moral Republican Council’s members to appear before the Full Chamber, which is now in permanent session to discuss Carreño’s other lawsuits: precautionary measures to freeze her assets and prevent her from leaving the country, as well as a medical board to declare her clinically insane.

Lawmaker Freddy Guevara ratified that the Prosecutor General’s removal requires the vote of the National Assembly’s absolute majority and that they won’t proceed with it, but the TSJ still has the desacato card.

Luisa against the PSUV

“The country’s threatened by the dark prospect of the State’s destruction. We can now say that the State has been dissolved,” said the PG on radio, an extraordinary endorsement for the call to civil disobedience.

Convinced that Venezuela’s on the brink of the worst disaster in its republican history, Ortega Díaz said that it’s grotesque that several TSJ justices lack the required credentials to occupy their seats, remarking that she doesn’t have information regarding the preliminary hearing on merits to decide her removal from office and that she’s prepared for everything, because she’s a stateswoman. She restated how serious it is to have justices denounced for crimes, and also talked about the arrest warrants that the TSJ has disregarded, requesting citizens to remain alert: “This is the end of law,” in what she called a state of terror.

Luisa’s figures

The PG spoke of 23 arrest warrants that have been ignored, reporting 74 people dead and 1,413 wounded, 3,971 illegal prosecutions and 532 prisoners. She said that Fabián Urbina’s death was a homicide, she didn’t use the “disproportionate use of force” card – greetings to minister Reverol – and regarding Neomar Lander, she said that investigations are ongoing and they’ve not produced a conclusive result yet.

She explained that ignoring release warrants isn’t just dereliction of duty but an evidence of the destruction of the Rule of Law and, after saying that “human rights violations have been severe in Venezuela,” (as if she wasn’t accountable for it herself) she claimed that Venezuela’s file in the International Criminal Court must surely require a measuring tape. She asserted that she’ll go as far as the Constitution and the law allows, and repeated that it’s imprescindible to consult the Venezuelan people on whether they accept or refuse the Constituyente.


Last night, governor Henrique Capriles showed a Datanálisis poll that reveals that 73.4% of Venezuelans have a negative opinion about the Armed Forces.

Despite this, Nicolás launched a cadena from the Military Academy’s gym which started off with praises for “the Venezuelan military youth,” for whom he called for an applause, despite Fabián Urbina’s murder and the rest of the citizens who sustained bullet wounds this Monday.

He announced changes in the Military High Command and gave the ministries of Transportation, and Fishing and Aquaculture to more soldiers, as if they needed more spaces of power. He ratified Vladimir Padrino López as Defense minister, but removed him from the Strategic Operational Command. The expert in military matters, Rocío San Miguel, said that the changes will worsen human rights violations in Venezuela.

The other point of the day: the program “Chamba juvenil” will allegedly offer 60,000 jobs for young people between June and July. He’s is so fake he’s insulting. He had the gall to say that his government has given the youth: education, love, life and opportunities. Everything is an outrage with Nicolás.

A million

Bolívares fuertes, or a billion of the old ones – that was very nearly the price of the food basket in May (Bs. 990,918.92). According to a report by Cendas-FMV, the price increased by Bs. 123,146.87 (14.2%) compared to April, requiring 15.2 minimum wages to pay for it. The price has increased by 337.6% in one year and the gap between controlled and market prices is 7,824%. By the way, starting July, CLAP boxes will cost Bs. 17,000, the third price hike this year. It’s absurd even in writing.

We need more education

Professor José Ignacio Hernández clarified some doubts regarding the articles invoked as the center of the opposition’s strategy. In his view, the 333 allows the National Assembly to make the necessary decisions to block the Constituyente and restore the Constitution, as well as leading the democratic transition process, facilitating political agreements. The 350 “is the last line of defense for citizen freedom: it justifies disobedience and non-cooperation in the face of constitutional frauds.” In other words, now is the time to uphold the republican tradition and prove that we want to keep being a Republic.

Disobeying the government demands a lot of education in terms of how to implement it and experience it, and it’ll require all possible networks (political parties and the civil society) to train us in practice. The governing party demolished the State and destroyed institutionality in this country, and it’s now our task to recreate both from the rubble.

These are days to strengthen our networks and to be alert, protesting with conviction and without violence, holding onto our demands.

The Prosecutor General’s matter isn’t about faith but about pertinence, about how useful her stance is due to the role she plays. Whoever wants to, can keep abhorring her, remembering her mistakes, painting little horns in her pictures and waiting until this is over to make her pay. But nobody can deny that she’s crucial for transition and that the Prosecutor General is a valid authority in any serious country.

Apparently, Bret’s no longer a storm but a tropical wave, a respite for a country already deeply immersed in tragedy.

By the way, my family and I have been in civil disobedience before it was cool. 

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  1. You and your compatriots are crucial for the country’s transition, there is no doubt.

    As for the PG, I respectfully disagree. As you yourself indicate, the accusations she aims at the regime quickly fall back on her. The lack of due process she complains of is right out of her brief against Leopoldo Lopez et al. That is a terrifying thing to face, I have no doubt. I do not wish even her to face it. But she is one of its principal creators.

    • There is a delicious irony to Luisa facing the same corrupt “justice” system that she used against so many others.
      I welcome any opposition to the regime, at the same time, I don’t see giant protests in the street to free Luisa. Her life being destroyed in the same way that so many other’s have been is beautiful karma.
      Luisa being jailed by the regime will be as damaging to them as anything she has said.
      I’m sure that she is smart enough to have incriminating evidence secured from the regime’s reach.
      Perhaps she will use this as her ace in the hole to avoid prison.
      The problem with her having any evidence is that it implies that she was complicit with the criminal activity of the criminals that are holding Venezuela hostage.
      Revealing this could shake the foundations of loyalty within the military. Especially if all of the Generals that have become rich while brokering the black market food imports are exposed.
      When Delcy said “Send in the marines.” I truly wish Trump had texted “As you wish.” to that disgusting woman.

      Naky, You do good and important work. Wars are not won by the Generals. Wars are won by the individual soldiers that collectively become the overwhelming force. Many times assisted by unsung civilian heroes. Your contributions to this resistance is very important and motivates many people by keeping them informed of the truths that the regime fears more than anything.

      • Delcy successful at OAS with divide et impera but CARICOM Is divided and that’s an accomplishment. USG was scheduled to meet Rusky counterparts Friday in St.Petersburg (to discuss BRV) but Ruskies cancelled. USG will begin to designate, sanction, and even indict beginning next month and continuing indefinitely. USG holding powerful cards in hand. POTUS instructions to bring all hostages home including Joshua Holt. If Cilia does not release him, she will probably be designated and the nephews will receive maximum, will be separated and sent to harsh prisons to serve their time. If any harm befalls the American hostage, USG may not hold back.

        Ruskies and Cuba doubling down on BRV. Ruskies today “we are not leaving” and Cuba yesterday’s FANB shuffle.

        Nothing will happen on foreign front. Local actions and events is where it’s at por ahora.

      • Listening to the video, it struck me how articulate and precise she is, about voting, the right to vote, the proper procedure to vote, and in short, what we call democracy. That seems to be the truth of her, to me. The question is, I think, that if the vote went against her political preference for socialism, would she take it?

        I’m waiting to see in CC covers the Padrino Lopez news, and the minister of agriculture’s comments to the effect that the 80%+ majority of the country cannot be stopped. What is, or where is, their true nature? Are there similarities with Luisa Ortega’s past actions, now come present?

  2. In the USA (for example), you take the wife and kids to the ballgame, pay for parking, have a beer, sodas, hot dogs, peanuts or I guess these days at some parks a salad (ugh). You will shell out easily $100+.

    That is now a Million Bolivar – BS 1,000,000 ! Opening Day 2018 – could easily be BS 4,000,000

    Rumors are that Parker Bros is suing Maduro, for creating unauthorized Monopoly Money

    • The article in Wikipedia needs a bit of editing to bring it to precision.
      It appears to say that the Bs.1,000 (VEB) converted to BF 1, right at the start of the article, but then later on says that the VEB was pegged at 1,600 to the dollar, and that the BF was pegged at one to the dollar. (Thankfully) it does not cover the complications of the various tiers of restricted exchange (such as SIMADI and CADIVI and probably others along the path to DICOM and PROCOM).

      I take it that from 1983 through to 2003 the exchange rate v. the benchmark USD went from Bs.4.30 to Bs.1,600. That would require 372 times the number of Bs..

      At the time the BF was introduced (2007) the conversion from Bs. to BF was set at 1,600, and that value for the BF was set at $1. That’s what I make of it. To establish a point of reference there, the multiple of 372 would apply, and that would be the represented by one BF.

      1937 – 1941 — Bs3.914 = $1
      1941 – 1983 — Bs4.30 = $1
      2003 — (VEB) Bs1,600 = $1
      2007 — VEB 1,000 = BF1
      2011 — BF4.30 = $1
      2013 — BF6.30 = $1
      2016 — BF10 = $1 (official rate).

      Today, I think most are taking the black market rate
      2017 — BF8,000 = $1
      as representative of the value relative benchmarks (major currencies fluctuate on the open markets). The number for the multiplier which gives some indication of the devaluation of the 1941 bolivar would then be approximately 372 x 8,000 = 2,976,000 or approximately three million. That is, without getting complicated about the math, the 1941 bolivar has devalued by a factor of approximately 3,000,000.

      I would like to see an article that was more precise than this slap-together of mine. I’m not even sure I got the math right – it’s just mind-blowing to me that Bs.100 was more than enough for a really almost lavish triple date night out on the town, and that today, that $23 dollars would translate back to those Bs, as something like 300,000,000 !! At least it’s still below the billion Bs mark. Nowhere near the Zimbabwe trillion.

      The real story, imo, is the decline in production in Venezuela. You can use any currency – yen, yuan, dollars, pounds, euros, pesos – but the amount of goods and services available is the thing that can’t be pulled out of a wallet. If the steel production dropped to only 30% of what it was prior to “expropriese”, my guess is that a LOT of production dropped by similar amounts. Fewer goods and services – let’s say HALF the amount – would mean prices would at least double.

      Part of the inflation effect and the lack of BF100,000 notes is that it slows down transactions in the economy, with a slowing of production delivery and exchange. The long lines at ATMs are just part of the story.

      I wish I could accurately write all this up, but I have only the sketchiest of numbers.

      • Gringo,
        A while ago a friend of mine wanted a candy bar from a vending machine.
        She needed money to buy it and went to an ATM.
        The daily limit of Bolivars that was available from the ATM was less than she needed to buy a candy bar.
        She had to go to 2 ATM’s to get enough currency to buy a candy bar.


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