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“What are you doing for Venezuela?”

It’s a question that haunts Venezuelans abroad

A few months ago, Leonardo González emailed us with this same concern in his gut. He lives in Berlin. He’d been working in a couple of illustrations depicting the crisis and wanted to put them to good use.

It was an easy yes.

Apart from having seen a couple of his pieces going around, I knew he was one of the masterminds behind the art direction of La Vida Boheme’s “Flamingo” video. Take your time to watch this gem.

Beyond gracing a few of our posts with his awesome talent (Clapartheid; La Rural; Looking back; Ramón; Rey Momo), Leonardo is on a killing streak. Showing that the best you can do for Venezuela is to find a way to help with creativity and what you are best at. Stick to your guns.

Check out Leo’s work on the current crisis.



  1. He’s very good indeed, imagine if he illustrates a graphic novel about the revolution in Venezuela, something like ‘The Fixer’, by Joe Sacco.

  2. Fantastic how an artist can so dramatically SHOW the dystopia that is current day Venezuela, for all the world to see – a strong rejoinder to Delcey and all the other traitors up at the microphone insisting that there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. At some time one has to ask: At what point of disaster is “meddling” required. Not military intervention, but some force brought to bear that will go some little ways at changing the situation. Seems that regional organizations are entirely toothless and gutless in this regards. Meanwhile Maduro is pawning off the last of the countries assets at pennies to the dollar to Japanese brokerage firms.

    Keep the pencil going, Leonardo!

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