Leo's Mind

Leonardo González has become the it illustrator for the current crisis. We go on a tour of his amazing oeuvre.

“What are you doing for Venezuela?”

It’s a question that haunts Venezuelans abroad

A few months ago, Leonardo González emailed us with this same concern in his gut. He lives in Berlin. He’d been working in a couple of illustrations depicting the crisis and wanted to put them to good use.

It was an easy yes.

Apart from having seen a couple of his pieces going around, I knew he was one of the masterminds behind the art direction of La Vida Boheme’s “Flamingo” video. Take your time to watch this gem.

Beyond gracing a few of our posts with his awesome talent (Clapartheid; La Rural; Looking back; Ramón; Rey Momo), Leonardo is on a killing streak. Showing that the best you can do for Venezuela is to find a way to help with creativity and what you are best at. Stick to your guns.

Check out Leo’s work on the current crisis.