The Chopper Coupster: False Flag or Random Lunatic?


When stories started circulating yesterday about some random dude on a CICPC helicopter ineffectually dropping grenades near the Supreme Tribunal, I didn’t know what to think at first.

Soon, his beyond-ludicrous rebellion video hit YouTube, and my instinct swung all the way to False Flag. The video looks like a two-bit parody of what an underpaid TeleSUR intern thinks the opposition looks and sounds like:

Complete with bizarre cardboard cut-out coupsters and weird ass lighting, the whole thing is silly. This is not what a real rebellion looks like

Soon, we found out the Chopper Coupster’s name: Oscar Pérez.

His profession: cop/two-bit tropical action thriller actor. 


Then somebody pointed me to his amazing — amazing — Instagram and I …I…well, have a look for yourself:




Who the hell is this crazy person?! Who Instagrams crap like this?!??

Now I’m leaning more to just “random lunatic…”

SiBCI just can’t believe its own luck. The Chopper Coupster episode, in all its glorious surrealism, comes just as the regime needed to draw attention away from its latest power grabs: a decision hollowing out the Prosecutor General’s office of most of its powers, and a straight-up assault on parliament by its own armed civilian colectivos.

Lots and lots of crazy things happening out there, folks. And guys like Oscar Pérez will only sprinkle on more crazy.

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  1. So you dont think there is a slight chance they are acting in concert with the government? If that guy doesnt land in jail, or gets paraded in State media in the next couple of weeks, then he is on it.

    My money is that stun granades where used, as well as blanks.

    The TSJ let out a sentence only hours later stripping the Attorney General of its powers. It worked, because it isnt what the international press is focusing on right now.

    It also allows them to cook up an execution of el famoso Plan Avila.

    • There are many ways to achieve something like this without him being a complete pawn. Step 1, identify hothead idiot, Step 2, get him all pumped up because you share his views and you are really behind him and by all means, tomorrow you do your thing and we are going to do ours, is going to be the start, people will flock to our banners, you will see. Step 3, idiot goes and does his thing, alone of course, no support of anybody because the ones that egged him are plants from the government.

      Or he can be in it too. Who knows yet.

    • I was of your same opinion Marcel, until I talked to a good friend of mine who used to work at CICPC and used to be this guy’s girlfriend, I’m not kidding. He’s just a random lunatic and the government tried to take advantage of the situation.

  2. Okay, but what message does Maduro & Co send to the general public when a helicopter is stolen by a private citizen from a military base?

      • No, I’m not on a wrong tangent, merely pointing out the message sent which is “if we can’t stop a private citizen from stealing a hilocopter parked inside a military base, what control do we really have?”.

    • The helicopter was not stolen from a military base. It was a CiCPC chopper and he is a CICPC member. So, basically, he took the helicopter from his workplace.

  3. Is it possible that that this is an invented persona? The Instagram photos don’t even look like they are all the same guy.

    • The regime was showing a photo last night of the guy supposedly posing in front of the White House. A 10 year old could have done a better photoshop job.

      Plan Godgiven Hair appears to have been triggered.

  4. Quico, all the military related Twitter accounts where silent yesterday…overr 400 that I’m following. There was a gag order in effect before the stunt began.

    Twitter silence was broken by a few select accounts (command & control): despacho presidencial, Mazo Dando, Freddy Bernal, VTV, Villegas to name a few.

    The regime executed well and maintained operational security.

  5. As soon as I heard this I thought it was mounted by the government.
    Another in a long series of alleged assassination attempts that never were charged or proven.

    I am convinced that this is 100% showtime.

  6. It can be many things.

    It can be a crazy “loco e’ perinola”

    It can be a false flag.

    It can be a crazy loco e’ perinola that is being used to mount a false flag in the best way – just get somebody to do it that doesnt think it is false.

    Who knows. But for God’s sake, I hope nobody buys the “go to Fuerte Tiuna” bit

  7. If you watch state television the are always talking about false flags and info wars, as if they are AlexJonesdelSur. They know the playbook and they took a piece from the playbook. If you do not do this, and you are in the intelligence biz, you are not playing to win.

    Also, this is how you weed out the fake youtube channels, instagram, twitter etc by tracing how this video was leaked.

    It is pretty hard to steal a helicopter. Oscar Perez should be in jail by now if this was for real. And as fast as the news cycle is right now, it can be brushed under the rug really quick.

    Again, I like the theory that this is a false flag smoke screen to cover what is really going on.

    Thing is, you wake people up enough to the fact to what a false flag is, then enough of us should be on the look out to call a false flag out if it happens again.

  8. Somewhere a brigade of men who can’t get their lithium prescriptions refilled is waiting underwater for The Signal.

    • The BBC include:-
      “De hecho, en los comentarios a su trino, muchos opositores ponen en duda las verdaderas motivaciones de Pérez, especulando incluso que podría tratarse de un montaje del mismo gobierno para distraer a la opinión pública o justificar una mayor represión.”

  9. My expat wife and her family here in the US can’t quit laughing at the YouTube bit. Auntie Inez thinks the only thing missing is the music from Benny Hill (Yakety Sax)

  10. It was reassuring to observe that few took the bait; everyone I talked to or read posts from was calm and clear that this wasn’t the real deal. That is, people didn’t let blind hope obscure reality. They did steal the headlines from the real issues that happened yesterday, but what part of the world outside of Venezuela reads or cares, anyway?

  11. If this was indeed a false flag, then Maduro has got to be scared shitless, because even people on Aporrea were celebrating the apparent uprising.

    • Aporrea stopped being the main gutter of the chavista propaganda a long time ago.

      That dubious honor goes now to

  12. I share this guy’s opinion: If the person doesn’t end up either locked in a cell, kidnapped or killed by the regime, then the guy was colluded with the dictatorship.

  13. Telesur reports that the helicopter was stolen from La Carlota. How did it get to the TSJ without pursuit, with time to circle? If, as Maduro claims, activation of air defenses was immediate and effective, how did the helicopter escape, without even being located? Just unanswered questions.

  14. There’s a crazy rumor out there that the Helicopter Gambit was financed by CC, after a cost-benefit analysis indicated that new subscribers would more than pay for the cost, including the 2 Cigarettes used by the perpetrators to spirit them away from the Litoral to Aruba to meet with a disguised (mustachioed) FT. All this resulting from the bump up in subscribers from “The “Economist” mention of CC’s “Political Risk Report.”–and, it’s working, as FT is being mentioned on this incident in “WAPO”….

  15. Ok, here me out. I’m the only one having the disturbing feeling that … maybe… somehow…

    … we are looking at president Oscar Pérez, 2035- ?

    I know, I know. But … damn if I’m not getting a “por ahora” moment in my head now.

    • I think not. The popular prophecy of ‘un militar arrecho que agarre a los corruCtos y arregle esta vaina’ was fulfilled by “el finado”.

      After this nightmare, Venezuela ought to be immunized from military caudillos.

  16. This is a super hero in the best Marvell tradition, as you could see in his YouTube video even has a four legged sidekick, the only thing missing is the cape and the underwear worn over the trousers, although manages a blue tie when going incognito. The flurry sidekick is probably wandering when maste is going to get locked up in a (padded) cell

    • Ula, thx for the video. PP seems to overly-romanticize OP. “He’s in the mountains, multi-prepared, insurrecting, (living off the land?), and don’t approach him from behind, since he’s using his trusty mirror” (also presumably for signaling, as in the old Cub/Boy Scout days). If he’s smart/real, he’s long gone from Venezuela. OP mentions an insurrection by air and by land (“terrestre”), with no follow-up to date, which makes his move not only suspicious, but suicidal, if real. Words like “We are a …faction” recall the “We are a small foreign faction…”wording of the Jon Benet kidnapping letter, which was not only suspicious, but (coincidentally?) phony. If this is a fake, it’s probably not to distract, nor to give false hope, but to try to draw out military/Oppo dissidents for the slaughter, as in OP’s call for all to contact their local military garrison to join in the rebellion….

      • Maybe the actual peine is the regime saying that OP is a G2 thing (Honestly people give too much credit to the gusano2 anyway as if they were the CIA on steroids) and maybe his attack on the same date chavismo decided to “put in contempt” Luisa’s MP was a coincidence (Which isn’t that hard, as the regime’s doing stupid stuff on a daily basis)

        Remember that it’s a fact that several people from the armed forces have turned against the chavista regime in the late years, the most notable being Baduel who resented the cuban invasion into those spaces and was imprisoned with fabricated charges for that, the soldiers that were betrayed by Borges in 2014 (The golpe azul), the 80-something soldiers that Capriles denounced were imprisoned recently and so on.

        MPJ fell at the end because the armed forces started to turn against his regime and he realized that to contain them he would have to imprison them all, a task that became so difficult that in the end he chose to leave the power, he didn’t fall just by civilian protest.

        In any case if this guy’s serious about this, I hope he’ve been smarter than those guys from the air forces that made a vide and then fled to colombia to continue living with their families as if nothing happened.

        chavismo doesn’t want to “set up a trap” to kill more protesters, they want to protesters to shut up, period.

  17. I think dismissing this guy as a clown or false flag agent is dangerous. What was witnessed was the first act of a more fascistic kind of rebellion. Unlike the general opposition, Perez is using theatrics and drama in the classic style of classic fascist movements. Even his language sounded like some kind of Francoist speech (“Jesus Christ is with us” “We are soldiers of God”). Crazy? Sure. But there will be more- and men like this will steamroll over the socialists AND the upper classes if they take power through a coup.

    • I think that the lack of any real reaction to his stunt shows that men like him (I’m not going to say he is a fascist, but I’m also not very comfortable with all his theatrics) are about as influential and capable of seizing power as Maduro is of not looking like a idiot.

    • The “God” thing, for example, creeps my little atheist heart to no end, but well, is Venezuela. Where even the far left is “Catholic”

  18. la cava de gas fue la sentencia, con los frances fue las maletas de cocaina y ahora con los rusos fue la cava de gas, espero que los pendejos de islitas cacribenas pero igual muy tarden piaron el tablero de ajedrez fue dado por dios y si quieren matar mas, a buena quirurgica viene, confiesense, ya


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