In an unprecedented and blatant violation of the institution’s autonomy, OPSU – Maduro’s office for higher education – has just appointed a non-scholar with barely a trimester in academia as Academic Vice-Chancellor of Universidad Simón Bolívar.

USB is a public university, so you may think our centralist, power-obsessed government would have full control over it. Not so. In the Spanish-speaking world, we have the concept of university autonomy, which guarantees that certain higher education institutions are self-governing and out-of-bounds from any meddling by the State.

President Caldera decreed Universidad Simón Bolívar’s autonomy way back 1995, but bureaucracies move slowly and its reglamento autonómico wasn’t ready by the time Chávez took power. El comandante’s agenda, of course, never prioritized giving freedom to institutions that would oppose him, so today USB is “autonomous, but not really”.

Bureaucracies move slowly and its reglamento autonómico wasn’t ready by the time Chávez took power.

The current Framework Law on Education reads that the vote of a professor, a student and a university worker have equal weight. As a result, the Supreme Tribunal ordered the suspension of university elections until conditions stick to the law. This is why OPSU, tired of waiting, took the preposterous decision.

Now, with some professors calling to “activate Article 350”, it’s fair we ask ourselves how.

Well, look at someone who knows how to keep Maduro out of her business. The TSJ appointed a phony Vice-Prosecutor, what did the Prosecutor do? Ignore her and used her local power to keep her out. Luisa never even mentions her!

The university had already appointed a Vice-Chancellor, a former Dean and a well-respected member of the community. Who’s that new guy? Never heard of him. Is he ever going to set foot in the campus grounds? Not even in the trunk of a car.

Uesebistas, ¡la autoridad se desconoce, y ya!

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  1. This is the moment for 350.

    It would be great if Leopoldo Lopez does the same thing and defy Maduro by climbing on his roof and calling all Venezuelans to vote on Sunday, the video clip will go viral.

    Also for Antonio Ledezma and all others in house arrest.

    And also for Luisa Ortega to call for chavistas to go out and vote on Sunday.

    These actions will increase turn out!

  2. The long standing opposition is joined by most of the world’s governments, students, educators, bakers, bus drivers, farmers, old Chavistas, former Chavistas, mothers, grandmothers, most of the OAS, business owners, doctors, nurses, reporters, the EU and almost anyone else you can think of.

    Most of the countries that support the struggle for freedom and democracy, stand ready with aid to immediately relieve the suffering of the Venezuelan people.

    Maduro, and his criminal cadre are supported by Cuba, China, North Korea, Russia, Iran, Goldman Sachs and the countries that are direct beneficiaries of cheap oil.

    China and Russia have shut off the flow of money to Maduro. The other “friends” of the government all receive money and oil that is stolen from the Venezuelan people.

    The only people that can support this regime are people that are illegally benefiting from the regime being in power. Many of these people are receiving the scraps from the banquet table.

    The National guard and the military need to ask themselves if a stolen cell phone or an extra CLAP bag is worth the cost of losing democracy, access to a fair criminal justice system, a destroyed country and the death of so many fellow country men, women and children.

    The answer is as clear as the regime is corrupt.

    July 16, Yes! Yes! Yes!

    Be proud to tell your children and grandchildren how hard you fought for the free country that they live in. Let them learn so the same thing will never happen again. Instill in them the patriotism that you have shown that you have.

    Viva Venezuela!!

  3. And yet, at this moment two groups of Venezuelan are calling for an “understanding” with the narco-regime. One group is made up of Chavez “widows” and long standing NINIS (Gustavo Marquez and Enrique Ochoa Antich, etc. ) and deserve no great attention but the other is made up of Venezuelans of prestige (Suniaga, Nikken, even Laureano) who signed a document called “Manifiesto para un Entendimiento Nacional” that calls for reaching an understanding with the narco regime. I find this unbelievable.

    • Gustavo,
      I almost want to scream at my computer screen. These idiots need to understand that you can not negotiate with this regime. They have proven time and time again that their word is no good.
      I would imagine that Maduro took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I am only guessing because I do not speak Spanish. This narco regime does not live up to anything that impedes their criminal activities.
      Perhaps the Chavez widows are concerned about losing worthless pensions.
      From the moment Maduro and his corrupt associates on the courts and elections authorities halted the recall vote, he has been an illegitimate President. Democracy ended at that moment.

    • Wow!!! JUST WOW!!!

      The ‘Manifiesto para un Entendimiento Nacional’ can only possibly be about Chavistas’ terms of rendition, which will have the provision of their political asylum, informations like where to go, who to seek, in order to have their human rights respected, etc, but anything different from that would only mean Chavismo being granted even more time in power — one oxygen mask to Chavismo basically –, and is totally absurd, naive, and shows an incredible lack of empathy for the exhausted people of Venezuela, and also a big amount of indifference for the humanitarian crisis that is already spreading throughout South America, which is a poor continent and can’t provide the jobs and welfare in the speed those refugees need. (

      I hope Venezuelans will ignore that ‘Manifiesto para un Entendimiento Nacional’ because they have come too far and are too close to victory to accept to be backstabbed yet again. And let’s notice that even the Chavistas don’t believe that they will remain in power much longer, given the pace on which they are sending their familes abroad, their ‘plan B’ is ready. Every month I read about one of them, or a relative, being located in Europe, Australia, for example. Is there any Cabello’s son still living in Venezuela at this point?

  4. The Vice Chancellor (or Vice Dean ?) in charge named by the USB in February, Oscar Gonzalez is a really nice guy and very professional


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