A Night of Impossible Tensions


I don’t remember Venezuela ever being as tense as it is tonight. The announcement that Colombian flag-carrier Avianca was abandoning its Venezuela rights effective right friggin’ now, together with the news that the U.S. is ordering non-essential officers and the families of personnel in general out of the country are coming together to add depth to a thick atmosphere of anticipation and dread.

Preliminary discussions between MUD and the government seem to have gone nowhere. MUD unity is very near cracking. The diplomatic track appears dead. The government is banning protests without formally suspending the constitutional right to assemble. You would say a tense calm has fallen over the country, except there’s no calm — just more tension and violence.

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  1. And Delta announced stopping flights today as well following United’s last flight in June. But as you point out, the embassy exit probably has more significance. Are they pre-emptying retaliation? Could be.

    Thank you CC for keeping up the good work.

    • Standard operating practice, they are having to stay in Valle Arriba and Santa Fe, and this limits access to medical facilities. I’m surprised other diplomatic missions aren’t pulling their people out. And the European disregard for over 300 thousand EU citizens on Venezuelan soil is truly amazing.

    • As per above, this is SOP. Ever since the taking of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the hostage crisis that followed, the U.S. has been pretty quick to limit their exposure.

  2. The Good (Rene) and Bad (FT) News Burger Blues Chronicles–The Embassy “suggesting” “voluntary” leaving of diplomatic civilian personnel, when some say yesterday special air transportation was sent and took them away, and was even offered free to U.S. citizens who were made aware of it (evacuation, anyone, but at least not from a rooftop by helicopter, as the partisans try to ram down your downstairs door). As for HF/crew representing a crack in the MUD, puhleeze, gimmee a break–there is NOTHING substantial/transcendent going to be offered by the Regime, at best a temporary get-out-of-jail-free card for the leaders….

  3. Lets pray tomorrow people will take it to the streets without fear, knowing this is the only way to face tyranny.

    We will not allow the death of Venezuela and the birth of Cubazuela.

    Its time to grow a pair of nuts and finish the job.

    No talk about hamburgers anymore, its about to get real serious. Not surprised if 100 deaths this weekend. Hopefully the world will be watching. On CNN International, the language on Amanpour and former Venezuelan UN ambassador was “humanitarian intervention”.

  4. I watch chavez TV all the time looking for clues as to what might be happening at the highest levels and their crew seems to be on edge as well…..as in they don’t know what to expect either..

    After watching Godgiven Hair last night, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Maduro exit left and Godgiven take over with the military firmly behind him.

    If that happens, look for the political prisoner population to swell exponentially and lots of bloodshed before the country finally capitulates to his will.

  5. Wonder if US Marines will land tomorrow or Saturday?
    Colombia could have been tip off so they decided to cancel temporarily while the invasion takes place.
    Ok just dreaming…
    These three days are critical.
    The Resistance need to take arms if they really want to win this fight past Sunday.
    MUD would have to change gears on the street protest strategy next week or risk to being run over by Resistance groups that are taking a more aggressive approach or worst yet by Maduro repression violent strategy.

  6. jajajajaja

    Another possibility. US intervention. Trump just talking shit and some gunship diplomacy would be great now!!

      • It takes time: first, “Read my lips” (sanctions). Then, if that doesn’t catch your attention, “Feel my Tomahawk”.

        • The Sanctions playbook is to hurt the economy, the people rises the regime falls. Historically, it has worked half of the time.
          In Venezuela’s case the people have been on the streets already for more than 100 days and Maduro is dancing Despacito.
          If Maduro runs out of money he will starve to death everyone but the ruling class.
          With all due respect, It is way overdue to shove those Tomahawk up Maduro’s ass.

  7. Maduro has now his back against the wall and is threatening to pull a Saddam Hussein, attacking the whole neighbourhood, just like Iraq did against Israel during the Gulf War. “If you (US) harm me, we will harm them”.

    This insane man must be stopped now!!!

    • he just thing people will believe this bluff,empty threats, his own generals will put a gun on his head and all the high rank members of the PSUV if he even sugest to attack Colombia or Brasil, colombia and brasilian armies on the borders probably laughing at this bullshit

      • Bluff or not, empty threats or not, this is inadmissible.

        It’s like saying “I have a bomb” in a plane, it doesn’t have to be true to alarm everyone, the person saying that must be removed from the plane immediately. We wanting or not, Maduro’s still the president of a relevant country, with a relevant air force. He can’t just threat 250 million people (Brazil + Colombia) like that and get away with it. He must go, be it by the hands of the Venezuelans, or by the hands of a coalition led by the US. No other way around. No dialogue possible with such people. Enough of this shit already.

        • nobody takes seriously what the president of venezuela says anymore, remember when chavez declare war on colombia for killing raul reyes, chavez and maduro made the “I have a bomb” part of the regular speech, unless colombia or brasil see soldiers, tanks and planes moving this another “I have a bomb” speech for them

  8. I think he is pulling a Crazy Ivan. Moreover his rally made him look very weak, no one showed in spite of all the intimidation. He has a ceacuscu vibe.

    Godgiven Hair is promising to become Robespierre when he takes over. Additionally today’s torching of the armored vehicle must of been sobering for a military called to be an occupying force. Must they now occupy Chachopo and every little town of Venezuela? The big cities are a handful already.

    I sense a lot of fear and I am not sure the military is going to accept such uncertainty.

  9. Falcon is the typical douche bag politician that is trying to get ahead of the crowd and is putting his own political aspirations ahead of the country.
    Venezuela needs patriots, not politicians right now.
    Falcon should have voiced his opinion within the MUD and never have broken with the coalition’s public stance.
    He also is just an idiot to think that dialogue with a regime that has proven their word is no good will be of any use.
    Falcon could best serve the Venezuelan people if he got on a plane with Zapatero and left the country.

  10. Venezuela on national British television here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08zkbjz/newsnight-27072017 (from about 17.55 in)

    British Foreign Secretary: “The UK calls on the Venezuelan Government to refrain from divisive and inflammatory action, including the plan to form a Constituent Assembly later this month.”
    Full statement here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-secretary-statement-on-venezuela

    You have already shown enormous courage. Please try to stay safe.


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