How Delcy Became Delcy


It was on a trip to Moscow, in 2006, that the brash and inexperienced Delcy Rodríguez, then Hugo Chavez’s chief of staff, had the temerity to call him a “güevón” during a heated discussion. That outburst sealed her fate — or so she thought. Shortly after, she was sacked by the galáctico himself, and ostracized from his inner circle. Delcy Eloína would not occupy a top government position again as long as El Comandante lived.

Eleven years later she is, at least on paper, the most powerful person in Venezuela.

How did this remarkable turn-around come to be? What would the shunned Delcy have thought, during those dog days of 2006, if you’d told her that Chávez would die from cancer under secretive and bizarre circumstances, appoint Nicolás Maduro as his successor and rocket her to international fame by becoming, in succession, Information Minister, Foreign Minister and ultimately President of an Assembly no one can say no to?

Born in Caracas in 1969, Delcy’s Marxist pedigree is beyond reproach. Her father was guerilla fighter Jorge Antonio Rodríguez (whom she uncannily resembles), involved in the infamous kidnapping of Owens-Illinois CEO William Niehous in 1976. Rodríguez’ père died in custody after being severely tortured by intelligence agents, who were trying to wrangle information about Niehous’s whereabouts. The murderers of her father were tried and convicted, although the Rodriguez family claims otherwise.

This, understandably, marked her life and that of her brilliant, machiavellian psychiatrist brother Jorge. It probably shaped many of their views, grudges and paths.    

Delcy grew up in the working-class Caracas neighborhood of El Valle and, predictably, became a left-wing activist and student leader during her time as a law student in Universidad Central de Venezuela.

She was awarded a Fundayacucho scholarship to pursue a masters degree at Paris X University. Ironically, Fundayacucho was a scholarship program created under Carlos Andrés Perez’s first presidency, the period in which Jorge Antonio was killed.

The murderers of her father were tried and convicted, although the Rodriguez family claims otherwise.

There are contradictory claims about whether she finished her degree at Paris X, and she also claims to hold a master’s degree from Birkbeck College in London. She briefly practiced and taught labor law and, when her brother became Vice-President, she held several official posts, until becoming Chavez’s chief of staff for a few months in 2006.

On a personal note, she has never married and has no children but she has been romantically linked to ‘90s telenovela heartthrob and chavista Fernando Carrillo (!!!!???).

Her most important relationship, though, is the close bond she has with her brother. It was he who introduced her to the ruling elite and kept her employed in low-ranking positions, even after her fall from grace. He reintroduced her to the top once Maduro became President. Like Jorge himself, she sees no irony in chanting revolutionary slogans while exhibiting a taste for the finer things in life that come with being part of the chavista ruling elite.

As Foreign Minister, Rodríguez cultivated an extreme, belligerent and wildly undiplomatic persona, that made her a laughingstock in diplomatic circles. She seems to lack self-awareness and self-control; during her speeches, she can be so extreme that foreign audiences laugh defensively. Her reputation is, not to mince words here, of a deranged extremist.

But this kind of combative performance is just what Maduro wanted from his canciller. She gave zero fucks about diplomatic protocol, yes, but she also successfully blocked Luis Almagro’s attempts to apply OAS’s Democratic Charter to Venezuela.

We suspect the over-the-top speeches are a bit of an act. Diplomatic lore has it that, in private, Delcy is gracious and polite and knows how to deploy her flawless English and French (a rarity among chavista elite) to get results. She and her brother unsuccessfully tried to make a deal with the opposition before the election of the Constituent Assembly, and maintained a less radical approach to negotiating than Diosdado Cabello’s military wing of chavismo.

Looks like Delcy learned her lesson this time around and, unlike the outspoken 2006 version of herself who got fired from speaking her mind, she learned that you’ll get farther ahead in chavismo by withholding anything but praise for the leader. She cheerily participates in the destruction of her country in exchange for a luxury penthouse in Caracas and $1,000 pairs of shoes.

So don’t let her screaming, ranting public persona fool you. Deep down, Delcy’s a trooper.

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  1. Thanks for article Cesar! Good to know the inner circle as well as their dirt (and I am sure there are a few rats in the opposition that are a part of that inner circle as well).

  2. $1,000 shoes.

    Is there a single alta-chavista who actually lives and believes the bullshit they preach about caring for the poor? Chavez himself obviously stole billions fom the people he claimed to love.

    And would someone who understands the language and culture better than I explain why Chavez was so pissed that she called him huevon? Was it the word, the fact that a woman used it, something else?

    • Alí Rodríguez Araque, the same guerrilla murderer that used to blow up PDVSA oil ducts in the 60s as part of the cuban armed raids against Venezuela, claimed that “money extracted in the name of the revolution is totally fair and fine, it’s not robbery nor corruption, we reach the highest levels of power to have access to the people’s funds so we use them to consolidate the socialist domination”

      And about Delcy’s “huevón” incident, it might have been more that she simply didn’t know when to keep her trap shut and “se le chispoteó”, people who usually insults everybody tend to have a very difficult time keping their mouths in check and can spill the ocassional insult against somebody they shouldn’t.

  3. The old school cop who kllled the father was never fingered according to a friend who knew him. Nobody was innocent. The left played dirtier provoking payback from the right. Delcy is a bona fide psychopath and that’s why she’s in power.

  4. Great piece Cesar.
    The huge irony and hypocrisy of the story here is that she was living in a Venezuela that gave her the opportunity to go from zero to hero, to study abroad, become a professional and learn two languages (for free) all paid by the state. Chavizmo narrative (propaganda) has been to free the poor classes from the oppressive oligarchy but the true was that in Venezuela there was plenty upper mobility available to all that wanted to study and work hard. Not even in the USA a girl coming from a poor background would have it that easy, let alone other Latin American countries at that time.

    Marxist/Chavism is closer to a CULT rather than a serious political position and their contradictions speak for themselves.
    When you look at it that way, many things start to make “sense” and you are able to predict their actions and motives.
    The danger is to consider Chavismo as a Political project, it isn’t.

    BTW, Cesar remember that many non-spanish speakers lose completely the “guevon” reference if is not translated.

    • Chavismo as cult, that is a good way of putting it.

      Chavez was even into Santaria. Would be curious to see what goes behind closed doors among these psycopaths. They have all kinds of conspiracy theories about el imperio and their illuminati, but they are doing the same thing, with a Caribbean twist.

      I heard Tibisay and Tarek participated in this.

      • Arturo Uslar Pietri, said that many so called Marxist-Leninist movements follow a pattern closely resembling those of religious cults more than a genuine political project. Most of their followers lack a basic understanding of Marxism itself and just follow blindly the Dogma simplistic key points with religious fervor and unquestioned devotion to their leader. Because they lack self critiscm and rational thinking they can move masses really fast and be effective, but that is also what mark their downfall.

  5. In all sincerity, anyone who’s heard DR speak publicly would question her level of intelligence, notwithstanding her supposed university studies/”flawless French”.

    • Of course. “Flawless English and French? I highly doubt it. She can barely bark some unintelligible Criollo sparkled by a few incoherent fancy words (they do that on purpose, to appear ‘educated’ and confuse the under-educated Chavistoide audiences, Aporrea style..)

      Cesar Crespo, can you or anyone certify that this ugly and dumb criminal is FLAWLESS in French and English? I bet her vocabulary is highly limited in English and laughable in some pathetic “French”, with a heavy accent and zero fluency. That ugly primate can’t even prove she graduated from anywhere, much less even babble or splutter 3 words in bad “French”.

      • I am with PC on this one. I highly doubt that someone who has not mastered her own language could master two second languages. Where is the evidence of this claim?

  6. One interesting tidbit about Delcy that was not mentioned in this story is that she briefly had a romantic relationship with Alfredo Anzola co-founder of Venezuelan voting machine company Smartmatic.
    Smartmatic was the company that Chavez picked since 2004 to guarantee wins, elections after elections all the way up to July 30th with the ANC election fraud.

    No much effort needed to connect the dots here.

  7. I have never experience more contempt that when I see Delcy speaking! This ugly creature makes my stomach churn in ways I can hardly explain. Her entitled demeanor along with her moronic tone and attitude makes her so unpalatable, so disgusting, I; with the risk of sounding misogynistic, truly despise that woman.

  8. Methinks there’s way more than a tad bit of exaggeration/adulation in this description of DR, whose main claim to fame/influence is having been part of the Smartmatic electoral fraud scheme since its inception…

  9. “On a personal note, she has never married and has no children — but she has been romantically linked to ‘90s telenovela heartthrob and chavista Fernando Carrillo (!!!!???).”

    Dunno, but “Delcy la Fea” – as Bayly calls the horrific and malevolent beaaatch – ain’t no righteous, celibate nun.. Wouldn’t surprise me if on her rapid way up she’s banged more than a dozen top Chavistas, perhaps including the even uglier and more detestable Iris Varela, or maybe Diosdado, Tarek..

  10. …another pov, not mentioned is that Delcy has become who she is exactly because of how she is. Her troubled upbringing full of resent, pain and marxist wish wash created the monster she and her brother are, come the cuban invasion, the two proved to be excellent puppets to be advanced and placed in key positions as the plot is played out.

    Very few chavista apparatus members are autonomous. They are all actores de reparto, of a well rehearsed and produced play. Case in point the new contituyentes! filler fro whatever decisions are send from above.

    Circus and distraction.

  11. The to most vile women that I can think of are her and Tibisay.
    I would celebrate bullets being passed right through the heads.
    I keep hoping that we will soon see the weapons that were taken by the rebels put to good use.
    Delcy’s assassination would be an excellent use of those weapons.

  12. Another interesting post from Mr. Crespo. So little as been written on the background of many in the chavista inner circle, which tends to reduce us to labels and cartoon like impressions largely based on speculation.

    I always speculated that Delcy was somewhere “on the spectrum” as they say, and perhaps the reason why her brother got into psychiatry, but there is more to it than that, evidently. I do continue to wonder if her usefulness lies mostly in her rages which, whatever else can be said about them, clearly come from a genuine place (like many supporters of chavismo). I still wonder if her real power is extremely limited, or at least tied to her brother’s fortunes and her usefulness in tapping popular sentiment against the opposition.

    People can do well in school and speak multiple languages and still be just plain uncontrolled crazy.

    • Yeah but Delcy La Fea didn’t do well in any real school, can’t even speak good Spanish, much less babble a few words in any other language. That plus she’s a criminal thief, a liar and loves Capitalism. That igoorant beaaatch deserves no less than life in prison, no parole, sharing a filthy cell with Iris Varela.


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