Jorge Rodríguez Exposed


One of the dictatorship’s greatest villains, mayor Jorge Rodríguez, was confronted in a street of Mexico City. The guy who approached him made a first video just 17 seconds long, asking the mayor, as he quickens his pace: “Are you running away?” The mayor retraces his steps, recording the guy with his own phone as he asks him: “Did you come to spend some of your blood-stained, corrupt dollars..?” but the mayor simply keeps on recording while blocking the guy’s camera with his hands, demanding that he not take pictures. We hear the man say: “I’m not going to hurt you or anything. I’m not taking pictures of you, but don’t touch me,” something else happens, but the audio didn’t catch it.

In the second part, too long for Venezuela’s lousy connection speeds, we see the mayor hurrying down the street with two youths and a child.

The same man asks him: “What are you doing in a really democratic country? There are no drug traffickers here, you garbage.” The mayor’s son turns to face the guy but Jorge Rodríguez stops him, pulling him by the arm and making him walk ahead of him as they start to walk even faster.

Seeing the son’s reaction, the guy asks: “What? Who are you going to defend? A murderer? Wanna steal my phone because I’m telling you that you’re using blood-stained dollars?”. An older woman hits the guy with her purse. The guy continues “… you’re responsible for all of our dead, you’re a murderer, you’re a murderer and no matter where you go, we’ll find you.” The woman, walking beside him as the mayor and his children widen the gap, tells him: “Shut up, you sissy!”, the guy replies: “I’m not shutting up! And you won’t find peace anywhere in the world. All of our dead have mourners and you will never hide from us.”

“What do you think?”, the man asks the woman. She replies with an indifferent shrug: “Nothing, nothing.” The guy goes on: “Go get your son, because you’re going to have to protect him for the rest of your life anyway, because it’s your fault his last name and future are tarnished, you’re a murderer, and an accomplice of the narco-dictatorship.”

You won’t find peace anywhere in the world. All of our dead have mourners and you will never hide from us.

The woman asks him: “Aren’t you ashamed?” The guy interrupts her and retorts: “No, I’m not. The real shame for me is that you have the same blood as me.” The woman says: “No, no, not the same blood, don’t be an idiot.”

The guy says: “Because you’re murderers, murderers, you destroyed a country, you’re stained with the blood of thousands of young men and women.” The woman turns and rebuffs the argument: “You, you and the opposition.” The guy asks her: “Why did he leave the country in secret? Why did he run away? Why did he try to attack me when I was recording him?”. The woman retorts: “Because you’re a thug.” The guy asks: “What are you afraid of?” and the woman says: “…and thugs are frightening.” The man insists: “What are you afraid of? You’ll have to be afraid because there’s no place where you can hide.” We hear the woman on the background saying. “You’re an idiot.” By then, there was no trace of the mayor and his children.

The woman turned out to be the mayor’s mother.

They’ve been destroying our country for too many years, with cruelty and pleasure, taking delight in their abuses and their enormous impunity. Jorge Rodríguez is a key chavista figure in a rogue gallery of people who will certainly be recognized anywhere, for many years to come, for the damage they’ve caused and will keep on causing. On Twitter, people resumed the debate on whether escraches are right, and whether it’s inappropriate to do them in the presence of minors.

I’ll just say that Jorge Rodríguez made himself an icon of revenge.

Good day.

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  1. I’m not sure about many things in the whole “escraches” debate. As you say, the kids, etc. Also people that may not understand this getting a “both sides” vibe.

    Nothing of that matters much when your average Venezuelan not-chavista fan has been living for decades under mass “escraches”, with guys like this asshole using all the media they control to tell you to your face they will beat you, rob you, and you are unworthy, “squalid”, and they are armed and they will fuck you up and you know they can and you know they will then lie and say you were a terrorist… They have followed people all day and night with their power to make your life miserable and then keep shouting the same empty promises and all too real threats in every way they can. They have made sure you can never get away from them because the misery they brought is with you all the time.

    And then go abroad to enjoy all they destroyed, thinking no Venezuelan will be around to see… except of course they managed to make the biggest emigration wave of Venezuelans ever.

  2. Videos have no smell, but still, that video smells of freshly cut roses. It smells of the early morning mist in a remote town in the Andes. Of a glass of Chianti drank on a hill in Tuscany overlooking a sunflower field in a cool, breezy summer afternoon. It smells of a cold and crystalline river in Swiss Alps. And the more you watch, the better the smell gets.

  3. I feel sorry for the kids, but I gues it is life’s twisted way of pasar factura for Jorgito’s responsibility in the destruction of his country, always with that cynical smile all the way.

    And it feels sooo good to see him running without his bodyguards, his huge, brand new SUVs… just him trying to protect his children – like everyone else is trying to protect theirs in Venezuela.

    I couldn’t help thinking about Niehaus’ children – if he had any, if they new about their father being kidnapeed by Jorge’s father…

    • I do not feel sorry for his kids. They are of university age (over 18) and they are very aware, or should be, of how his asshole father has contributed to the destruction of an entire nation. While my nephew, the same age of that those fucktards, has been robbed twice now (very lucky to be alive), they (the obnoxious little shits) live a life of no worries or fear…fuck them!

    • Nick Ripe, do not feel sorry for kids. You have no idea of the psychological family structure state. The kids in this case are just as bad IMO.

  4. Que se jodan todos. Por delincuentes… ellos, sus hijos, esposas, socios, mascotas, etc. No me interesa. Donde se metan va a ser lo mismo; y cuidado no termina pasándole lo mismo a sus cheerleaders en la oposición.

  5. The frustration and the anger of thousands, millions of Venezuelans have to find outlets and this is one of them. In a foreign country, the Chavista thugs and criminals cannot claim the protection of the police and they can be subject to a moral trial express such as this one. This man, Rodriguez is one of the biggest criminals of the narco-regime., together with his sister. The children and the mother have to pay as well because they know what kind of son and father they have.
    As the saying goes: Quien a hierro mata no puede morir a sombrerazos.

  6. Only a matter of time until we hear about one of these alta-chavistas getting cold-cocked while enjoying his ill-gotten gains in some foreign country. I hope the cameras are running when it happens.

  7. btw, the PDVSA Falcon did a lot of zigzagging on its way up. Did not follow most direct route. Jorge knows the plane spotters are watching online and they tried to.fake them out

    Really fucking stupid but then he’s a brilliant deranged psychopath. No.sense trying to.

  8. Off topic:

    Francisco has on more than one occasion referred to the Czechoslovakian “Velvet Revolution” as what may happen in Venezuela. Eduardo Freisler, a Czech, survived that struggle and writes of the similarities with VZ here. It’s noteworthy.


  9. And the meaning of subnormal Rodriguez taking a photo of the scratcher can only mean: A) I know who you are and you will never be able to return to Venezuela, B) If you return, I will have you killed, C) I will have your entirely family killed. Take your pick!

  10. I pray this goes viral in Mexico and that every country these thugs visit –to escape the reality of what they have caused–give them more.

  11. I recon it is not a bad idea trying to dissappear (in plain sight) in Mexico, DF…..but this is a small world and there are many Venezuelans there ( and other parts of MX). Now, it would be incredibly stupid to remain in the DF. They have been identified, their faces, regular whereabouts, and address will eventually be known.
    The Rodrigues brothers have also pissed off a lot of Mexicans, some with connections to power….being the object of escraches should not be their main concern.
    It is hard to enjoy life having to look over your shoulder.
    Hijos de la chingada….

  12. Escraches are absolutely justified. There is a high possibility that Jorge Rodriguez and his ilk will avoid answering to their crimes, whether it’s because of transitional justice or because they go into hiding.
    Escraches have been good ways to exact revenge on the military officers from Argentina’s Junta that escaped justice and has even been done on Nazi war criminals that are in hiding today (they play on their frail health and old age to avoid trial, in case anyone was still doubtful of harassing what seems like grandfatherly old men). There’s not much people can do to them other than create terrible inconveniences such as forcing them to uproot and move other towns. Is that really such a bad thing compared to what they did?
    Jorge’s kid is not responsible for the country’s ruin but he is going to live with his father’s actions. He apparently was in Mexico to study medicine, meaning he is college-aged and therefore old enough to think for himself and make his own decisions. By not choosing the same course of action as Saab’s son, he becomes more of an indirect accomplice than an innocent daddy’s boy, much like Camila Cabello.
    I’m not saying put Jorge’s son on trial or witch-hunt him. I’m saying he knows damn well what’s going on, what his family is responsible for and where the money for his education is coming from. He’s by no means a poor little kid caught in the crosshairs of angry expats shouting curses at his dad I’m saying he doesn’t deserve our pity. He’s not the focus of our anger, but if he has to bear it when he’s with his father in other countries, so be it.

    • Let me tell you that what Saab’s son did is part of charade. Old Saab planned this to protect his son from what other chavistas son are experience around the world. Ask/wonder where is he now

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have a fair bit of criticism for Saab’s son as well because there’s not much heroism in him calling out his father or any chavista in 2017… It’s at a time when it is too easy to distance one’s self from this regime. He might as well be denouncing the anti-vaxxer movement.
        But that being a farce is not unlikely. Here we are a few months later after that little video was released which in the end contributed jack shit and his dad is in the ANC.

  13. I was just reading what Maduro told Dudamel Chavistas were not travelling abroad but working in Venezuela.
    I have often thought where these guys can live if or when their regime falls
    and honestly I can only think of Russia. Russia is nice if you are tourist but if you do not speak the language and are familiar with the culture and climate it can get very tough as Latino.
    I wonder if this will make it more difficult for us to get rid of chavismo. They know in this age of mobiles and so many expats it will be more difficult for them to live in peace than for Pinochet’s thugs

    • For what it seems so far, Russia looks like one of the most xenophobic and racist places in the whole planet, like USA up to eleven.

      • “a la onceava potencia” good tidbit Ulamog my friend. Such a nerdy Venezuelan slang. (better translates to ” to the 11th power” btw.

  14. What a pleasure to watch that rat run away from the camera, and for that chamo to keep harping on him with the simple truth that he’s a rat, a traitor to decency, integrity and to his very country. Revenge is a powerful force in people horribly wronged, and there’s no escaping for the high profile Chavistas. I think this is just the start of it, and man, is it going to get ugly. It’s small and mean of me to wish the very worst for these ratons, but if any group of gaffos have coming, it’s the Chavistas.

  15. It is a fantasy/hope of mine to run across one of these Chavista pieces-of-shit somewhere in an airport or on the street in USA, Canada or Europe. Not sure what I would do, but I would hope that I would have the opportunity/balls to get in their face like the chamo in the video. They should not be allowed to live in peace in the democratic world after what they have done to Venezuela and all the death and destruction they have wrought and families they have destroyed.

  16. Also, I derive a lot of pleasure from seeing Jorge’s mom tear up and failing to counter the accusations the guy is making but just sounding like a second grader in an argument. It’s as if on a subconscious level she knows that what’s being screamed at her bastard son is the truth… although most likely she’s just thinking “these escualidos persecute me and my innocent family”.

    • So she’s the mother of the Jorge, who is now an even worse perpetrator of the very same kind of state-sponsored violence that tortured and killed her husband? That’s gotta hurt…

  17. Walking with no bodyguards??? He’s lucky he didn’t run into someone else, someone who would do more than berate him and film it.

  18. The mother said “Callate, márico”, which doesn’t translate as “Shut up, sissy” but “Shut up, fag/faggot”. No need to minimize her words, it shows what she actually is. Her malignant children have caused untold misery, and she brought them up to do so.


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