The ink had barely had time to dry on last Friday’s Executive Order imposing sanctions on Venezuela when the Orwellian manipulation had already begun. U.S. financial sanctions, Constituyente-chair Delcy Rodríguez informed us, were responsible for food and medicine shortages.

It’s tiring and borderline absurd to debunk this one. Flip through the archives on Caracas Chronicles and you can find us writing about shortages at least as far back as February 2007, when Barack Obama was a junior Senator nobody had ever heard of and Donald Trump was busy hosting his (previous) TV Reality Show. The sheer, titanium-plated cojones it takes to blame shortages on Sanctions that started a week ago would surprise us coming from anyone else.

Then again, c’mon, it’s Delcy.

It’s worth pondering the exercise Delcy was engaged in when she first tested the waters on this message. As a plain description of reality, it’s so plainly bonkers it can’t be read as a normal political claim. It was too insane to persuade, too crazy even to confuse, too diametrically opposed to universally grasped realities to muddy the waters.

Delcy’s claim was an act of raw power.

But it’d be a mistake to undermine the power of this kind of Goebbelsian nonsense. Delcy’s statement shouldn’t be read as a description of what reality is, it should be read as a description of what it will become, once the propaganda machine is through with it.

The future is long, memories fuzzy, timelines get garbled. There’s one possible future —terrifying for its probability— where this idiotic lie sticks. Sooner than you know it it’s 2029, first-time voters were six years old when Sanctions first started and the story that everything was fine in Venezuela until the gringo blockade started becomes installed as a kind of alternate truth — a falsehood with all the rights and privileges of a fact, simply by virtue of having been repeated so often.

Delcy’s claim was, in other words, an act of raw power. Power in its primal, Orwellian form. Not power over people, or over money, or over weapons: power over reality itself.

“He who controls the past controls the future,” Orwell wrote, “and he who controls the present controls the past.”

Faced with this kind of primal powergrab, safeguarding our collective memory from manipulation becomes a subversive project. A challenge to the power of the basis of the state’s power.

It’s a project that’s animated Caracas Chronicles from day one. And now more than ever.

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  1. Way back in the 80s (I think), Peck wrote the classic, “The Road Less Traveled,” where he describes two basic orientations to the world. The neurotic approach, which is all of us to varying degrees, where if something goes wrong, we tend to blame ourselves. the character disordered orientation ALWAYS blames ANY problem on external factors. Psychologists often turn clients away they suspect have character disorders, especially borderlines and narcissists. Since such folks are constitutionally incapable of self-reflection, change is impossible – we can easily see why.

    I don’t really see Maduro in that light, rather he seems like a die-hard with a knack for wielding power (poorly, but he know how to retain it), and a rather simple man totally overmatched by the task of running a country in 2017. God Given I see as black hearted, evil and cowardly, as all bullies must be. But Delcy is the full-blown character disorder from hell. Folks like that will die believing what they say is God’s Truth simply because they say it. The task, as Quico points out, is for the rest of us to get the narrative straight and to make it known.

    • “But Vito is only nine, and dumb witted. He never speaks.”
      “It’s not his words I’m afraid of.”

      Don Ciccio was right and the DISIP was wrong. When they dispatched old man Rodriguez, they should have whacked the rest of the family as well. Now the grown-up monsters are walking the face of the earth. Unless the DISIP was outmaneuvered like Don Ciccio was.

    • Would like to add that narcs and borderlines are capable of self reflection IMO. It’s covert narcissists that are the most difficult if not impossible for shrinks and Delcy is in psychopathic territory IMO. Shrinks deal with borderlines and narcs all the time. They come in many flavors

      I know smart covert narcs capable of self reflection. That does not mean they will permanently change….just when they have to. Interesting subject too little understood and not applied enough in this scenario

  2. Another stripe for the tiger, history books in the future must dedicate several chapters to carefully analyze and destroy every single of these sewage pukes that were spit by the chavistas, examples are abundant, among them:

    1- People went by themselves to the streets on caracazo.

    2- cuba has never tried to invade Venezuela.

    3- The farc aren’t drug dealers.

    4- Cadivi served to stop the capital leaking from the country.

    5- The opposition was a minority of blond white trash fags backed by USA.

    6- People that died in any protest died because they commited suicide.

    7- People Died in Venezuela only from natural causes past the century of age.

    8- Dollars are bad, so any devaluations don’t impact the local economy because the people earned bolivars.

    9- chavez was a true patriot.

    10- maduro was venezuelan.

    11- The enchufados like diosdado earned their wealth selling Avon brand creams.

    12- And. So. Many. More.

    • Two that I have actually heard (in Canada):

      Twice by a Venezuelan part-time professor of Sociology who also headed/heads up a Bolivarian Circle:
      3- There are no political prisoners in Venezuela. (That was c. 2004, 2005)

      At least once by the Cuban Consul in Toronto, in a public gathering and seeking sympathy from the circulating leftists and romantics (c. 2003):
      14- People are poor in Cuba due to the US embargo.

    • fantastic!

      15. The army/milicos/colectivos were clean, law-abiding, heroic enforcers of Venezuelan sovereignty that patriotically confronted the weak-willed, cowardly and ‘tarnished-by-capitalistic-savagery’ opposition ‘[email protected] de mami y papi’ , while the gringo military pissed their pants, awestruck by their glorious greatness

      16. The concept of “inflation” was an evil tool used by foreign Empires to control and destroy our shinning economy, our Bolívar Fuerte was called fuerte for a reason!

      17. No citizen died EVER since we came to power; hunger is a made-up concept; disease was implanted by Colombian-‘lame botas de gringos’ through vicious biological warfare that we mercilessly CRUSHED

      18: chavez was a literal son of God sent to protect the best country of the world and was granted actual SAINTHOOD in recognition of his miraculous achievements

      my, I really love this exercise jejeje

      PD: the article was really ominous, such raw power is truly dangerous & sinister

      “A paradox of George Orwell’s legacy is that the term Orwellian has come to mean a cynical manipulation of language. Of course, Orwell’s own prose fought constantly against such deceit (…) Orwell himself had a stubborn conviction that clear language could expose tyranny, failed logic, and lies. Orwell’s writing, ironically, is not Orwellian”
      I invite anyone interested to view a short gallery of 25 Incredible George Orwell Quotes On Power And Politics that ALL seem to apply to our country:

      • That is another of the dangers of adopting the “neo-language” of chavismo, which uses euphemisms to cover and hide the actual meaning of their actions.

        The most widespread example is calling the exchange control systems “preferencial dollars”, as if there were other ways of acquiring currency and that the exchange control system simply “puts cheap dollars but there are other allowed options” when that is but a disgusting and stinking mountain of bulls**t, as it actually is a damn MONOPOLY created by chavismo and enforced through laws with the sole purpose of draining the country of its resources in order to control and subjugate the population.

        The neo language has permeated so deep in even the international media that even today almost no one dares to mention the cuban invasion to Venezuela despite the multitude of proof at plain sight, that’s another factor that has contributed to the longevity of chavismo, that still on this day, they aern’t considered a full-fledged dictatorship because they’ve been adept at hiding the atrocities they’ve unleashed upon the society.

  3. Talk about distorting reality:

    That’s this author insulting Trump, the greatest president this country has seen in decades.

    I refuse to accept this snide bullshit.

      • He’s the only fucking guy trying to pressure the scumbags into leaving…

        The only fucking guy who can make it happen (you’re gonna depend on VZ’s do-nothing corrupt neighbors?)…

        And you’re actually asking me if I’m fucking joking? What the hell is wrong with some of you people here?

        There’s an old expression:

        “You don’t know what side of your bread is buttered on.”

        Which means it takes balls, REAL balls, to disparage Trump on THIS website.

        And about a hundred pounds of sheer stupidity.

        • Ira, it”s not Trump, it’s the US government! The folks in the NSC, Kelly, Intel agencies, DEA, Rubio, etc, etc, etc….note I did not.mention State (Shannon)

          • This is all directed by Trump. Not the “government,” whatever that means.

            Trump and Trump ALONE dictates foreign policy at this level.

            I’m really fucking disgusted at this blog and some others I’ve seen, biting the hand that feeds it.

            If I encounter this kind of ignorance here on this website…a total idiocy about the reality of what’s going on in respect to VZ…bashing their STRONGEST advocate for democracy…

            I really don’t give a shit any more.

            Fuck Venezuela. You deserve it.

          • Les: “it’s not Trump, it’s the US government!”
            Nope. The US President determines priorities in foreign policy. It’s Rubio, Melendez and Trump in charge.

            IRA IS RIGHT.

        • True that DT has done more than Obama who was surrounded by weird people. Obama did nothing about the US hostage Josh Holt. Trump OTOH is signalling loud and clear. It was mentioned in the EO and the nephews are going to get life. We gave Cilia plenty of time to make amends and she rebuffed us. If they grab another American, they will be expediting their demise. They think they can hold us off with Brasil and Colombia and that Russia and China will bail them out. 2019 here we come

          • “Obama did nothing about the US hostage Josh Holt”

            Whats he supposed to do?Send in the Marines lol

            “Fuck Venezuela. You deserve it”

            I don’t know about that all I know is during the campaign Trump said he’d stop dragging us into war. That’s yet another fat lie,He already in 7 months has threatened North Korea, Venezuela, bombed Syria, More Troops in Afghanistan etc.When does it end?Why should my country be the World Police?Fuck that.Let someone else deal with it.

        • It was hard to put this kind of pressure on Venezuela before the opposition won a clear mandate in the election, before a clear majority rejected the regime, and forced Venezuela to abandon all pretenses of democracy. There would have been no support for it internationally before that, unfortunately.

          No Venezuela has been abandoned by all except the Cubas of the world, so options are on the table.

  4. “Sooner than you know it it’s 2029, first-time voters were six years old when Sanctions first started and the story that everything was fine in Venezuela until the gringo blockade started becomes installed as a kind of alternate truth — a falsehood with all the rights and privileges of a fact, simply by virtue of having been repeated so often.”

    And with this, you have given the GREATEST reason as for all that about “waiting for 50 more years to take chavismo out with votes” simply demonstrates that it’s a lunatic fallacy that’s doomed to fail, and those who want to oust chavismo as soon as possible aren’t simply a bunch of “radical bloodthirsty warmongers” as these so-called pacifists like to claim.

  5. “The future is long, memories fuzzy, timelines get garbled. There’s one possible future —terrifying for its probability— where this idiotic lie sticks. Sooner than you know it it’s 2029, first-time voters were six years old when Sanctions first started and the story that everything was fine in Venezuela until the gringo blockade started becomes installed as a kind of alternate truth — a falsehood with all the rights and privileges of a fact, simply by virtue of having been repeated so often.”

    What the fuck will it matter by then?

    • I can’t believe the post either.

      He has already conceded Maduro in power 12 years from now.

      I can’t believe some of the stuff I read here. Again, with the the theme, it’s the GRINGOS’ fault!

  6. Delcys explanations can ony become believable when there is no alternative story line or explanation saying something else , so it depends on communicational hegemony and second on people having no memory for what they have experienced themselves ……….., . Then it also happens that when people develop a dislike for something everything to do with it is judged lacking in credibility…..the popularity of the regime is at an all time low and add to that that people do enjpoy blaming those in power for whatever goes wrong so many things have to happen before her lies become credible for anyone other than those that are desperate to believe she is right because they have their own egoes on line if thy dont believe her.

    • They decided to victimize themselves a.while.ago before the latest executive order. This is the path they chose with the ANC. It’s the Cuban script. All predictable. Don’t be surprised if they quit selling the US oil directly. Race for time….next 18 months critical

  7. And the Evil Empire was responsible for the food shortages which resulted in three quarters of Venezuelans reporting an average of 19 pounds lost in 2016?
    Regarding food shortages caused by the Evil Empire, CC had an article from 2007:Got Milk?, a.k.a. lining up for milk in Maracaibo.

    Today I got a picture my sister took two days ago. Turns out the EnnE closest to her house was selling milk! Shows you what you have to go through to get milk in Venezuela.

    Regarding regime lies: bear in mind that the Soviet Union lasted over 70 years, and that Cuba is approaching 60 years under the Castro brothers. Neither regime had a reputation for truth-telling. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln; while you can’t fool all the people all of the time, a dedicated propaganda machine means that you can fool enough of them long enough to stay in power.

  8. One of the best recent articles in CarChron. Should be permanently pinned to top of the page.

    Venezuela is now a massive humanitarian disaster, with people surviving on 10$/month salaries. Even in this nightmare scenario, a government can still keep a bunch of “supporters”, to show smiling on TV. Either people with privileged paychecks, or people with dysfunctional brains that will never understand reality.

    • I don’t think you understand reality either.

      The Gringos and Trump are the only ones who can fix it, and this shmuck author has the balls to insult him.

      Fuck it. I give up.

      With friends like CC, the Venezuelan people don’t need enemies. They’re destined to rot in hell.

      And deserve it.

      • They have enough sense to realize that whatever Trump would replace it with is worse than the current government. Maduro may not be perfect but he is still better than savage capitalism.

        • JudiLynn

          Again, a thousands times no. One can criticize some of Trump’s actions (or Obamas or whatever), and it does not mean what you say at all. All of us recognize that the current regime is a criminal and has destroyed the country, and it needs to go.

          And Trump, nor anyone else, would ‘replace’ the current government. Democracy must be restored so that the Venezuelan citizens can pick their candidates in free and fair elections. You know, the kind of elections that Maduro and company have refused to hold since they got drubbed in 2015.

        • Hablo la Pendeja Sin Frontera Judi Lynn, amigad del PSF Mark Weisbrot. Como es Judi? “I’m gonna tell Mark on you”. SAPA COMUNISTA

  9. The message I get from the article is that the regime attempts to overlay the truth (their own gross mismanagement or deliberate destruction) with lies (the Imperio brought on all this misery by attacking us virtuous people). The attempt is to superimpose propaganda over truth, In the face of this, it is necessary to maintain the truth.

    Maintaining the truth requires maintaining one’s own clear vision. That vision – and I think this is true for all of us – is often clouded by our own demons, our own very personal selfishness, our own false wishes. And so mistakes are made.

    Who has never made a mistake? Who has never lied? It is neither sad nor defeatist to reply, “No one.” It is not good to make mistakes and lie, but we have all done so at one time or another. These can be corrected.

    Truth does win – if we find it and maintain it. It is the search for truth, the impetus to find it, that must be rewarded and encouraged. Not a good example in this context perhaps, but when your baby tries to take his or her first steps, they’re not going to do very well. Maybe a better analogy in this context is someone trying to grasp complex physics at Princeton University, staring at very complex equations on a blackboard. The closer-to-reality scene is that of someone who has lived through and watched their country’s systematic destruction, trying to make sense of it and put the world into perspective, and do something to contribute to rectify the situation.

  10. If the regime is bent on prioritizing the payment of certain international debt over the use of its now very limited USD resources to feed the needs of the population , then certainly making it more difficult to obtain new financing will lead it to reduce the latter to maintain its foreign debt payment policies ……….unless of course they do something to lift the sanctions ……….,

    Another thing that might help is to stop the delivery of oil to cuba and caricom countries at very favourable terms , aready understand Cuba is hurting from the reduction of Venezuelan oil supplies , a friend just returned from Cuba and his taxi unsuccesfuly tried twice to fill its gas tank at two different locations , the driver told his passenger that once he left him at his destination his tank would be totally dry…!!

    Meantime they are trying to get the Chinese to extend the payment of their due debt payments under the Fund arrangement for 9 more years……….., that might temporarily ease their financial situation until somehow better times come !!

  11. Francisco,

    There might be some truth in what Delcy says. It’s obviously not the reason for shortages so far (which are consequence of price controls and all the things that have happened up until now) but it may be the reason for shortages going forward (because some of the medicine suppliers and others were being paid in bonds which now might not be possible). This is by the way consistent with all the bla bla that people typically write about: that the country can’t find anyone to lend them money, etc. etc. and therefore they have to go through unconventional channels such as paying medicines with bonds. Also, they have been paying oil providers and other companies with bonds for at least 2-3 years as far as I am aware.

    On another note: yes the sanctions will be used by the government to strengthen their rhetoric, that is unavoidable when such measures are taken. Guess the US hasn’t learned anything from Cuba and Russia after all…

    • You can’t not take actions that you believe are just and proper because you’re afraid the enemy (and let’s call them what they are) because you’re afraid they will use those actions as fodder for their rhetoric. Seriously:

      It’s not how the world works, and your alternate option is…do nothing.

      The U.S. embargoed oil sales to Japan in the late 30s because they invaded China. Japan starts war with U.S. with Pearl Harbor…Japan loses war…and the result is a successful, modern Democratic Japan today. And oh:

      All in the span of around 8 years, and exactly how many years has VZ suffered under Chavismo?

      And you well know that Cuba is a different situation. JFK fucked up as usual. And Russia? Or do you mean the Soviet Union, which the U.S. policy destroyed, with the vast majority of those countries going to the West, not East.

      Seriously? What example were you TRYING to make of Russia?

  12. “On another note: yes the sanctions will be used by the government to strengthen their rhetoric, that is unavoidable when such measures are taken. Guess the US hasn’t learned anything from Cuba and Russia after all…”

    Soooo, the US should do nothing? Military strikes? Piss on the ashes? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Please read:

      Specially: “So we tried that thing called regime change in Iraq, and failed miserably. We tried it in Libya, and now there are now active slave markets in the place. But we satisfied the objective of “removing a dictator”. By the exact same reasoning, a doctor would inject a patient with “moderate” cancer cells “to improve his cholesterol numbers”, and claim victory after the patient is dead, particularly if the post-mortem shows remarkable cholesterol readings. But we know that doctors don’t do that, or, don’t do it in such a crude format, and that there is a clear reason for it. Doctors usually have some skin in the game”

    • MR, the playbook was written by the Cubans, tested/refined for 60 years, and is now being applied successfully against Venezuela’s similar Peon Pueblo culture/mentality. Cuba stood because of a monumental fuck-up by JFK. Hopefully, the U.S. has learned from the disastrous consequences of allowing Cuba to stand for so long, which consequences will be multiplied by many times if the Castro-Cuban-Narco-Venezuelan Regime would be allowed to stand for too long. Sanctions will be increased incrementally until, if necessary, the final implementation of Plan B. Meanwhile, Venezuelan residents who can, should leave, or, if staying, try to survive (terrible daily risk of robbery/kidnapping/murder, and coming risk of private property confiscation).

  13. What’s your answer VT if sanctions aren’t a viable option? Status quo? Military intervention by our neighbors, the US, someone else? Let “democracy” take its course and oust the bastards?

    You point out what you say won’t work but then give us no options. Thanks buddy!

    • MRubio: I am not some sort of oracle nor do I have a magic playbook of options but I can only tell you what does not work based on what hasn’t worked on other instances, it is that simple. It is just a matter of trial and error. Intervention for the sake of intervention often leads to even worse situations as seen in many other cases. What in medicine is called Iatrogenics.

      • Well, there you have it then. You’re no oracle, but sanctions NEVER work ANYWHERE under ANY circumstances…….sooo….do nothing or bomb the living shit out of the chavistas? It’s that simple, no?

        Hey, sometimes cancer patients seem to heal themselves miracously with no medical intervention. Let’s give that a try with chavisonoma.

        Thanks again buddy! Oh yeah, fuck the US.

  14. 2029–Weisbrodt has passed on, but his quotes are appearing with certain frequency on CC, whose ownership continues under FT, who for some time has been making frequent trips on PDVSA jets to Caracas to give testimony to the progress of the Revolution (Emi has long since emigrated with poodles to her apt. in NYC). CC paid contributions are virtually nil, but there are rumors that a certain world’s richest man has bought a sizable/controlling ownership stake in CC, which was the last holdout from Regime internet censorship. Certain commenters aren’t heard from anymore: VT, since Venezuela defaulted 10 years ago, with the financial/oil slack taken up by Russia/China–rumors are that Venny intl. debt will never be paid off, same as the Cuban intl. debt; MR is managing a Guarico collective farm, which produces little, but claims y-o-y increases of 10%, as per Regime Collective Farm yearly minimum requirements; Syd comments sporadically, but is constantly censored, since she repeats over-and-over, “I told you so” (regarding FT)….

  15. ” Delcy’s statement shouldn’t be read as a description of what reality is, it should be read as a description of what it will become, once the propaganda machine is through with it.”

    But why, pray tell, do these perverse, yet laughable Chavistoide characters have the audacity to come up with such ridiculous crap all the time, year after year? Quien se cree semejantes mega-mojones??

    Well…the dumb, highly corrupt and extremely ugly beaaattch Delcy Rodriguez can regurgitate this type of surreal nonsense only because her intended audience is even less educated, even more gullible, and often corrupt as well. Enchufados mal educados. Millions of them. Leeches of Chavismo and/or sufficiently clueless as to believe in such extraterrestrial propaganda torpedoes. That’s why.

    No one remotely informed, with minimal education, and non-corrupt human being could believe stuff like “el imperio gringo ataca”, “guerra economica”, “la derecha fascista”, and now that Truuuump’s financial measures caused the lack of medicine, food, and soon inflation.. even crime will soon be the gringos’ fault.

    No one. Ten again, Delcy’s La Fea’s intended audience happens to be extremely misinformed, often severely under-educated, and often complicit with the Cubazuelan Criminal Narco-Kleptocracy (CCNK).

    Thus, you have some Chavistas who know these are just humongous LIES, but go along with it because of their Guisos/filthy economic interests; and you have the clueless, poor “pueblo” people that sometimes even believes stuff like this, so they even agree to get armed and ready for an imminent “gringo military invasion”..

    Galactic Corruption and/or Massive Ignorance: the 2 fundamental factors that always explain any Orwellian Conundrum in our beloved Kleptozuela.

  16. Guys like Ira and me lose our minds everyone once in a while because we’re frustrated watching the country slowly, but most surely, sink deeper and deeper into irretreiveable shit-holiness while instead of accepting help, any help of any kind, from the US (ie Trump), some would rather whine about what’s being offered…’s not enough, it’s too much, it’s too soon, it’s too late, it’s too weak, it’s too forceful, it won’t work, it’ll destroy everything, yada yada yada.

    Hey Ira, imagine if you lived here like I do? You’d totally lose your mind in this environment.

    An example:

    A new contact of mine wants to work with me on a project to store raw corn from the upcoming harvest. That’s to say, we want to produce something the local population really likes……’s called FOOD. I buy raw corn duing the harvest (much of it planted with our own equipment) when prices are most attractive and then store and process it later for both human and animal consumption.

    My new contact has a brother-in-law who works in a PDVSA plant and has access to used plastic drums which formally held oilfield chemicals. When properly cleaned, each plastic drum makes an excellent storage container for 175 kilos of raw or processed corn……no bugs, no mold, no rust, and the product can be stored for years if necessary, with no harm. I’ve got a few plastic drums, but most of my inventory is metal which means some annual losses and lots and lots of yearly maintenance. The price offered me for these drums is practically a gift, a much appreciated one.

    Do you think I can just send my truck down there to pick up 15 drums?

    No sir. Not only does the truck and driver have to carry every kind of document known to mankind (most of which one can no longer extract from the proper government entity because there’s no paper to print it on, or no ink, or everyone’s on vacation), but we’ve also got to have a commercial invoice and a guia which is a goverment document that states what the vehicle is carrying, where the shipment originated, where it’s going, etc. Does anyone within the government actually use any of this info from the guia? Of course not. The whole thing is just another scam set up to extract money from private individuals at checkpoints.

    There are so many roadblocks, literal and figurative, in this country to someone trying to produce, that most have just thrown their hands in the air and said, fuck it.

    • But, like in Soviet Russia, you claim a 10% yearly increase every year, validated by your Govt. supervisor, in turn validated by his supervisor, and so on up the line, or you will all end up in the new Iris El Dorado “Re-Education/Habilitation Camps”.

  17. Dear all, the military option will not be on the table for another 18 months at minimum. A lot of hurdles in the way next year. Elections in Colombia and Brasil are do or die.

    We know this, they know this. It’s global chess.

    If we overcome this hurdle, there will be other hurdles thrown our way in this global game of whack a mole.

    The US military is in bad shape right now. We need time to rebuild, develop and deliver. North Korea really has us by the balls and that’s not lost on Cuba-BRV. Our enemies are betting we can’t keep our eye on the ball. They may be right.

  18. A big game changer, but I’m not surprised that there’s no mention of it by CC. This is very indicative of the disturbing anti-Gringo attitude I see published here, and the “Me, me, me” attitude of many posters.

    That game changer is…


    Venezuela is now #99 on a list of 100 U.S. priorities, and if you guys and your neighbors had accepted and urged for the REAL assistance the U.S. could have offered…military and otherwise…you would have gotten it.

    Now? You’re not even on the radar, and won’t be for years.

    We have Americans to worry about and care for now, and I can’t wait to see comments that argue the U.S. should STILL give a crap about what happens in VZ.

    Those days are over. Because of a despicable mindset. Unbelievable.

    The most devastating weather event in decades, and not one mention, let alone drop of empathy, from CC. But the biggest crime is the short-sightedness on how this hurricane affects U.S. engagement in the region.

    You didn’t want it? Now you got your wish.


  19. Another reason as why US might consider some stronger measures in the shortest term possible, terrorist groups taking hold in this hemisphere:

  20. Si los países vecinos o Estados Unidos no intervienen, la situación en Venezuela se va a salir de control. En realidad, la situación en Venezuela se salió de control hace tiempo, pero se va a poner mucho peor. Todos ustedes saben eso mejor que yo. Una operación militar extranjera, demonios, incluso una invasión militar extranjera, a corto, mediano, y largo plazo, sería la opción menos traumática y menos sangrienta para los venezolanos. Ir a las regionales y esperar hasta las próximas “presidenciales” significa firmar la sentencia de muerte de miles de venezolanos. Esa es la verdad. No hacer nada en nuestro caso significa causar la muerte de miles, incluso de decenas de miles, de personas. La situación no tenía que llegar a este punto, pero lamentablemente no hicimos nada para evitarlo. Todo lo contrario. Este es el escenario que muchos buscaron.
    El baño de sangre que nos espera podría evitarse únicamente si hubiera una intervención. Si no hay una intervención, veremos la represión y el asesinato de quienes actúan en contra de la dictadura.Lamentablemente, yo creo que, dada la evidente inoperancia de la oposición, los factores internacionales van a preferir apoyar al dictador e invertir en la estabilidad por la fuerza de Venezuela,así sea a costa de la vida de muchas personas y de la democracia. Maduro puede negociar eso y parte de la oposición estará contenta, porque conservará sus rentas.
    El país se perdió porque la verdadera oposición no fue capaz de neutralizar a la falsa oposición. Esa es la lección que debemos aprender para las próximas luchas.

  21. Today, as announced by the Chavistas, those in support of the U.S. sanctions…the opposition…will be shot as traitors.

    And some of you fucking morons are still talking about a political solution as opposed to a military solution imposed by the Gringos?

    I’m sorry to be so nasty and negative in my posts, but give me a fucking break.

  22. Well, we all know how a lie can be turned into a truth by simply braying it enough times.

    The best example of that is: “CHAVEZ HELPED THE POOR”


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