“I will be asking the Secretary to make public the list of legislators that were absent from today’s session, and the country must help us pressure them, because, as members [of this Parliament] elected by the country, lawmakers must come to this session of the National Assembly.”

This was how AN Speaker Julio Borges publicly berated the 57 National Assembly members who failed to show up to yesterday’s plenary session. On the agenda: the findings of the Special Committee investigating the Oderbrecht corruption scandal. Perhaps to salvage whatever shred of credibility they still had left, and despite the Assembly being nowhere near a quorum, the Committee presented their report to a near-empty room in a session that lasted 30 minutes.

This isn’t the fist time this happens, either: the August 24 plenary, when deputies were supposed to discuss the dirt that Luisa Ortega Díaz had on government corruption, was only attended by 33 out of 110 lawmakers. So much for all that jaladera de bolas.

In the end, after all the threats and chiding, Borges didn’t even make good on his promise. Instead of publishing the list of deputies who didn’t turn up yesterday, he published a list of those who did — leaving this pendeja to stay up late doing the grunt-work of compiling a list of culprits. Here it is, the list of shame, in all its truant glory:

And where were the dozens of deputies off to instead of attending to the job they were elected to do? They were back home, in their states. Campaigning.

For governor.

In some places, it’s almost funny. Take Yaracuy. Every single principle opposition National Assembly member from Yaracuy is running for governor. All of them! “Fine,” I hear you say, “that’s why they have substitutes.” Delta Amacuro has you covered. There, both the principle and substitute diputados are running. Representation is so 2016.

Somehow, these absentee congresspeople don’t stop to realize that even if they manage to avoid being disqualified by the Contraloría and then go on to win the election for which the CNE hasn’t yet set a date, they’re really just booking a ticket to irrelevance, at best, and an Helicoide cell at worst, because, um, Venezuela will still be a dictatorship when this latest electoral orgy is over (if it ever happens).

And someone has to explain to me how in God’s name these people will ask for my vote when they’re not doing the very thing that I gave them my vote to do in the first place. Maybe they have an electoral base I’m not aware of that they haven’t yet managed to piss off. And still, despite all reasonable assumptions, the lure of local power and their own budgets to execute is too strong, however short lived, however vacuous, however futile. 

Flying the flag of “defending their spaces,” MUD deputies are abandoning their Assembly spaces wholesale, and their electoral base as well, rushing into an illusory cohabitation with dictatorship that promises to do nothing but stabilize chavismo’s power.

MUD keeps scoring own-goals at the moment when it can least afford to. With the government plainly pursuing an agenda of decimating the big opposition parties or putting them under its dictatorial boot, MUD needs the rank-and-file’s energy more than ever to stay relevant, hell, to stay alive even. Instead, they keep alienating us and demonstrating, more and more, that they kinda just don’t care anymore.

After the squalid 30-minute session, the few lawmakers in attendance had the courtesy to vacate the premises in time for the National Constituent Assembly to hold its afternoon plenary and carry on writing their communist constitution. At least someone’s taking full advantage of that space.

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  1. Good riddance. They have made themselves irrelevant. With no money to campaign with, we wonder what promises the MUD candidates are making…politicians all.

    Instead of turning the lights off, how about setting the building on fire, so like the phoenix bird, we can dream about a new AN rising from the ashes.

  2. I am not voting ever again for anyone in the mud. They can go off themselves.

    If it is a dictatorship then so be it, lets not beat around the bush and validate it even more giving some useless seats to a bunch of cronies passing up for opposition.

    Until a real option arrives , if ever

  3. they are defeated and they know it, those that will not be imprisoned or force to live in exiled will be cooperating as fake oppo or simply being part of the monster, after all corruption is one of the Chavista regime greatest glue, in other words Jaque mate.

  4. This is about how it always goes… they run from one bag of food to the next, like little birds.

    Never mind the disaster they leave the country after a pathetic set of votes and bending over every time Maduro and the Chavistas came at them.

    VZ is absolutely getting the gubmint they deserve.

    • People who were deceived by these swindlers don’t fucking deserve anything, moron, those people weren’t mind readers to know what they were going to do.

      • Voters in VZ chose put Maduro and the chavistas in power. Then they realized that they had given them too much. Maduro and team made the MUD look like fools this whole year and now the AN is dissolved with no checks against Maduro.

        But the people want socialist rule and free bags of food. Neither political caucus is offering anything but more handouts. Name one MUD politician who has called for an end to clap bags?

        Name one political point of view that has articulated a positive idea on how to bring private Enterprise out of the trash bin?

        There are no new ideas, just a bunch of socialists with no idea of how to pay for more free stuff.

        How on Earth does anyone expect this is going to get any better?

        • “Voters in VZ chose put Maduro and the chavistas in power.”

          That was a fraud, everybody knows that.

          “Then they realized that they had given them too much…

          …But the people want socialist rule and free bags of food.”

          Brainwashing and conditioning that started decades back.

          “Name one MUD politician who has called for an end to clap bags?”

          They’re colluded with the regine, and their recent actions have shown that.

          “Name one political point of view that has articulated a positive idea on how to bring private Enterprise out of the trash bin?”

          MCM did, but then she was banished from all the little remaining opposition-controlled media, that’s the punishment for proposing capitalism in a country that’s been colonized by communists.

          “There are no new ideas, just a bunch of socialists with no idea of how to pay for more free stuff.”

          As I said before, the MUD is allied with the regime in keeping the status quo.

          Again, the people that didn’t have voting age in 1998 aren’t guilty of this, simply because they didn’t vote for that pile of manure that’s chavismo, all the other elections that came later whenre chavismo “won” were frauds, because the first thing chavismo did was to seize the CÑE, simple as that, as they begun with their frauds as fast as 1999 with the first prostituyente.

          People who hasn’t know what was in the 4th but were raised in this chavista Venezuela and have been screwed or killed by this dictatorship don’t deserve this crap, so stop putting the blame on them.

          • We live in a Creation we do not understand. So we look to others to literally tell us how we should live, and if that resonates within us, we go with it. In other words, clear thought like yours is at a premium – even when others knee-jerk react against it because they’ve been “programmed” differently to displace responsibility away from themselves.

  5. The entire month of August should have been dedicated to opposing the illegal July 30 elections, but the government got the opposition to bicker at each other instead. Wow…

  6. It’s over. CC is irrelevant now, more than ever. Logic is also irrelevant.

    It’s time to throw in the towel and kiss it all goodbye.


    Any future commentary here is worthless, even more worthless than previously posted. Time to stop wasting our time

    • maybe you are right? communist/socialist head to the Jungle and line up to fight a gorilla war. Do those in favor of democracy head for the capitals of the world and line up for their lattes?

    • Ira, one variable you left out: these guys cannot govern and will run this country into the ground at an exponential pace with no checks and balances on their power.

      I think this will only change once things get so bad that the poor people start coming down from the hills.

      When that happens, the resistance will join in as well. Round 3 will be the final round and there will be over 1000 deaths, which will only increase international pressure for a humanitarian intervention.

      It would be over and not worth commenting if these Chavistas could actually govern and had the bank to do so. All they have is repression and nothing more. That can only last for so long.

      The value of the CCS Chronicles is the economic focus and this will eventually do them in.

      Give it till November-December and things will start to flame up again.

      • La teoría de que el chavismo va a colapsar por sí mismo ha sido refutada milllones de veces por la realidad. Me da flojera volverlo a hacer. Sólo hay que mirar los hechos y entender cuál es el propósito y la ideología del enemigo. Eso no va a ocurrir.
        Sobre la relevancia de CC, yo supongo que sigue siendo una página bastante útil y relevante para los tenedores de bonos y demás alimañas. Piénsalo.

  7. Emiliana, could you publish the names of those who DID attend and are running for Governor. Probably a big ZERO, as that would be a disqualification at least, and jail card most, since the Oderbrecht corruption scandal is all about Chavista pay for play

    • Oh, the other diputados who are candidates also didn’t show up (Luis Florido, Ismael García, Laidy Gómez, etc), but they at least had the decency to send their substitues.

  8. Honestly, it’s time to accept the fact that Venezuela is the next Cuba. Leave if you can or prepare to submit. The only ones that will end up in prison are those dealing through the US financial system with drug money and that are stupid or arrogant enough to leave Venezuela.

  9. Yes Emiliana, it is all the MUD’s fault. They are all in cahoots with the government, Julio Borges is Godgiven’s partner, Ramos Allup is Jorge Rodriguez’ secret lover. Let us not vote next election, just like you did in 2005, or even vote ever again. Are you aware that these people have not been paid for months? Yet, they were supposed travel from Delta Amacuro and Tachira (just try that) for a two hour session in Caracas to sign a “declaration” that has no effect at all.

    So what is your plan? Calle y mas calle? Good luck with that.

    • “What is your plan?” Is an argumentative fallacy, learn another excuse before ridiculing yourself with that question again.

      The “Calle y más calle” plan, as much disorganized as it was, hat the regime against the wall, they had to focus every resource on repression instead of retaining their clienteles.

      The protests didn’t worked as fast as they could have because from the very start the MUD didn’t want to have any street protest, so they left the people to “descargar la arrechera” without any direction whatsoever, resulting in a much higher count of casualties that came only from the opposition side, while not a single repressor kicked the bucket as people believed that even defending their own lives would be considered “too radical”.

      “Let us not vote next election, just like you did in 2005, or even vote ever again. ”

      From this we understand that you voted in the prostituyente fraud then.

      Also, do some research instead of yapping the same ridiculous lies that have been repeated adnauseam since 2005.

      “Are you aware that these people have not been paid for months? ”

      If they have no income then how they manage to eat? How they manage to pay their other bills then?

      “Yet, they were supposed travel from Delta Amacuro and Tachira (just try that) for a two hour session in Caracas to sign a “declaration” that has no effect at all.”

      It’s their obligation as congressmen, they voluntarily went to the AN elections and people voted for them so they would fill their duty.

      So according to you the better choice is to simply GIVING UP THE SPACE and never do anything with the AN again because what comes from there “won’t have any effect at all”, then what value has this or any election? Do you realize the incredibly stupid thing you just said? “Abandon that space because it’s too difficult to go to another one, which won’t have any effect at all, but it’s from walking distance”.

      I won’t use against you your own fallacy of asking “What do you propose?” because anything that you might type will be distilled idiocy.

  10. And in the meanwhile, people from VP are making tweets such as “Important people from PJ in that list… what a lack of example”… It’s all just so freaking bad. I can’t believe how far we are digging into the pile of sh*t.

  11. First of all: this is an extremely well written piece and I must congratulate you for your capacity to put down thoughts and feelings into paper.

    And then I must say I totally share your frustration and incomprehension even though – f’kin believe it or not- lots of “grown ups” do not feel the same way. I am referring to, you know, the sixty and seventy year olders who abused of the post 1950’s bonanza and got us in this craphole by chanting the creed of how you should never get into politics and then themselves either voted for Chavez or just spoke trash of every politician out there. That segment of confused oldies still wants to believe that elections is the only way out of this mess. Although it doesn’t cross their minds how ridiculous that sounds when -on the other hand- they cry out dictatorship and tyranny.

      • Aye. Is far too easy to accept whatever scraps the dictatorship offers to you when you already have a house, a car and a formed family. Us in othe younger generations know that we simply can’t form a family on this country as long as the regime is still in power, so the options are fight or leave. Is that simple.

  12. Excelente resumen de la situación política en Venezuela a día de hoy. La frase de presentación “The people who asked for my vote in 2015…” es para enmarcar.

  13. “If they default they will be out of government within three months,” says Federico Kaune, head of emerging market debt at UBS Asset Management. “The calculation is that they’re either in government, in exile or jail.”

    This just in from Financial Times. Once the Cavistas are out, who the hell will fill the void? MUD? LL. Cantinflas?

    And Jesus wept ….

  14. Folks, once the regime is deprived of funds, their whole house of cards will crash. It is taking too long to see the announced “strong and swift” sanctions with a “bite”, but they will come.

    There are very few alternatives if we are looking for someone to lead the reconstruction of Venezuela. In retrospect, this recent episode of petty selfishness, aiming for the state/local elections has helped immensely with the task of identifying within the Oppo who can lead.

    The person has to be dignified and courageous, with a clear, unwavering purpose and willing to put everything on the line. For a change, let’s aim for a person that has a profession, not just a politician. That will lend support to the much needed good will, both at home and abroad.

    MCM is, in my humble opinion, worth or serious consideration. She had the guts to call the biggest traitor in the history of Venezuela a thief, when he was at his best. That shows the stock she is made of. With MCM at the helm, in a short time the ship can be righted.

    • Estoy de acuerdo con todo lo que dices, menos con el primer párrafo.
      El castillo de naipes no se va a caer solo. Está demostrado.

      • A credible threat of intervention is obviously necessary. Enough with the empty “everything is on the table” discourse. Otherwise, an epic humanitarian disaster would to take place.
        First things first. Let the regime find itself with no bucks…and let’s see if their buck roger operators stay loyal. Some have not choice, cause they are targets for the long arm of justice, but I have an inkling that most (in the FANB) wont and will try to deal.

  15. I read a post from @alexvallenilla that said in 1998 elections, 3.600.000 + voted for Chavez, 2.600.000+ voted for Salas Romer and 4.200.000 abstained …

  16. “And someone has to explain to me how in God’s name these people will ask for my vote when they’re not doing the very thing that I gave them my vote to do in the first place. Maybe they have an electoral base I’m not aware of that they haven’t yet managed to piss off.”

    Then again thousands and thousands of people will vote for those bogus MUD diputados, and many will become Governors, etc. Why? Because of something no one likes to admit in public: the voters are mostly average ‘pueblo’ people who, sadly, are a LOT less informed than most readers here. And, they are also often (not always, I wrote often..) severely under-educated AND often highly corruptible.

    Yes, our beloved ‘pueblo’ will once again take the politicians’ bait, and vote for whomever offers them more crap. Food, medicine, viviendas.. work.. whatever. The vast majority doesn’t have a clue what a ‘diputado’ should be doing, or what Separation of Powers means. They usually can’t discern between empty lies and surreal promises among twisted politicians, whether they are Chavistas or Muddy MUD’s.. The levels of ignorance, gullibility, and populacherismo are very high among the average voters,”el gobielno” is supposed to provide everything..

    That’s why the avaricious, power-hungry Muddy politicians are all out there except where they should be, campaigning. They are also often Corrupt, and or highly corruptible, most of them, yes the “opposition”, much like our “pueblo” are no saints either. They are after money and power. Most of them. Including old gizzards like HRA or Borges, even the younger generation, most want a piece of the pie. They are just not as horrible as the Chavista thugs and criminals now in power, but they are shyt too.

    That’s nothing new in Kleptozuela, if you remember the MUDs we used to have during 4 decades before Chavismo.. AD/Copey alcaldes, gobelnadores y diputados.. often corrupt too.

    Ignorance, under-education, low moral values and Corruption: Never fails to explain everything in Kleptozuela. Both at the popular, people level and at the political levels, including this new, dubious “MUD”..

    • They take the “vote bait” because that sounds much more attractive in theory than protesting and risking from being killed or kidnapped in the worst cases to simply being insulted by an idiot in the “best” case.

      Besides, protests are the most difficult way to get rid of the regime.

  17. Emiliana – I had no idea what you do. You are a wonder. Don’t feel alone – I’ve run into the same thing, making a pendejo out of myself, staying until 3 am to clean up an accumulation of other people’s “I’ll do it later (or not at all)”.

  18. P.S. There’s always some little light left on. (I used to love driving to downtown L.A. very late at night, w-a-y past working hours – and seeing the isolated one or two lights in huge sky-scraper office buildings. Maybe some were cleaning crews, but I know not all of them.)

  19. I have to say, that I didn’t think it would come to pass. Members of a properly democratically elected body (AN), deserting their posts because they THINK it might be better to run for a different office… providing Chavismo allows them to run for office???

    What makes these stooges think that Chavismo will allow these “governorships” to have any more responsibility than a dog catcher? With the stroke of a pen, Delcy will relegate any governorship to meaninglessness.

    IDIOTS! Have you been emasculated? You already have a full time job with the AN… a job that an actual population, YOUR CITIZENRY, under democratic conditions elected you to. And you run away, because Maduro ignores the AN? THEY WILL IGNORE YOU NO MATTER WHAT POSITION YOU HOLD. Cabello and Delcy will see to that.

    I guess I don’t know what to think. I admire Venezuelans so much. I thought so much greatness was coming after the latest protests. People sacrificed their lives.

    Now this garbage.

  20. If the legitimate AN caves in and falls apart so will Int’l support for it..There will be nothing to support. All this fight will have been in vain…No good…They better go to work….

  21. Emi, you’re right-on. The MUD is dead, the street abandoned. Venezuelan Oppo leaders have proven once-for-all that they are worthless for solving Venezuela’s problems.


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