Last night, OAS’ Secretary General, Luis Almagro, went public with a video (transcribed here) in which he:

  1. Acknowledges the electoral malpractice of last Sunday’s elections;
  2. Rejects “all illegitimate acts carried out by illegitimate governments” and;
  3. Rebukes the political shitshow the chavista government is putting on in Venezuela.

“The results of an election in a country with no guarantees for the effective exercise of democracy cannot be recognized” he says.

Meaning that he is, of course, aware of how PSUV uses its power to blackmail its voters and abuse voting where there are no opposition electoral witnesses. He knows the relocation scheme played its role (201 centers with 620,000 voters affected) and the abstention was fed through the disqualification of candidates (Capriles and D’Elia in Miranda, Azuaje in Barinas, Guarulla in Amazonas, Giménez in Monagas, Scarano in Carabobo, and many others). Almagro’s words replicate those of the U.S. government, Spain, France, Canada, the European Union as a whole and the Lima Group.

Interestingly enough, bullets were shot at the MUD, too. “It is clear that any political force that agrees to participate in an election without guarantees becomes an essential tool of the eventual fraud, and shows that it has no democratic reflexes to protect the rights of the people, in this case, the right to the vote.”

The elected governors from AD and (Primero Justicia) are analyzing whether to be sworn in front of the ANC or not.

This is not the first time Almagro takes a jab at our dear oppo leadership. Earlier this month, he said that sanctions against chavista figures should be harsher and that the opposition should get on board. I’ll rephrase: Almagro scolded and reprimanded Venezuela’s opposition for not being ballsy strict enough.

This all makes sense to anyone who demands and expects coherence from political leaders against a dictatorship, so what’s the problem?

Well, Antonio Ecarri Bolívar, Vice President of Acción Democrática, declared on a radio interview this morning that “the elected governors from AD and (Primero Justicia) are analyzing whether to be sworn in front of the ANC or not.”

Voters, he says, want their elected governors to actually take charge of their new duties, “but we really gotta think this through, because that’s an illegal and illegitimate Constituent Assembly.”

I don’t get it.

Just four days ago, Gerardo Blyde, national coordinator for the Unidad’s campaign, went on the record stating that elected governors from the opposition would not stand before the Constituent Assembly to be sworn in.

Cynics would say that AD is testing the waters to see how we swallow that pill and, if the uproar is tame, take charge of governorships that are still vulnerable to the dictatorship’s whims.

When asked about Almagro’s statement, Ecarri replied…wait for it…“we cannot do everything he says… hay que conservar los espacios.”


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  1. “It is clear that any political force that agrees to participate in an election without guarantees becomes an essential tool of the eventual fraud, and shows that it has no democratic reflexes to protect the rights of the people, in this case, the right to the vote.”

    LOL, he’s been reading the posts of some of us infesting this site.

  2. Cynics would say that AD had a political deal with the government. Cynics would say that AD was “helped” win. I would never think that, of course.

  3. “the elected governors from AD and (Primero Justicia) are analyzing whether to be sworn in front of the ANC or not.”

    They know they will do it since the ANC was elected.

    This people are not opposition , they are part of the regime by now and aprt of the political system which makes them complicit with the destruction of the nation. They are an accesory of the crime.

  4. “the elected governors from AD and (Primero Justicia) are analyzing whether to be sworn in front of the ANC or not.”

    I looked this up in the dictionary and found it next to the word, traitor.

  5. The opposition may not have a plan B, and very likely they didn’t have a plan A in the first place, but the government has a plan A, B, C, D. It is more likely to see, not only AD, but the entire MUD takin a side with AD on this one. Allup just Twitted in favor of Velazquez, stating that Velazquez won in Bolivar, and the CNE should recognize his win. Now, what is clear here is that not only Maduro, but Allup, AD and the usual suspect UNT want to keep the CNE where it is. There seems to be a bigger plan for the presidential elections, if it happens.

  6. The article’s name makes it seem that Almagro is the one wrong here, when it’s the other way around, it should be called “Ecarri Vs the common sense”

  7. When I got this post on my e-mail it had a different title.

    I thought the idea on the title would be further ellaborated upon, but it only added the “bong hit” bit.

  8. Unfucking believable that Ecarri concedes to brown nose Maduro on the issue of swearing upon the ANC.

    So, how far would pragmatism sink Venezuela.

    They should swear upon the mothers and the fathers of the 165 people that lost their lives in summer.

    What a cocksucker!

  9. Almagro calls it like it is! The illegitimacy of the current gov’t in Venezuela can only result in fraudulent and illegitimate elections. You can dress up the monkey with the semblance of democracy but in the end the simian’s still an ape. Why if Almagro can cut through the bs is the CCs analysis so tortured and overwrought. The ape is an ape is an ape…

  10. “The article’s name makes it seem that Almagro is the one wrong here, when it’s the other way around, it should be called “Ecarri Vs the common sense””

    “Indeed, we corrected it on the title here. Good catch.”

    If I’d have seen that title I’d have figured it was just the CC staff holding true-to-form.

    • Ramos Allup represents the bottom of the barrel of Venezuelan politics; he’s a throwback to another era and a vendido in today’s sad political scene. Whatever he says, thinks or imagines is to be ignored

  11. If the elected opposition governors recognize the legitimacy of the ANC that will be the end to an organized opposition in Venezuela. What a stunning turn of events. Either MUD would win or the election would be a fraud and the world had already declared the ANC to be illegitimate. Those two ideas prevailed up to this electionow That has all been lost in a few days. The Chavista victory at the ballot has been conceded as legitimate here on this blog and now the even more appalling ANC may be legitimized by opposition candidates who won.What is the strategy here or is there just a collective death wish.

    • Death wish, what else?

      Venezuela is now officially FUBAR.

      PS: William Crispin says more with 10 words than I can say with a thousand.

    • “that will be the end to an organized opposition in Venezuela.”

      Such thing doesn´t exist already.

      I really hope Maria Corina and Leopoldo can disband from the MUD, denounce the adecos and UNT and simply make a new real coalition to take the streets. Even including Marea Socialista would be a good idea, as well as doing a tactical reaching out to Luisa Ortega. If Capriles still have their wits about him he should take the proper side as well.

      All factors that are willing to really fight the government should join against collaborators like Allup , Rosales and Falcón who should be considered part of chavismo , period.

      The next round of protest should be against the hegemony that controls the MUD first to oppose the governmet next with a degree of legitimacy at least.

      And just think that the next in line to precede the senate after Borges will be from UNT… no way , enough is enough.

      • Look, I totally agree with you.

        But what the hell is it with politics south of the (U.S.) border being discussed that always brings up the word “hegemony?”

        Drives me fucking crazy, because in all usages I’ve seen, it doesn’t mean anything. Just used in a negative context to attack, but attack exactly WHAT!?

          • I do indeed own a dictionary!

            But that word “domination” is pretty fucking ambiguous.

            So based on today’s horrible proliferation and “cultural” influence of Hip Hop music…

            The worst garbage ever produced and shouldn’t be considered music in the first place…

            Are you claiming that Hip Hop represents American “hegemony,” based on your definition above?

            It’s a meaningless word.

  12. The Washington Post weighs in on Venezuelan ‘derelection’ results but seems to have also been conned into thinking that fair elections were possible. They do get one thing right though in noting, “Mr. Maduro has been a spectacular failure at governing, but under the tutelage of his Cuban overseers he has succeeded in closing off almost all avenues for change.” Regrettably they forget to say that the inept oppo has also helped Sr. Maduro:

  13. “The hope for change in Venezuela suffers a crushing blow”

    I’d like to personally thank all those who participated in the election for doing their part to make that crushing blow possible.

    That includes my woman, though her kids were smart enough to abstain.

  14. Today, I welcomed my 7th relative coming to Miami and trying to leave the shithole, one of my. favorite nephews. (His mother is the die-hard Chavista cunt I’ve often mentioned here, one of my wife’s sisters.)

    Unfortunately, although his wife and one of his young sons have passports and visas, the 2-year-old has neither. And what the hell are the chances he’ll ever see a newly issued passport for his child?

    It’s a fucking nightmare, because he’s going to have to go back and not overstay his visa, for risk of ruining it for all of them.

  15. No Ira, while she’s definitely more astute and attentive to politics than the average Venezuelan (whose main interest is finding something to eat today), she, like most other Venezuelans, still actually believes there’s a reason to get out there and vote……that somehow elections mean something. Chavez, the Cubans, and now Maduro, know this about the population and have used elections successfully for almost 2 decades now to both strengthen their positions and keep their international foes at arm’s length.

    When the history of this cluster fuck is written, the turning point will be viewed as 1 August when HRA said on national television that instead of continuing to apply heat on the streets, the MUD would go to regional elections. The final nail in the coffin was 15 October. Everything that those of us who screamed would happen with this fraud election, happened, and then some, like the MUD “winners” now contemplating if they’ll present themsevles before the ANC.

    The country’s done, put a fork in her.

    • Don’t ever think outside military intervention is out of the question.

      And of course, it’s going to be U.S. inspired, involved, and funded for allied participation or diplomatic approval. (Funding is a very grey area tied into our allies. Colombia will say yes to anything for a few million bucks.)

      People just don’t know Trump. What kind of guy he is. And he really cares. Children dying. Nothing will not happen. Something will.

      He has only begun to tighten the screws to get Chavismo out, and that’s within his FIRST year in office. Most important:

      With the potentially catastrophichuge flashpoints Trump has to face now (N Korea, Iran, fucking Turkish, Syrian, etc. problems), VZ is an easy fix and something you can easily rack up on the plus column.

      And that’s politics.

      I don’t see many people bitching about Bush and Panama, do you?

      • “I don’t see many people bitching about Bush and Panama, do you?”

        Or Reagan and Grenada, but Venezuela is not Grenada, or Panama. Of course the US military can kick Venezuela’s military arse any day, and twice on Sunday, but it will be harder than Panama, with Kansas farmer boys going home in body bags. And the question you have to ask yourself is why should Kansas farmer boys do a job that Venezuelans should be doing for themselves? Are there no balls in Venezuela? The country lost 150 people during the brief months of Resistencia. Was that sacrifice in vain? Where is the follow through? Is Venezuelan freedom worth so little that the remaining Venezuelans are not willing to get their hands dirty to fight for it?

        It is not just that the human, political, and economic cost for any countries that participate in an invasion make that scenario unlikely. I am opposed to outside military intervention because it is the easy and lazy way out for Venezuelans. I am convinced at this point that Venezuela will not get rid of Maduro without bloodshed, but it has to be Venezuelan blood that is shed. If Venezuelans organized a paramilitary movement to oppose the government and little by little exploit the government’s weaknesses and take territory from it, then I would be happy to see an international effort to provide logistic and material support to that movement, but the fighting has to be done by Venezuelans. And yes, I mean “take territory” from the illegitimate Maduro government as in a Civil War. I wish there was another way, but I don’t see it. With logistic support from Colombia, and financial support from the US and the EU, would it be impossible to start with Tachira, Merida, and Zulia (where everybody and their uncle hates Maduro) and move east?

        Without a cost in Venezuelan lives I am afraid that people will in time forget how bad things where in the country. The nightmare scenario that I keep playing in my mind is that after a few cycles of fat cows and skinny cows, with the country’s fortunes improving or declining according to the oil market, the day will come when some new caudillo will attempt a coup against a future Venezuelan government. The day after the coup attempt, Caldera 2.0 will stand in congress, not condemning the coup attempt, but criticizing the government for its lack of solidarity with the suffering masses, a speech calculated not to solve the country’s problems, but to improve his own chances at election (or re-election, as was the case with Caldera 1.0). After being successfully elected, Caldera 2.0 will pardon the coup organizers. He will realize that by so doing he is opening the door to the possibility that the bastards will run for office, but he will reason: “Unlikely that they will win, but if they do win and the shit hits the fan we can always ask the Marines to solve our problems. Besides, I will be dead by then, so what do I care? In the meantime I’ll look like a magnanimous guy. Maybe I’ll even get a Nobel Peace prize. I deserve it.”

        • Confundes a Venezuela con sus élites políticas. La gente se sumaría a una lucha contra la dictadura sin dudarlo. La gente lo ha hecho. Lo que ha faltado es dinero, organización y disciplina. El ciudadano promedio participaría en esa lucha, pero no es capaz de dirigirla.

          Mientras la MUD sabotee desde adentro todos los intentos de rebelión y ofrezca una falsa salida electoral,va a estar muy difícil que los venezolanos se puedan liberar.

          Hay algo que Estados Unidos sí puede hacer por nosotros. Sancionar a políticos de la MUD. Por ejemplo, sancionar a los gobernadores adecos cuando éstos se juramenten ante la ANC. Eso sería un duro golpe para los colaboracionistas.

  16. Anyone that swears in front of the ANC pisses on the graves of everyone person that has died protesting the narco-criminal regime.
    Does Venezuela have any real men that will fight to free their country from these Castro supported criminals?

    • “Does Venezuela have any real men that will fight to free their country from these Castro supported criminals?”
      I don’t think so, if it does there are very few at this moment in time I am afraid. “Real men in Venezuela” are standing on the corner tomandose un polar lite y hablando paja pana.

  17. What little popularity or credibility that AD “refound” in 2015 is being flushed down the toilet. Even if they were only being seen as the lesser of two evils they are now losing that title. As soon as some one new takes center stage people will abandon AD so fast the Allup’s head will spin. They prefer to tun a State (as if their powers won’t be curtailed) than a Country. They appear so desperate for a tiny portion of power that they would even consider being sworn in in front of a fraudulent body, the ANC. This is insolito… International support for the Opposition will dry up and the ANC will be legitimized. What the heck were all the protests of the first half of the year for ??? And the students and protesters ??? Was it all in vain??? This is truly shocking. Although I saw the the side of “we must vote”, I am now beginning to weigh in my support with Maria Corina. The damage done by participating in the vote (legitimizing the ANC) could be worse than abstention. Let’s watch closely where this goes in the next few days. MUD’s statements and actions will be pivotal and decisive in the coming days.

  18. This blog has really gone down the sewer in the last while but specifically so since the arrival of the rabid Trumpistas. The language is more foul, vulgar, sexist, xenophobic, so on and so forth. The discussion is narrow, repetitive and constraining. Ideas are seldom valued unless they validate some preconceived ideology or worldview. Perhaps the forum is starting to mirror the dereliction and deterioration going on in Venezuela but I think it’s a little more than simply that. This social media outlet, perhaps like most of its kind, is neither social, sociable nor does it embrace sociability. It has become brute, raw, vulgar media, more like the surface of a bathroom stall. It wasn’t always like that. I think the rabid Trumpistas have ruined it and that’s too bad. For my part, I will not be returning, not even as a reader. I urge the mediators to do something to pull the forum out of the gutter – if such a thing is possible.

    • From the moment Trump was elected President, this site began bashing him. President Trump opposes Maduro and his regime. You oppose Trump. Who’s side does that put you on?

      • President Donald J. Trump was elected and in a short while MUD spoke out against him. All but calling him the devil.

        Maduro told him to mind his own bidnes and “gringo stay Nord!”

        And every contributor to this site gas denounce him. Yet he is the only world leader to have taken a concrete set if steps to put pressure on Maduro.

        I guess what the site contributors really want is another communist to speak out and denounce Maduro as a lightweight and show everyone how socialism really works.

        • “Maduro told him to mind his own bidnes and “gringo stay Nord!””

          sack o’ coccaine actually said to Trump “Here’s 500 grand for your takeover ceremony, please don’t look over here and keep buying Venezuelan oil”

      • I totally agree, Trump as Venezuela in his sights from the first day he took office. Venezuela is in the shithole its in right now bcuz a spineless cocksucker cunt named Obama didn’t do anything for 8 fucking years. That piece of shite stood by and watched and I the end went to Cuba to suck the cocks of the Castro’s. I think we, who want to see Venezuela free, should be praying and thanking every God “known” to mankind (I’m an convinsted atheists) for having Trump as the US president. I really hope he gets a second term in office as well because WE NEED TRUMP as long as possible.

    • Balsatar…

      Can you send us your rule book on how we’re supposed to think and express ourselves? Seriously, many of us here need your help.

      Because we didn’t know you were proclaimed the thought and posting police president, and we just don’t know how you want us to behave. But we’re all adults here, and using “fuck” in a sentence sure couldn’t offend anyone, could it?

      The people visiting and posting on this site are more knowledgeable about VZ politics than 90% of today’s world leaders.

      How dare you suggest that because you don’t like what you’re hearing, that the content here has degraded to a level unacceptable to you.

  19. There is high drama going on right now.
    The ANC ceremony for the swearing-in of the new governors – which was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon – was deferred till this morning (Wednesday) at 11:00. No explanation was offered for the postponement.

    La Patilla around noon on Tuesday reported that the opposition governors-elect would NOT attend this ceremony. The article gave the impression that none of the opposition governors would present themselves to the ANC, but it was of interest that only the PJ governor was quoted in the article. There was no comment from any of the AD governors.

    “Proclamado Gobernador del Zulia reitero que no nos arrodillaremos ante nadie. Sólo ante Dios, el pueblo zuliano y la Constitución”, dijo el gobernador electo de Zulia, el opositor Juan Pablo Guanipa, adelantando que no acudiría al acto de juramentación del martes.

    It occurs to me belatedly that the Chavistas might have overplayed their hand by insisting that the governors have to be sworn in before Delcy’s Clown Colony. A simple refusal by the opposition governors to attend means that the regime faces a lose-lose decision. The ANC can declare the newly elected governors disbarred from taking office, and then will need to defend this move against the avalanche of international opprobrium which will hit them. (“Newly elected opposition governors not allowed to assume office on the whim of the regime. Just another day in a participatory democracy?”) Alternatively, it can climb down (personally humiliating for people like Jorge Rodriguez and Diosdado Cabello) humiliatio and allow the reluctant governors to assume their roles for the time being, signalling that the ANC is neither omnipotent nor respected as a legitimate constitutional entity.

    The regime has only one way to avoid this dilemma. It is no doubt working on the AD governors-elect with stick and carrot right now to convince them to prostrate themselves before Delcy para “conservar los espacios entre sus orejas”. I am sure that this is the reason for the unexplained postponement.

    • But at this point is not even collaboration anymore, is just a lamb willingly going to the slaughterhouse, they can go to the ANC and bend the knee to Delcy and still get screw, if they really believe declaring submission to the ANC will be a guarantee that their espacios seran conservados so they can steal whatever crumbs fall from chavistas mouths, they not only naive, their IQ is on the negative side, but hey that would explain they getting screw even as a chavistas collaborators

  20. The MUD should explain why about a third of the actas in Miranda were missing and not in the hands of the witnesses as they were supossed to be:


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