What Fraud Looks Like

Infographics by @modografico

With more fraudulent actas on the way, word around MUD halls is that Andrés Velazquez’s lead —and victory— over Justo Noguera in Bolívar will exceed 2000 votes.

Here’s the fraud in Bolívar so far, in all its fraudulent glory.

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    • It does make a difference:

      It finally shuts up those who always were blaming everything on “those who didn’t vote because playita and birritas” because they never wanted to face the reality: That chavismo has stolen every election since 2004 simply stuffing votes and changing numbers, the most simply way of making a fraud.

      It’s the finish of the word “triquiñuela”, that imbecilic euphemism used because “fraud” was seemingly forbidden under penace of immediate execution in the spot.

      • “That chavismo has stolen every election since 2004 simply stuffing votes and changing numbers, the most simply way of making a fraud.”

        So, what happened in 2007 and 2015?

        There was all sorts of fairness issues with a vastly uneven playing field, busing whole housing groups to the voting station, threats, intimidation, whole resources of the state being used for campaign and vote buying, ‘minor’ fraud, etc….but this outright blatant and massive ballot fraud is vastly different scale.

        • Stop worrying about which instance of fraud was bigger or smaller. It’s pointless!

          Just embrace the truth and move forward:


        • “So, what happened in 2007 and 2015?”

          In 2007 military sectors headed by Baduel threatened the corpse with an inmediate coup if he didn’t accepted the actual election result, he thrashed a couple of offices at Miraflores, which can be noted in his tattered knuckles when he was giving his pathetic post-election speech.

          He also went and immediatly defecated all over the people’s will by forcing everything via enabling laws after he took Baduel out of the way.

          In 2015, jorgito rodíguez ass-pulled the “chisme de vieja loca” that MUD had made the fraud and took three congressmen from the 112 majority.

          It’s said that MUd actually got over 150 seats at that election, but via fraud chvismo managed to steal almost 40.

          Letting the opposition “win” some crumbs is a way to cover up the fraud, come on, dude, grow up already, they have been stealing all the elections.

          • Yes. Winning some crumbs is one thing (like this election). Letting the opposition win two thirds of the seat in 2015 (even though they ended up effecting taking 3 of those seats) is not crumbs. Believe it or not, the results and aftermath of the election forced the regime to go full dictatorship and helped/pushed the international community to finally start ‘calling a spade a spade’.

            But clearly after that election there would never be anything even remotely in the ballpark of allowing a possible oppo victory. And with the confirmed million +, massive fraud on June 30, the MUD should not have even considered taking part in these sham elections.

          • “Letting the opposition win two thirds of the seat in 2015 (even though they ended up effecting taking 3 of those seats) is not crumbs.”

            Yes, those were crumbs too, because they invalidated and hijacked the AN ANYWAY with the “crazy crone tale” about the “pay 2.000Bs to vote for the MUD” rumor that joge started, to immediately declare that “you simply don’t win, that’s not allowed, period”

            “Believe it or not, the results and aftermath of the election forced the regime to go full dictatorship and helped/pushed the international community to finally start”

            chavismo became a full-fledged dictatorship the very second that shiabbe ordered the colectivos to rain gunfire on the people in april 11 of 2002.

        • MUD has been acting as the regime’s firefighters since 2005, when HRA himself sent people home and suspended the plan to oust the regime, where the country would have been overtaken by protests until the regime had repeated the AN elections.

          Stopping and killing the street has been the MUD’s work since a long time, the best scenario for chavismo is when people doesn’t protest.

  1. It does make a difference, it’s one thing that we all know they cheat every time (almost never know exactly how), but it’s the first time we actually have hard evidence to prove it. We can say whatever we want, but without actual prove, we got nothing.

  2. Wouldn’t a photo of Lucena have served equally as well?

    BTW, for those of you who are perplexed and concerned by the kid-glove handling of regime fraud by CC writers, I suggest you read the two excellent posts by Kribaez in the article “Blaming the Victim”. I had missed them until checking the article today and suspect others have missed them as well.

      • The concept of “evidence” seems to elude you Quico completely.

        Where is the evidence of the 6 M voters (no votes) that psuv presumably has?
        When Ch won in 2006 with 6M he used to fill the Av. Bolívar with voters, but when was the last time Maduro fill a block?
        When Ch won the elections between 2000-2012 it was reflected in all the polls before the election, which poll now (in the last two years at least) gave psuv 6M?
        When Ch was running the campaing was about his image besides his candidates, why this time the psuv hid the image of Maduro?
        When Ch won every single election, he celebrates with supporters in the “balcón del pueblo” with real voters? Maduro probably did it this time only with cilia, the rodríguez brothers, las comadres del cne and the fanb.

        All in all, any evidence point out to a massive fraud, that “smart” people like you are making the FRAUD digestible to readers abroad, helping the cause of the regime to regain the legitimacy needed to perpetuate Maduro in power.

        The whole outcome was set up before the election. And if you are wondering why the psuv-cne-fanb didn’t win it all, let me explain it (just in case the brain is busy blaming the people):

        the psuv-cne-fanb needed the opposition leaders (not the people, who cares about the starving people, right?) to accept the results. Had the opposition leaders got zero gobernaciones, they would’ve called the fraud by its name: FRAUD, but these leaders didn’t because AD became the “largest” party among the opposition and PJ got the “important” state of ZULIA which is better than what VP got (nothing) so they are happy, and because Guanipa’s family would stop HCR and J Borges (the image of the OPPO because he is the president of the AN) to talk about FRAUD.

        In the process the psuv-cne-fanb eliminated the possibility of another competitive election because now the new conditions (the ones that let the psuv-cne-fanb inject millions of votes) are accepted by the OPPO (not the people but who cares), and the so-called “international community” will progressively accept the new status quo (thanks in part to people like CC writers and other “intellectual” people from the opposition that have accepted the new reality).

        So now the regime won legitimacy, actually now the regime will not need the ANC anymore because the psuv-cne-fanb will win any election from now on, if psuv needs 2/3 or 3/4 or 4/5 of the AN, psuv-cne will get it, if psuv needs to win the presidential election, psuv-cne-fanb will get it by any margin they want. If they need 60 million votes they will get them and the CC writers will be blaming the abstention.

        And those dumb “intellectuals” will blame the “people”, the “divisions”, the “guayabo”, popy and juan corazón and in a near future CC writers will be blaming “president trom” and “la guerra económica”.

        Actually the people who should be blamed are the so-called “intellectuals” that are accepting this FRAUD without using the “brains” they use to be called “intellectuals”.

        P.S. My opinion about what is happening in estado Bolívar: it’s just part of the same game, the regime is hiding the real FRAUD which is in the VOTES not in the ACTAS. So with this kind of articles and all the attention that estado Bolívar has had the psuv-cne-fanb are achieving their goal of burying the real reasons of the FRAUD haciendo que la gente vea para otro lado!!!

        Who cares about winning the estado Bolívar when you are losing the last window to recover the WHOLE COUNTRY!!!

          • How about you respond to the comments Kribaez made Quico? I don’t think you’ve ever referred to him as morally bankrupt, sad or having infested this site so he should be worthy of your thoughts on his positions.

          • No Quico, you deal in politics.

            You want to criticize the MUD? Go ahead. Tear them apart. They desperately need the criticism.

            But don’t put our country’s future in jeopardy just because you want to make a point. Miranda is not the entire the country (caraquenos, need to learn this); lack of proof for fraud in that state doesn’t merit a headline on an international newspaper saying chavismo won the elections without fraud. Especially when the Bolivar results were put in doubt from the very start.

            So please, next time you want to throw a post-election pataleta, don’t do it all over the Washington Post.

          • Yes, evidence. Open fraud as in Bolivar, the most egregious type, where even the one-eyed intellectual can still see it. 20% poll approval turned into 54% popular voter approval, where most non-mentally impaired can see it. And, fraud evidenced statistically, as mentioned by Kirbaez in the 2004 RR, so horrendously inflated as to be used in algorithyms to avoid similar fraud internationally, where two-eyed intellectuals can see it. And, then, of course, there’s the admission of fraud by Mugica via Smartmatic-ANC, where, presumably, FT lost his crisp new $100 bill bet. But, hey, it’s all the abstencionistas fault….

          • Mr. Quico,

            what evidence are you talking about? The only evidence you have shown are the same one from the CNE, right? you are still looking for the ACTAS, but do you really think you are dealing with innocent thugs or even stupid thugs?

            Where are the people in the “marchas” supporting the psuv? Where are the psuv in the polls? Why do you think starving people are going to vote massively in regional election for the people to force them to eat from the garbage? These evidence don’t work for you?

            The problem is which evidence you are picking: the one the cne-psuv is giving to you to spread a lie (yes, a lie, you are misleading your audience the same way CC did in all their post about the elections pre 15-oct)

            When you wake up (if you ever do it) you will realize that you were working for them and for free!!!

  3. May I suggest someone start a website where each day the following is posted: there is nothing to be done, we are powerless, the facts do not matter.

    But then, even that would actually involve volition, knowing something, and doing something.

    • There’s always hope, right cannuck? And more constitutional and democratic means by which to oust the regime, right? You say those things often, accuse those who disagree with you of being keyboard patriots, yet you never seem to offer anything other than feel-good liberal platitudes. Keyboard savior?

      There’s plenty to be done, and plenty has been suggested, you just don’t agree with the means, which is your right, though I admit I’d have more respect for your position if you had some skin in the game.

        • I don’t get this “teclado patriot” pejorative.
          We basically have two ways of dealing with disagreements:
          We either discuss ideas or we use violence.

          A teclado patriot, being someone that expresses their ideas to a wide audience in the hope more people will consider them, sounds like a compliment to me.

          • In Venezuela, the MUD has managed to contaminate the people’s head with the idea that the only ones with the right to say anything in the opposition are those who speak through the MUD-controlled media, those who don’t are called “keyboard warriors”

            That’s an insult that means that a person says a bunch of stuff but is actually a spineless coward when push comes to shove.

            It’s from the same think tank that called protesters “crazy demented chavista paid guarimberos”

  4. According to the images above, not only did they take votes from the MUD, but they also increased the total tally from 1457 to 3263. That’s a total increase of the total voters of about 124%. If this repeated throught the country, then the total number of voters was less than half of what the CNE reported, so the abstention was much, much higher; which based from the few voting centers I saw, it makes sense. So I guess we did not only win Bolivar state, but we must’ve won a quite a few more states. Not that this would make much of a difference because even if the government recognized so, they wouldn let the new MUD governors govern.

  5. Good point Charlie. I’d suggest that even with huge abstention on the part of the opposition the regime would still have lost because of the obvious reasons . Yet we still have “credible” experts assuming the races were competive and reporting such.

  6. As an unwelcome not-yet-realized result of the Miranda fraud/”abstentionist” loss, the new PSUV Miranda Governor, with his newly-purged police force, will soon be cracking many more heads of Oppo Resistance marchers, who normally begin their marches in Miranda territory, before they can even reach the traditional head-cracking grounds of Municipio Libertador–time for a change in tactics….

    • You know what NET, Mirando zoomed right over my head. What you say makes perfect sense and should have been obvious to everyone, even the CC writer fawning over the charismatic Hector Rodriguez and his courageous falling on his sword for chavismo in an unwinnable state.

    • The only “tactics” for the protests that MUD has carried out so far were “don’t do something that might topple the regime”

  7. The only thing I know about these “elections” is that there were polling places in some spots, and apparently some people did go there. In the meantime, something like 5 out of the last 9 posts I have attempted have mysteriously not appeared. I think whoever is responsible for maintaining a website that allows posts should look into the lost posts people here have reported (not just myself). Presumably the admin for the site is not located in Venezuela, so “the Chavistas ate my homework” doesn’t quite work as an excuse. I know for fact that two posts I made over a year ago were deleted from the records, and those were simply reminiscences with another American who lived in Venezuela, of what life was like in Caracas in the 1970’s – so I know someone at CC does not like me for their own strictly personal reasons. There was zero bad language, zero recriminations, zero criticisms in those posts that were deleted after having been posted, just recollections of good times. All I can assume is that someone does not want to go back into actual history about good times in Venezuela when it was predominantly free market capitalist … curious? Why would anyone want to erase history about how good free markets and capitalism are?

    The questions to ask, subjects to discuss, topics to air, include, in my opinion:
    — What did the regime gain (or lose) by these elections?
    — What did the opposition gain / lose by these elections?
    — What are the regime’s next moves?

  8. What happened to yesterday’s blog where we all piled on Francisco?

    Quico, did you actually DELETE it, or can I just not find it?

  9. This is important not because it is unexpected. This is important because we all knew the election was going to be a smokescreen for the gov to keep saying they are a democracy and now they will have a harder time getting that bullshit to be bought by outsiders.

    Is not the big revelation, is not the big turning point, it doesnt address all the reasons for the bad results in the elections – I find it kind amazing how anybody can dismiss the abstention role when I dont know you, but I spent most of the month previous to the election reading people calling the MUD traitors and voting useless; suddenly that widespread defeatist mood seems to not be relevant?.

    But it is good to have something to hit the propaganda machine inside and abroad about how they are still the choices of the masses for anybody that may be prey to fall into that trap.

  10. I have been waiting 18 years for the smoking gun, for the irrefutable evidence of tampering. For those of you who express the cynical “nothing is going to change” viewpoint, come to where the fun is, where we are celebrating that we do not have to do mental gymnastics to explain the fraud. We do not have to say anything, just show the discrepancies in the numbers. Tonight, I will toast to the witnesses in Bolivar, those who waited for the “actas,” those that made the uncovering of the fraud possible.You are heroes. Yes, we need to unpack the election, understand what happened, evaluate MUD’s leadership, the effects of the “abstencionista” movement, dig deep and figure out why negative numbers for the National Government seem to not translate to opposition victories in regional elections. Those studies need to be done, but today we have to take a moment to celebrate this gift, the indisputable, incontrovertible evidence that Chavismo changed the votes in Bolivar. Salud.

  11. I’ve voted in pretty much every election. Now, what happened in Bolivar most likely happened in every other state, Being so, why should a vote again?

    • It’s shocking to me people still fail to understand. We have the actas from every other state. We’d notice the evidence if it existed. I honestly don’t understand why this simple thing eludes people so.

        • Por supuesto que no tienen todas las actas, es mentira. Si dijeran el número real de las actas que tienen, entonces quedarían como unos estúpidos. No tienen las actas y ni siquiera saben si hubo fraude o no, pero prefieren decir que no hubo.

      • I guess I didn’t realize we had checked all the actas and found nothing wrong except for Bolivar state. Now, what I fail to understand is that fraud would be committed in one state and not the rest.

  12. La rebelion de los comentaristas batequebrados vs, Francisco Toro. ..

    Quico, no te dejes apabullar, tu razonamiento esta bien soportado, el burro es negro porque tienes los pelos en la mano.

    For english speakers, batequebrado is like an inverse foutth batter …

  13. Do you have ALL the ACTAS (supposedly 30% of Miranda are missing)? What % of actas were WITNESSED BY THE OPPO (probably less than 50%–what the Oppo claims over 50% is a lie). WHO is checking the actas to see if those cedulas reported as voting really voted, or, even if the persons represented by the cedulas even voluntarily registered to vote (probably no one)?

  14. Francisco reminds me of a bull dog prosecutor in a death penalty trial. His DNA evidence shows a billion to one proof that the accused did the crime. But the collection of the DNA, the transport, storage, access, and crime lab where the DNA was processed, are all controlled by the state, with only selected pieces of the defenses’ request to access allowed.

    The evidence of innocence is obvious to the nation, to the world, but circumstantial.

    But Francisco, closing argument, blasts the circumstantial, and proudly stands before the jury, and repeats “A billion to one” – That is the proof.

    The death of an innocent man (nation), follows……..

  15. The actas can be “in order” but that does not matter so much if you have oppo witnesses being chased out of voting centers, and then who knows what happens?

    The fingerprint machines used to unlock the voting machines will unlock as long a fingerprint, any fingerprint, is applied to it. Or does anyone really believe that they scan each fingerprint against a database in milliseconds? It would take likely hours to scan and compare each print against a database.

    Shows like CSI that pop up matches in milliseconds are just that, shows.

    The fraud occurs when you give foreigners Venezuelan cédulas, when you bus public sector employees in under threat of losing the only job they are likely to find in a Mad Max economy, when you threaten to withhold the main source of food to a hungry nation unless they vote the way you want them to.

    In 2013’s Capriles vs Maduro theft, Capriles insisted on, among other things, comparing fingerprints on voter lists to the national print database for a good reason. He knew there would be many, many fingerprints that appeared more than once with different names associated with the voter rolls.


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