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The moral and electoral defeat of 15-O represents more than defeat where you were meant to dominate; this is the moment when the MUD ceased to be a marriage and divorce began.

I mean, the same party whose leader baptised the ANC as “Prostituyente” just bent the knee and cashed the check in front of the very entity embodying the dictatorship.

It’s time for the more progressive and anti-chavista factions, like Voluntad Popular and Primero Justicia, to form their own bloc along the rest of the mavericks. It’s time to condemn parties willing to sacrifice the rest for personal gain, as sidekicks to Maduro, Diosdado and El Aissami. If those with political intuition inside the MUD have any instinct for self-preservation, they’ll realise how toxic the brand has become thanks to a handful of characters.

Twice, they have let victory slip from their hands, and each time it’s more clear that their “long term game” suits chavista interests more than it does Venezuela’s. Whether it’s intended or not is no longer relevant: the price they paid wasn’t just governor seats, it’s the toll of over 100 days of death and protesting. They chose their move, and it took them to the worst humiliation at the expense of the coalition’s interests, and those of the country.

It’s time to condemn parties willing to sacrifice the rest for personal gain, as sidekicks to Maduro, Diosdado and El Aissami.

We had no problem calling out Manuel Rosales or Henri Falcón, why should it be different with Ramos Allup and his adeco buddies?

Their reaction to a viced process, their acceptance of defeat with a pitiful “at least we tried” and their blatant disregard for decency is a new low, for an organization that had its share of dismal lows.

This puts everything in perspective. Is AD willing to play ball with fellow mudista parties, or will they boycott everything they don’t approve of? El partido del pueblo has repositioned itself as a key player at the expense of the MUD, and, like a toddler who doesn’t feel like eating, they’re willing to make a mess to get away with it.

A new age in Venezuelan politics dawns, with three major forces: chavismo, their faux, tailor-made opposition, and the true opposition. Legitimacy is at stake, and up-and-coming politicians run the risk of being buried in the sand because of selfish, power-grabbing maniacs, that brought us here in the first place.

Esto es un abuso has never caught the mood so well as today.

I can’t wrap my mind around how much of 2017 turned out to be a waste of, well, everything.

How many deaths, incarcerations, beatings, raids, abuses, torched houses, vandalized properties, millions in material damage, countless working hours and exiles, turned out to be worth little more than a check split four ways? For all our faults and shortcomings, we still deserve more than this as a nation. Esto es un abuso has never caught the mood so well as today.

The sworn-in governors wanted to hold a press conference today at the Palacio Legislativo, but got vetoed by the opposition bloc.

So, in the spirit of that, I beg you: MUD, please don’t stay together for the kids. We’re better off with a single parent than with a broken home.

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  1. Finalmente la destrucción de la MUD ha llegado. La que vaticinamos por muchos años y por la cual fuimos acusados de “radicales” y otras peroratas mas graves.


    Que venga otra vía.

  2. The cusp of molding the opposition by psuv happened when HRA became the image of the opposition. The guy who was there because psuv-TSJ gave him AD, suddenly was elected by the rest of the diputados their leader!!! From there everything could be anticipated. No RR. No new CNE. No new TSJ. No elecciones de gobernadores. No anything. Only a stronger Maduro was the result of HRA as the leader of the opposition.

    Now, if the country wants to choose a new leadership that really helps out to stop destroying the country, I suggest to choose the people that have been hammered by the government (jail, inhabilitados, no se valen shows como los de HRA insultando a un soldado en una alcabala without any consequence!). An “inhabilitado” actually has another advantage, which is that a personal agenda (like becoming next president) cannot happen. So a board only containing “inhabilitados” should be the one pulling the string of the opposition. And for God sake wake up and expelled HRA and his gobernadores and the three diputados that didn’t show up when they had to elect the new CNE.

  3. Let’s be honest here, VP and PJ were never much different. PJ split over differences in leadership style (leading to the creation of VP), but not over a truly different vision they might have had for the country.

    Now we know that HRA and AD do have a very different vision for the country than the rest of the MUD; it includes the dictatorship staying in power.

  4. Will be interesting to see what actually happens, and matters, once the money is gone. With 3 plus billion coming due in no time, bickering over power might soon look like two bald men arguing over a comb.

    I often have to remember that socialism of any form can only stand so long as there is money to pay for it. I sound like a broken record on this point but the fiction that Maduro and co. can keep muddling along indefinately, while owing billions and billions on outstanding bonds, is a fairy tale as absurd as Chavismo and the hegemony of MUD.

    I have to wonder if the whole damn thing has to totally meld down before any change is even possible. I suspect that political discussion will still get the headlines till Venezuela is forced into a primal role of simple survival. There HAS to be a tipping point at some time. No?

    I think I’m not alone in tiring of ANY political discussion because aside from the intrigue inherent in this wonky Game of Thrones – and any power struggle, and the players involved – the country seems inherently incapable of change, to say nothing of reorgainzation.

    Looks like till change is imposed, it ain’t gonna happen no how.

    And where the hell is Leopoldo Lopez?

  5. Moreover; the notion that oil imports will continue to give Maduro SOME coin is also becoming a fiction, especially over this last month, when production not only sharply plummeted, but the crude they ARE shipping is full of salt water and junk – and the Chinese and Indians are starting to sound off about it.

    “PDVSA is the only lifeline for the Venezuelan state, so reports that the one source of revenue keeping the country somewhat afloat is not only declining but is now exhibiting declining quality is alarming.

    Deteriorating quality, falling production and U.S. sanctions have led to a sharp decline in shipments from Venezuela to the U.S. refiners. For much of this year, weekly U.S. imports of Venezuelan oil bounced around between 600,000 and 800,000 bpd, sometimes going even higher. But trading volumes began to plummet about a month ago. For the week ending on October 13, U.S. purchases of Venezuelan oil dropped to just 255,000 bpd, the lowest weekly total in EIA data stretching back to 2010.”

    I’ve said this is the end game for going on two years and I’ve always been wrong. Chavismo might have MUD wrapped around its finger, but how much will that matter when the maturities go unpaid and whatever crude they ship is so bad that refineries are refusing to offload it at the terminals? And at this point, the country is so bungled up that a life raft from China or Russia seems unlikely. Word is that the Ruskies, while owning a big chunk of Citgo, are already trying to negotiate a sale of their stakes.

    • Yeah.

      This is a biggie! That hasn’t been noticed by everyone.

      Chavismo disrepair has even reached their holding tanks, and customers are refusing their sub-standard shipments.

      VZ needs every penny rightfully coming to it, but they can’t even understand the “rightfully” part of it. The country is more and more fucked every MINUTE of every DAY!

      Default? What difference does it make?

  6. If Maduro gets absolute power, he will get absolute responsibility. Venezuela is down the toilet with Maduro reaching out to pull the flush handle a few more times.

    The question becomes how bad in hell does it have to get for Maduro to leave.

  7. Jejejejejejeje……this is Venezuela…..where rite or wrong comes with a payday…….the governor elected went the easy rout…..the easy money…the luxuries……tthere is no morality in greed…….and they are all equal in this…….my favorrite….Allop exposing himself finally…jejejeje……who couldnt see it?….was the MUD judist from the beginning.
    Soon there will be Dictator elections…..and they win ..over and over…….the story is becoming boring..

  8. I have been saying this fot YEARS

    Specially about Allup and AD. Because i have been against those people forever. I fought with friends whrn i told them that the AN was a travesty and that with that guy in charge chavistas already won.

    I was told that i had a tin foil hat for saying something anyone concerned enough to follow these leaders track record can conclude. Even in this site there was a kot of apologism. I am glad some contributora are comig to terms.

    Venezuelans dont have memory. They like slogans and symbolic victories. I hope now that hunger strikes they remember.

  9. Will all due respect, but you guys had a choice.

    Her movement was the first to separate from the MUD the minute the rest of the parties decided to play along with the sham elections in the hope of getting “espacios de poder”. To me the governorship are worthless, short of looting and stealing public funds for political purposes (which goes against our principles), I don’t see the utility of having few governorship that may or may not be useful at all, considering that the socialists will create parallel governorship in places where they lost.

    We can’t rely on socialists to push for a transition of power in Venezuela, they are in the MUD exactly there to prevent that from happening.

    Now I hope you all come to your senses, because I only see lack of consistency and coherence in the opposition.

    • * Will all due respect, but you guys had a choice. Maria Corina Machado gave you the choice when she and her movement decided to split from the MUD.

  10. We should remember that the MUD is not really the opposition but mostly a temporary alliance of political parties that the opposition relied on for leadership as a matter of convenience.
    The MUD was a solution back when many in the opposition still believed in a peaceful electoral solution.

    Unfortunately, now we realize that the problem is more serious given that in reality we are facing a Castro-Comunist Dictatorship hell bend on staying in power indefinitely at any cost.
    So I can’t care less if they went to “elections” or got sword in before Castro in Cuba or the AN.
    The bottom line is to understand that the MUD is not the answer anymore so we need to change the opposition strategy accordingly ASAP.

    IMO the solution is a regime change including removal of the “red” armed forces. Realistically the only way to do that is by military intervention, namely US.
    Now, weather the US is willing or able to do that is another matter.

  11. “I can’t wrap my mind around how much of 2017 turned out to be a waste of, well, everything.”

    Yeah. At some point of the year I was full of fear and hope.

    Right now I’m full of depression and dread about a never-ending process of rot.


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