Surprise! They helped people loot, now there’s no food

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Less than a week ago, the Maduro government ordered over 200 supermarkets to lower the prices of a bunch of products. The announcement was followed by massive shopping sprees – which the twittersphere labelled “controlled looting” – and left most shelves empty.

Now, just like everyone predicted, those supermarkets won’t restock their shelves any time soon. This is not a malcriadez of supermarket owners; no one can expect them to sell for 1 bolívar something that costs 10.

Photo: @RobertoDeniz, retrieved

“What you see on the shelves is what you get” said the manager of a sieged supermarket. “The warehouses are empty and we don’t know when new products will arrive. It’ll be very hard to replenish inventories.”

“The fiscales treated us well, but their decisions were very aggressive,” added another manager. “They ordered price reductions that provoked significant losses. They didn’t stop to check the marked prices, they only gave orders”.

Photo: @CarmenAndreaRG, retrieved

Blaming supermarkets for high prices is like blaming the doctor for the 103 degree fever in his thermometer. Bonkers. The doctor is not to blame and breaking the thermometer won’t change a thing: the economy is suffering from a bad case of hyperinflation and the government, through its impossibly bad fiscal and monetary management, is responsible.

What worries Venezuelans the most is that, unlike the Dakazo and Epkazo, an empty shelf means that some families won’t have food on their tables. Not every family can afford a well-stocked pantry and most rely on their daily income to buy supper.

Photo: @CarmenAndreaRG, retrieved

I’m still not sure what the government’s next move will be, but many shelves won’t get restocked. It’s obvious and chavismo knows it…

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  1. Marxists seem to be utterly incapable of seeing sensible business owners who would dare to produce and make a profit in any other way than as a monster they must attack. They provide what the public needs-food, medicine, clothes, etc. They also think that producers should sell what they produce at cost out of love for the people, so then they will be incapable of staying in business. When the producers finally give up and shut down or go bankrupt, the Marxists are overjoyed because they have saved the people from the bourgeois capitalist monster. Why work for 8 hours a day and then give it all away? It’s called incentive and it is a good economic principle. What they want is a proletariat class governed by the iron hand of the loving, beneficial ruling class (them) as they line their pockets with what ever they can steal. Good old basic dictatorship. It is sad that the Venezuelans ever let themselves be conned by these ideological loons into putting them into power. Marxists keep blindly repeating the same idiotic mistakes and learn nothing from their blighted past because they blindly follow the dogma that says “this will work.”

    • “Marxists keep blindly repeating the same idiotic mistakes and learn nothing from their blighted past because they blindly follow the dogma that says “this will work.”

      I agree with 95% of your tome, but I don’t believe for one second that they blindly repeat the same idiotic mistakes… they do this knowing full well what the end result is. Bankrupted private enterprise, with the ONLY game in town being Chavismo. And how best to control the Dumb Masses than to make them subservient and dependent upon Cuba’s Stalinists puppets?

      That being said, I DO believe that they think “this will work”, because that is what their masters (Cuba) have told them it will work. (Maduro especially so, since that moron doesn’t have two functioning brain cells to rub together.) Unfortunately, Venezuela isn’t Cuba, and has borders with neighbors who they are unfriendly with.

      The only way this ends is badly or very badly for Chavismo. They have no out any longer that allows them to save face. They have doubled down on Marxism and it is blowing up spectacularly in their face. The Cubans, always behind the scenes, can slink out the back door and shrug their shoulders and say, “What? We didn’t have anything to do with your mess…”

      Chavismo is out of money. Nobody believes that they are good for their debts. No cash reserves. Their currency is worthless. The BEST they could do was to get Russia to offer a bit of forbearance. China is done. They have a crumbling infrastructure, and Maduro gave away the only golden goose he had to the military… even that is crumbling via incompetence.

      The only ace they have is the Dumb Masses who despite the shitstorm they see around them, are still true believers in Chavismo. Not until a couple thousand die of starvation will they rise up… but more than likely, Maduro will direct their ire at any Venezuelan who has a dime more than them.

      Now would be a good time to get out and cut your losses, business people, the educated and achievers. As Ayn Rand said, “Shrug”. Maduro et alli are content to be the King of the Ashes. As long as they are King, they don’t care who, or what they lord over. It has always been about achieving power, never about leadership.

  2. Socialism strikes again.

    I would not be surprised if top level Chavistas flee the country without notice and leave the population to starve.

    Only problem with that scenario is that the US and Isreal have agents (and former agents) who would love to take the contracts for those thieves. They won’t act until the gubmint turns and charges would not be put before the ICC.

    So, instead we see more people starve. It is only going to get much much worse.

    I predict 300000 bs to the USD before Easter. Maybe Pope friggin stupid can say a prayer for the victims of socialism. It’s what he wants.

      • Is near 170,000 last time I checked the Dolar Today web site operated by the CIA to commit acts of terrorism on the Revolution, or whatever.

        Should hit 300,000 by the end of January.

  3. off topic : my brother in law has a friend who worked in an engineering firm designing a new airport to be built by the govt in the eastern side of the Paraguana peninsula (the coast opposite to where the biggest Pdvsa refineries are sited) , he left for another job when the work was still ongoing , he recently revisited his friends at the firm and asked them how the project was doing …they told him that their involvement in the project had been cancelled because a decision had been taken to build a much larger airport right in the middle of the peninsula and that the project had become a secret govt project all local engineers being barred from any involvement with it, the rumour being that it was now being built for the russians ……. , any body heard anything about this ??

    • Bill, could you ask him to provide a more specific location, name of nearby towns?
      I do not reject this hypothesis but after some people said for years Iran was building rockets there
      it would be better to check now on a more serious way.
      The wolf can definitely come.

    • Bill,
      Russian government officials stated at various times in 2017 that they would complete delivery of military hardware under ten contracts they had with Venezuela, dating back to 2009. In December 2017, TASS news reported that the deliveries had been completed, stating that… “Russia has delivered armored vehicles, missile and artillery armament, air defense systems and the associated military equipment”.

      It was also reported that a factory for the production of AK-103 automatic weapons would be set up as a joint operation with the Venezuelan regime – in accordance with its (Venezuelan) timetable.

      After Maduro’s October 2017 visit to Russia, several Russian news reports, including specialist military journals, carried speculation on the possibility of a Russian military base in Venezuela. This speculation is still continuing, which is interesting in and of itself. Previous speculation in 2015 was cut short by Vladimir Padrino Lopez who stated that the Venezuelan constitution did not permit the establishment of foreign military bases on Venezuelan soil.

      It is possible that someone in Venezuela or Russia has hit on the idea that putting in a long runway in Paraguana (something over 3500m plus emergency apron) would have a sobering effect on US sabre-rattling. Russian military cargo planes like the AN225 need very long runways, and just putting in a runway to support them would send a message. It would also represent a genuine change in the tactical picture viewed from a US perspective.

      Equally or additionally, it may be that the Venezuelan government has asked the Russians to install a miltary radar and air defence system on the peninsula – as an extension to their existing contractual commitments.

      Any involvement of Russian military in whatever capacity might explain the project going dark. Equally, the head honcho might just have given the project to his brother-in-law.

      • “Previous speculation in 2015 was cut short by Vladimir Padrino Lopez who stated that the Venezuelan constitution did not permit the establishment of foreign military bases on Venezuelan soil.”

        Well there ya go. If the Venezuelan Constitution says it can’t be so, then it can’t be so.

        MRubio rolls eyes.

        • I agree – and did think of adding a sarcastic comment to the same effect. The fact remains that the government sought to stop the speculation at that time. I suspect that right now they would like to keep the speculation going.

  4. And “His Orangeness” shouldn’t give this s***hole country one nickel to help them. They voted and got exactly what they asked for. I for one am laughing my *ss off while the s***hole circles the drain!


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