This morning, speaking to the all-chavista National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello motioned for the presidential elections to be held during the first quarter of the year, before April 30th.

Eugenio Martínez, the go-to elections journalist, shared this on Twitter:

It’s obvious that an election before April 30 will lack the minimal technical conditions that could guarantee that chavismo (in control of the system) won’t manipulate the results like they did in #Bolívar State.

We all saw it coming, but it’s obviously enraging and worrisome. This announcement short-circuits the negotiations with the opposition in the Dominican Republic, which were supposed to be precisely about the when and how of Presidential Elections this year. 

The recall referendum in 2016 didn’t happen because, according to the CNE, there wasn’t enough time. Now, an illegitimate body might decide the fate of the country and we all know which color they’ll want the map to be. 

This story will be updated as soon as we can confirm more information.

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  1. “We all saw it coming, but it’s obviously enraging and worrisome. This announcement short-circuits the negotiations with the opposition in the Dominican Republic, which were supposed to be precisely about the when and how of Presidential Elections this year.”

    Worrisome and enraging? Why?

    Writers here never cease to amaze me. It’s as though you guys really believe this regime is approaching any of this with honesty and integrity in mind.

    • If it wasn’t because my family is over there pasando roncha, I’d laugh my ass off every time the hard-core socialists run around the light-socialists, thus prolonging the disaster and making these writers get into fetal position and cry once again.

    • Ditto on that MRubio. But in addition to “enraging and worrisome” I would add “encouraging.” I hope this will only speed up their downfall.

      An election in the second semester that actually have the “mirage of legitimacy” that would have severed to help the cause of the Chavistas– basically to kick the can down the road a bit further again, play the same games with the complicit MUD and keep people off the streets (especially their own).

      However, all this shows (and a big thanks to the EU sanctions as well as the incompetence of PDVSA) that Diosdados back is against the wall. He needs to do the elections now because Padrino has some alleged CLAP boxes arriving and this lot can pay off their dupes. AFTER THAT THESE WANKERS ARE BROKE!!! Hence elections in the first quarter.

      Plus there could be a “Oscar Perez factor” here and now the resistance has a symbol which to rally around. Obviously this will take time, but that is what Diosdado is calculating into the political calendar. There was a protest at UCV the other day. A protest movement can gain momentum and build over the next couple of months…Nevertheless this is where Poeta pipes. From a conversation I had with a friend today–still 80% of the population is cowering in fear and they dont know what the f*ck to do about this. They all know that this bus driven by Maduro is heading off a cliff, but are too afraid to say or do anything about it. Yes, the students have balls, but you need middle aged and old farts like myself out in the streets if we want to topple this shit out quickly…we go on.

      So optimism and pessimism at the same time, which is better than where we have been since la consituyente si va… That said, now is the time to start getting prepared. Stock up on food, water and items for self defense of your home and family. I am putting every piece of space of my house into growing food because there might be a week or two that I cannot leave the house when the shit really hits the fan. These c*nts are bitter enders who are going to take it to the very bitter end. Now is time to prepare and maybe Diosdado just gave us a time line which we can plan for.

      BTW I saw a Chavista rally for the 23 de Enero with a former governor and general leading the way and in front of a Mission Vivienda. And in front of a Mission Vivienda where you would think people are happy to get a “free home”. PATHETIC!!!! NO ENERGY!!! There were more GNB on motorcyles than Chavistas at the rally. It was fun to heckle them while driving by.

  2. Why before the 30th of april ??, because that way the dissatisfaction with the conditions people link to the regimes mismangemente and corruption is not as deep as it will become later in the year (as the countrys finances totally collapse) allowing the govt more leeway in getting a larger vote thru extortion and other like manipulations ……

    they also brought forward the last presidential elections in which Chavez was a candidate because they knew that he would probably be dead or close to death if they were held a the time mandated by the constitution….,

    if the oppo doesnt play along its not that Maduro will be reelected but that they will try to make it seem like a plesbicite (like that Perez Jimenez held back in 57) to ‘make believe. that he counts with the countrys support to continue ruling ….. since they can invent any number they like he will be ‘re-elected’ by acclamation ,

    Afterwards there will be no further need for the oppo to pretend that a peaceful change in regime is possible and alternate routes will inmmediately begin to be explored to seek a forcible removal of the regime as the only way out …….the international pressures will reach their peak because there will be no reason to hold back on them in the hope that maybe free elections can be held after a bout of negotiations …..!!

    Venezuela will become the scenario of an open violent war like so many we have had in our past !! Dark times are coming to us ……and some people who thought it inevitable will have their opinion vindicated !!

  3. I think they’re pushing it up for a different reason. Some of you guys give them too much credit. To me, they’re simplistic morons:

    I think they’re just doing it so people won’t complain they haven’t had an election.

    Whether they hold it tomorrow, April 30 or December 30, they’re still going to steal it.

    It’s just a clumsy, Chavista way of deflecting criticism.

    • Weren’t they talking about elections sometime mid-January? Clearly they had to re-think things after the pernil fiasco. So this looks like a combination of not waiting to long for things to get radically worse and enough time for people to “forget” about the pork-leg debacle. Not that any of this matters, they (the regime) will count the votes how they see fit.


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