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Voluntad Popular’s exclusion from official political party status (and loss of ballot access) looks, at last, like the end of the Orange Dream.

It was a long time coming. Voluntad Popular has been public enemy number one for chavismo since before it became a political party. Leopoldo López’ youthful, uncompromising party was too great a threat and it’s clear that, some time ago, the decision was made to eliminate it completely as a political force. Chavismo might have reached that goal.

Leopoldo López had a famously turbulent life within the party system in Venezuela. He wore PJ’s yellow in his early days, then switched to UNT’s navy blue, to finally founding the party that, to many, represented the only group determined to face down chavismo with actual chances of making it in the long run.

Today, it just remains.

Leopoldo’s saga is well documented. The key figures behind him, like Carlos Vecchio, David Smolansky, Freddy Guevara, Lester Toledo and regional leaders like Delson Guárate and Warner Jiménez, are all in exile or in hiding. But that’s just the story of the faces we recognize.

No party has suffered the brain drain as intensely as VP. A sizeable portion of its most talented cadres have fled; the crisis hits everybody and young guns with political ambitions are no different (and their teams!). I should know, writing this from abroad.

Leopoldo López’ party was too great a threat and it’s clear that the decision was made to eliminate it completely. Chavismo might have reached that goal.

Threats to declare VP illegal have come and gone as the party surged, consolidated regional strongholds and saw them wither away with every stab chavismo took at it. Diosdado’s gang, in particular, has always been keen on eradicating those pesky orange flags from the political scene.

The latest hit might be the last. A long awaited, and necessary, coup for the dictatorship.

Just like all the torture victims of chavismo, the beatings and relentless harassment turned this “domestic terror cell” (Diosdi’s words) into a victim begging for the end.

Of course, the vacuum in its structure had to be filled and subtle power grabs came soon enough. That is how the once radical party, promoter of ousting Maduro by any peaceful means, is led today by those who resemble MUD’s most vilified figures. Since they couldn’t kill the party, they neutered it.

The lack of inner elections (postponed for two years now) has only made the crisis worse. As it has happened to other parties before VP, the lack of competition made the big fish bigger, and the minnows prone to brownnosing. Rest assured, the new risk-averse dirigentes won’t be calling inner elections any time soon.

Just like food, medicine and a decent justice system have gone missing, so have decent political figures. They’re too few and far between to rock the boat hard enough. Why risk capsizing it with the old guard still inside? Because, like chavismo, VP has desperate clings to power running through its veins. Every faction does.

But you don’t reach power with an emasculated party.

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  1. How can the disqualified MUD possibly continue to negotiate with the disqualifiers. It boggles my mind. At some point self respect requires you to say “no more”.

  2. One of three options: Either a lot of what happens remains a big secret to those not there and reality is a lot different inside of el dialogo as it is outside of it, it’s all a huge conspiracy, or we really are pinned against the wall.

    Your pick

  3. Voluntad Pendejal. How naive of them to pretend they had a Democratic chance within a Communist Dictatorship. Many analyst have been warning about this for years, Chavismo was never just another Party within a Democratic system. They came to gradually abolish all institutions and install a completely different regime, they are a self declared belligerent insurgent communist group. All this is officially spelled out in their PSUV red book.
    VP never got the memo, so finally the memo got to them in a very clear, concise and real way.

  4. Not only VP, all the MUD is becoming irrelevant, even the card was illegalized and nobody cared anymore, the ones that are left, AD, AP and PJ are included in this irrelevance, they just haven’t realized yet due to the size of their ego

  5. Better to leave barrels of whiskey outside every military / police barracks in the country ( and pernil marinated in rohypnol ) , during semana santa . Whatsapp group Humpty Dumpty , at the ready to go in with machetes and pitchforks and take their weapons and go and visit Mira Flores and make them look at flowers …

  6. I am sad to read this article. It speaks about VP as a emasculated party, just because is one of the few political groups not on its knees before the narco-regime. The author extends VP a death certificate because is no longer recognized by the narco-regime.
    But what decent poltical party wants to be recognized by the narco-regime? Validated parties by Lucena’s CNE are fellow travelleres that should not be validated by decent Venezuelans.
    And, why is a young man from CC echoing the narco regime’s actions and giving them so much validity? He does not seem to be fighting but looking at the fight from the distance, probably eating pop corn.
    I think we are in real problems when tomorrow’s generation is so disengaged from the country’s tragedy.

    • Right, what a dumb article, with friends like these who needs enemies? VP was decapitated long ago when Leopoldo was jailed. The rest are a bunch of young political clowns and worse, bribed traitors. Carlos Vecchio is a long-gone n exiled political specimen, irrelevant. David Smolansky had some value but was neutralized long ago too. Freddy Guevara makes me puke now, pura paja, probably bribed by Chavismo. Who even knows “Lester Toledo” with a name like that I’m willing to bet he’s no valuable Harvard scholar as Leopoldo is.. Delson Guárate and Warner Jiménez.. 2 more young political clowns, ambitious, highly corruptible, worthless.

      MCM is probably the only one still deserving some respect out of the entire MUD crap. Young Capriles is just too dumb and disingenuous, Old Ramos Allup just a nauseating, vile political weasel.

      In sum, the “opposition” collapsed long, long ago, most precipitously right after they let down the students and all of those who rose against the regime around April last year. La terminaron de cagar ahi mismo. Greedy, divided with different political agendas, and highly corruptible. They just messed up over and over again, even after they were lucky to win the 2015 Parlamentarias, they started their stupid “dialogos” with an astute Kleptocracy, which subsequently proceeded to sodomize them one by one… All but MCM.

      Luckily for Venezuela though, despite the corrupt and/or retarded MUDcrap clowns, Chavismo is probably committing political suicide right now by making 3 huge simultaneous mistakes. 1/ Keeping the much hated Maduro retard as president; 2/ Failing to control an economic debacle, about to get even worse, the Hunger factor. And now a 3rd gigantic mistake:

      Clearly exposing this Presidential “election” as an obvious Fraud, nationally and internationally:

      First, they desperately advanced the election, for obvious reasons. (Economy getting even worse fast, MUD weaker and more divided than ever, imminent Default..). Then they freeze what was lefts of the MUD. Heck, even France’s Macron noticed that today! And the icing on the cake? They keep the wildly loathed, incredibly unpopular, deeply detested Maduro as presidential candidate, which will make the enormous fraud even more obvious (than if they had used anyone else less hated, anyone). The enormous electoral fraud will be waayyyy too obvious, a catalyst for revolt, triggering national and international outrage.

      These 3 simultaneous huge mistakes may prove to be Cubazuela’s Kleptocracy’s downfall. Not any clumsy, complicit, weak and worthless muddy opposition”. The fed-up pueblo-people themselves, arrechisimos por fin, plus a few mid-level military with covert international support are the ones who might forcibly overthrow the nasty regime, propelled by these 3 distinct crucial mistakes.

  7. Didn’t CC just post an article by Annabelle?

    Where she argued that the parties and Venezolanos should participate in this election?

    Because it was strategically the best thing to do?

    And we all told her she’s fucking nuts?

    And this was just like a day before this disqualification bullshit?

    Yeah, she’s fucking nuts.

    CC better step up its game, because this site is losing credibility every day.

    • Ira, a person who was not nuts might reasonably conclude that the wisdom of participating in the election was confirmed by the banning of these parties by the regime.

      Step away from your keyboard, make yourself a drink, and think about that a bit: party decides to participate in election…regime bans party. Think.

      • “the wisdom of participating in the election was confirmed by the banning of these parties by the regime. ”

        That’s what chavismo wants people to believe, that the elections offer anything at all aside of the desperately needed validation they want as proof to get rid of all the economic sanctions to go back to enjoy their stolen money and keep buying war weapons to continue slaughtering the people.

        All giving them enough time until Trump doesn’t get reelected and instead another pro-cuban pro-socialist president takes over on USA.

      • “think about that a bit: party decides to participate in election…regime bans party. ”

        Then why aren’t PJ and AD banned, along with HRA and JB?

        Think, that simply doesn’t fit.

  8. VP went to irrelevance by the actions of its leadership who left the cause of ousting the dictatorship and now want to live amont it, nothing else.

    It all started when Lilian Tintori took a selfie with Juan bag-o-corruption Barreto saying that “we should all strive to preserve the legacy of shiabbe”

    And it ends with her too, when she was caught by CICCPCCICPs with 200 million bolivars (about 750 dollars) in cash.

    They squandered their own political capital when LL agreed to let Zapatero in his house to strike “deals and negotiations” with the MUD, instead of doing what any sane person that would actually oppose the regime and send him to eat a pile of manure for being an injerencist piece of garbage.

    It’s funny that this is the same guy that wrote another article saying “Venezuelans deserve this shit, go and drown in your own stupidity, the rest of the world doesn’t care, hahah” but insists that “people abandoned VP”

    Dude, VP cut its own throat here when they chose cohabitation, period.

  9. Guevara is out?

    Where is he, what’s the story?

    In my mind, he was always the true leader and soul of VP. The only reason I like Lopez is that he gave that guy wings.

    Balls of steel, that Guevara.


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