Habemus Fecha: Presidential “Election” to be Held April 22nd


Earlier today, the long-running negotiations between the government and the opposition collapsed in the Dominican Republic, after the government refused to consider an opposition counter-offer.

A worried sounding Julio Borges emerged to warn the government not to make the “absurd mistake” of calling elections unilaterally, without a basic agreement over dates and conditions.

So what did the government do?

It called elections unilaterally, without a basic agreement over dates and conditions.

Put together by a National Electoral Council that has committed easily-demonstrable fraud twice in the last six months, the “thing” that will take place on April 22nd will resemble an election only in passing.

And yet the Gambian Scenario cannot be dismissed. With hyperinflation a reality, no amount of fraud is enough for a president to go into an election confidently.

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  1. No surprise here.It will be a hard fought campaign and I predict a government victory of between 4 to 6 %.Sanctions will follow.

  2. “a worried sounding Julio Borges emerged to warn the government not to make the huge mistake of calling elections unilaterally”

    And what will Chavismo do with that “warning”? (Clue: Toilet paper is hard to come by in Kleptozuela)

    The ball is on Rex Tillerson’s court. Hora de jalarle bastante bola a los gringos.

    • I suppose that el viejo vendido should do so with the money chavistas have him. That old fuck has been dreaming of the presidency for decades and like a real chavista his ONLY interest is in HIS future. …. he couldn’t give less of a fuck about “el bravo pueblo”. He has shown that time and time again. He pissed on the graves of those killed in the protests so HIS AD could participate in the last elections and even had the balls bowing down in front of la gran puta delcy and her Cuban ANC. Que se jode HRA and all that follow/vote for him.

  3. Perhaps the real deal was between Rex Tillerson and Borges-Allup:

    “Don’t sign no stupid agreement, Julito, and we’ll choke Maduro real quick: see how long Chavismo lasts without oil cash or gasoline after the election fraud.”

  4. The proposal put together by the dictatorship was pretty ridiculous.

    It was basically “Please help us with the sanctions”

  5. Can Rod Blagojevich run too (former governor of Illinois). He is of same mind frame as Crazy Ernie – I think he’s out of jail shortly . He would be a good alternate for Crazy Ernie – perhaps they run together (savings for U.S. tax payers).

    • As a life-long Chicagoan I am offended. Blagojevich went to prison, rightly. Once some of these ingrates start being procescuted then Chicago can come into play.

  6. Sanctions should be in place before the government wastes more millions of dollars on a fraudulent election that few will recognize. The VZLAn people deserve better than to have another fraudulent election run by the same corrupted CNE, then ratified and shoved down their throats by the illegitimate TSJ. Place sanctions (EEUU, Lima Group, EU, everyone) and hope the Regime collapses well before April 22nd and the money can be used for a legitimate, sanctioned, and observed Election that the People can truly participate in freely, without blackmail, fear and threats. An Election they know will symbolize a new beginning for their agonized Country.

  7. I guess Chavismo was of the same mindset as it was for the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, either you do as they say or they will pull some crazy dictatorial crap out of our rear end. They must look at their record and think of themselves invinsible. They push ahead and no one can or will do a thing.

    While the talks were held, the government made all kind of moves to sabotage them, such as removing MUD and other political parties from the ballot. This clearly shows they were never serious about them.

    The question for me is why would the government even go to the talks? There was nothing for them to gain. If they were to succeed they would have to stage fair elections, otherwise they would just make it clear that they are a dictatorship. So why subject themselves to embarrassment?

    One explanation bandied around is to buy time, but why would they even care to do that? They act as if they had absolute power so why bother? And run the clock against what?

    Maybe there is some ‘deep state’ faction within demanding the talks hoping to avoid the required violence that it will take to dislodge these criminals, but obviously they were not taken very seriously.

    At any rate, Chavismo just told the world to piss of, they have it under control.

  8. The opposition (at least, most of the opposition) won’t participate in the elections. Hope they do something worthwhile with their free time during the campaign.

  9. It would be smart to only put up one candidate against Maduro.
    This candidate should promise everything under the sun to the people. He should accuse the government of refusing to allow free Iphones, food, medicines, vehicles, HD TV’s anything the people can desire. Tell them that there is enough oil money for everyone to have everything they want.
    When the fraud is perpetrated, there won’t be any doubt about who the winner should have been.
    Perhaps the idea that the only thing standing between the land of milk and honey and the Venezuelan people is this regime, will be enough motivation to cause a national rebellion when the election is stolen.
    Multiple candidates will split the vote and allow Maduro to more easily claim victory.
    A single candidate with the support of all of the other parties gives the people someone to rally around.
    There is a tremendous amount of humanitarian aid that can begin entering the country within days of the fall of the regime. This election debate should be framed as a matter of survival for the country and the people.
    The opposition candidate will produce someone to become an interim leader until things can begin getting brought under control. The National Assembly recognizing the opposition candidate as the legitimate President, completes the opposition government with the National Assembly and the exiled Supreme Court.
    Once the people take the streets, they must stay there until the government falls.

    • “He should accuse the government of refusing to allow free Iphones, food, medicines, vehicles, HD TV’s anything the people can desire. Tell them that there is enough oil money for everyone to have everything they want”

      So basically do the exact same thing Chavismo has done for the last 2 decades. … you must be shitting me mate. It’s time for Venezuelans to start and EARN their salaries and not waiting/depending on government handouts. It’s this exact thing that DESTROYED Venezuela and you propose to keep doing it? John you must be as ignorant as the average POS chavista!!!

      • Actually Duncanvd, that’s a brilliant plan, free Iphones vehicles, HD TV’s, though clearly tongue-in-cheek. Lie his ass off to get their votes and then once Maduro et al have been driven from the country with torches and pitchforks, tell them the truth of what it’s really going to take.

        Sadly, there aren’t any good or easy options. Tough to be optimistic about anything these days if you live in Venezuela.

  10. Francisco, I know almost nothing about Gambia but from the little I have read 52-year old opposition candidate Barrow presented a unified opposition whereas we have 74-year old Allup, who is more than controversial and lately seen as an accomplice of the dictatorship, with dubious relations to it, etc


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